[REL] Grimarillion v80

hi can you add maximum devotion points 60 on elite and 65 on ultimate

Thank you for your hard work on this project. Recently I had tried to change attack speed cap and move speed cap on your mod for my GODSPEED build (The Flash) , but…it doesn’t work. Can you increase attack speed cap (500-800) and move speed cap (200… maybe 400?).

Oh disregard that issue, I manage to resolve it by following the font guide by Matougi.

I’m feeling really dumb about this, but I’m obviously missing something about classes and masteries here.

When I go to select a class, all I see are the vanilla GD and Diablo 3 classes, ending in D3 Necromancer. There are no Titan Quest masteries, etc.

I am still on AoM, so I’m using v64a. I thought maybe the classes were split between the two downloads. So I tried Ungrim, but that also only shows D3 additions.

What am I missing?

Enjoying the mod otherwise, thanks for the hard work!

Bloody hell, move speed 400!?!!? What happens to your eyes when you get that fast I don’t want to know. You know there are speed increasing points in Devotion?
:eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

However, you need to change parameters in “gameengine.dbr” save it and right click on it, hit build, then play.

first import it here

after that open “gameengine.dbr” and change values in Player info template,save, build, play.

i found a missing texture bugs on crown of the primus

Upgraded to 66b and made a new character, really enjoying the difficulty spike from more hero monsters, the respawning part less so. Spent a couple of minutes in town, portaled back in and got ganked by 6 respawned heroes in a previously cleared room, fell back to other cleared rooms and ended up with a horrifying conga train of 10-12 heroes and their attendant mobs.

Managed to clear those, only for the game to start micro-stuttering (spawn script maybe?), and finally crash about halfway through the warden’s lab. Decided to call it a day after 3 more crashes while trying to reach the warden for A1 clear. Using default settings (no nyborg item, etc).

yep, respawns and micro stutters (or larger ones) are due to the new spawn script. The stutter occurs when the game begins to load the new proxies.

I would like to give my opinion:
First, I love this modpack.
I tried 66b, and i was disappointed.
After adjusting the level (0.2%), I don’t like the way “Heroes” spawn.
I think it’s a bad idea to spawn “end-game” heroes anywhere.
It’s a kind of spoil, frustating, and they drop stuff not needed at the beginning.
In addition, there are many freezes/stutters that occurs, and the G guy appears when talking to the blacksmith.
I know that it has already been reported.
So for the moment, i’m staying on 65.
Oh, I’m Riftstalker/Champion and i can’t mouse over other classes skills in the lower left corner.
It crashes the game. (v65/exe.64bits, works with 32bits).
Peace & Thanks

Do not fret too much yet, I am also completely dissatisfied with what is going on right now.

Wasted a lot of time on trying to get a pure lua solution, I have not given up yet, but if I cannot get the performance and gameplay right, I am not beholden to this method.

Maybe we should have held back on releasing experimental stuff, but since Asylum and I do not really get to play the game at all, we need people to play and provide feedback.

Anyway, afaik, the latest version of Grimmest is not yet in Grimarillion, there is another test version coming that may or may not improve things in terms of performance. I still need to find time to explore a bit more exactly what is going on as most of the stuff in GD modding is totally undocumented and we learn by trial and error.


@ASYLUM : A Token is buyable in the conclave of the Three that allows a new character to directly go into ultimate with the Attributes and Skills points from Normal/Elite (called Zenith difficulty).

What I was asking was to have access to all the shrine (add Normals & Elites) in grimmest ultimate, so new characters could be build through the adventure normally.

@jiaco : I playing the new version and so far i can tell :

  • I really like the possibility to make the game more challenging by having a tons of heroes, aswell as having them spawn outside of their vanilla zone.

  • All my sessions ended up by a crash due to the "re"spawnings. If you stay within the same areas, the zone adjacent to it will become more and more populated to inexorably crash the game.

My regular groupmate has asked me to find a way to decrease the volume of the Terrorknight skill Whispers of Madness. Any tips for how I can do that without breaking the mod? Would any changes have to be done in both his and my versions of the mod?

hi iam noticing that i cannot found items with zenith mastery above level 80 my last drops on them is lvl 75 items even the craftable is only 75 max

Is v64e Compatible Forgotten Gods?

I read in the Zenith thread that the creator isn’t updating it any longer, but then read here he is working on it. Thanks for posting this, makes me rethink going through the game only to find in Ashes and Forgotten that skill specific loot has tapped out. Maybe not the end of the world though since Zenith masteries seem very strong compared to the others.

Ceno says he is back and working on updating the mod. No ETA on anything though. He wants to add items and “fix” broken things (I hope).

Yep, working as intended. Ceno never created items for Zenith, we only have a handful of craftables that were made ages ago.

If you change the sound, I believe both players will need the “updated” mod.



*Applied latest Grimmest update.

*Fixed an issue where one of the old loottables for GQ slipped in and may have been preventing mythical GQ rings from dropping.

*Unlocked all devotion shrines on Ultimate difficulty. Dunno if it actually works or not though.

*Merits work now! This has nothing to do with this update, I just want people to know that merits are working!
*Removed certain text files that may have been conflicting with Grimarillion texts.

Distortion Wave:
*Updated FX. (had to be done, certain changes in the latest update seem to have broken certain wave skills, let me know if you find others, I might tweak it more though.)

Grimmest seems to not work with 66c.

There are no “G” to buy at the Satyr, no Heroes, and Grimmest (or for me “El Grimmest” isn’t written in the upper-left corner).

Can confirm what Grimon said: there is no Nyborg option in the crafting menu by the Satyr.

Luckily, i’ve already had one crafted while playing on the last version.

Although, when i tried to use it, the current setting for Grimmest was “Borked” and basically nothing worked, untill i tinkered around with it. So, every time you load back into the game, settings for the spawner get screwed up and you have to set everything up again for it to even work.

Sadly packing mods never goes as planned.

I tested this for an hour before releasing, and at the very least, the nyborg was spawning on character creation and wasn’t reading as “borked”