[REL] Grimarillion v80



*Applied latest Grimmest update.

*Fixed an issue where one of the old loottables for GQ slipped in and may have been preventing mythical GQ rings from dropping.

*Unlocked all devotion shrines on Ultimate difficulty. Dunno if it actually works or not though.

*Merits work now! This has nothing to do with this update, I just want people to know that merits are working!
*Removed certain text files that may have been conflicting with Grimarillion texts.

Distortion Wave:
*Updated FX. (had to be done, certain changes in the latest update seem to have broken certain wave skills, let me know if you find others, I might tweak it more though.)

Grimmest seems to not work with 66c.

There are no “G” to buy at the Satyr, no Heroes, and Grimmest (or for me “El Grimmest” isn’t written in the upper-left corner).

Can confirm what Grimon said: there is no Nyborg option in the crafting menu by the Satyr.

Luckily, i’ve already had one crafted while playing on the last version.

Although, when i tried to use it, the current setting for Grimmest was “Borked” and basically nothing worked, untill i tinkered around with it. So, every time you load back into the game, settings for the spawner get screwed up and you have to set everything up again for it to even work.

Sadly packing mods never goes as planned.

I tested this for an hour before releasing, and at the very least, the nyborg was spawning on character creation and wasn’t reading as “borked”

it worked for me, though it did not work in standalone grimmest. which is really odd. also, autopickup wasn’t working for whatever reason.

Autopickup was removed in 66a or 66b. It wasn’t working properly in multiplayer among other issues.

I’m running the most recent version and have no issues with the NPC. I had like 6 of his items before this patch and now I have one (which is great). He summons just like before and reappears in the inventory when you walk away. No issues with changing hero spawns or regular spawns. Great patch!

But if you start a fresh game/character, you won’t have access to Grimmest. Or if you don’t have G in your inventories, this is what happened to me.

how can i install autoloot manually?

v66c database replacement


*Tried fixing an issue where Nyborg wasn’t being deposited into your inventory on load if you didn’t have one.
*Tried fixing an issue where Zeke wasn’t saving your Grimmest settings.
*Fixed an issue where Nyborg wasn’t craftable


How to install:
You need v66c installed already. Download this one, open it, drag and drop onto the database folder. Replace.

playing on 66c fix ultimate difficulty the spawn rates of heroes seems to be broken

lowest grimmest hero spawn rate (alcoholic) will make it have about 8 boss enemies every pack of monsters

But does it lag less than before for that level of spawns?

Having the same issue as scurvey_cur. With 66c and the fix, even with lowest grimmist settings I’m seeing almost nothing but packs of hero units, as if I’m playing on the highest setting on the 66b version of the mod.

Going back to 66c without the database fix seems to have fixed this issue, the spawns now seems to follow the selected difficulty again.

yes the performance is much better, doubled my fps on 8700k+1080ti

i played on 2% spawns last week and it had lots of stutters and fps drops, with the broken spawns it keeps a consistent 120 fps

Really good Jiaco, there is no freeze/stutter/lag with all those Heroes.
But as Scurvey_cur said, now, even in Alcoholic, they are everywhere lol.

Grimarillion needs the newly updated Grimmest, the spawns were extremely broken on lower levels and overspawning. Playing on Alcoholic (level 1) makes the game pretty much unplayable since there are elites all over.

It’s using the newest version, hence why the item is called plutonium nyborg and it summons Zeke. The difference, if there is one, is that the version in Grimmarillion is being tweaked a lot to solve lag issues or bugs. I’m not sure if Jiaco is updating his stand alone at the same time, but as far as I know, both Jiaco and Asylum are working on grimmest in grimarillion.

The newest version was updated today and Jiaco even stated that the massive overspawns is fixed. I don’t think there has been an update to grimarillion yet with the newest update for spawns. I’m trying to play with the lowest settting (Alcoholic) and there are elites covering the entire screen and causing massive lag. This has been fixed as of today, so Grimarillion needs updating.

Grimmest and Grimarillion use the same stuff. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to update immediately after jiaco because we’re in different time zones. Usually one of us is modding while the other is working or sleeping. So Grimmest updated this morning as I’m walking out the door for work. :eek:

v66d (standalone)


*Applied Grimmest changes from Grimmest FG 1.1

[Grim Quest]
*Changed class combo names to the original ones from TQ, with a TQ Prefix to be different from the similarly named GD classes.

no special install instructions, assuming I packed it right you should just need to place the contents of the zip into the grimdawn/mod folder as usual. Remove the old version beforehand, we don’t want any old files sneaking in somehow.