[REL] Grimarillion v80

heroes in everywhere using alcoholic settings no density using latest grimar and its look like there’s a 2-3 heroes on every pack

i much prefer 1 in every 10 mobs is hero/elite in 66b

i have to concur with everyone else so far, still pretty high hero spawns on alcoholic no dd

i ran flooded passage and the snake quest in the beginning you get from devil crossing, about 3-4 heroes every pack on ultimate

I love this new control over trash and hero spawns but I agree I want better control over hero density I don’t like the lowest setting being so many each pack. can’t it start smaller like it used to? what I mean is why is the setting between none and one so extreme.

Replace your Grimarillion/resources/grimmest.arc with an uncompressed copy of the file from https://mega.nz/#!lU5gmYJK!BWE8mXVy9fuW-zgmOJ1Tn91gPLQ6FSuI-7D7Q9Ru1wA and you can test a reduced set of difficulty settings.

well done guys, looking forward to test it right now

edit: 66d is a huge difference, but probably i will test the lower settings as well later

i appriciate the love u put into this mod/game, keep the good work on!

cheers zul

Hey, Jiaco, I’m testing that reduced difficulty settings- I’m not sure I’d say it’s ‘too hard’ for me, given my build is very glass cannony, and I can scrape by- however, I am on double the enemies + alchoholic, I will say I think there’s something odd happening with the hero spawns- there are a LOT at times, if you look at these pictures.

What is double density supposed to do? What should we be expecting when on Nihilist with Double Density enabled? We’ve counted small packs around Burrwitch (lvl 35ish) that were entirely heroes, or sometimes stuff like 3 mobs and 6 heroes (if not more). The ratio of heroes to trash mobs is greater than 2:1 for sure. What do the higher levels of hero spawn do? They must be insane!

Can second this. Replaced the grimmest.arc like Jiaco said, decided to create a new character on normal (not even veteran) with Alcoholic settings. There are still an extreme amount of elites spawning for what the lowest setting should be.

Edit: it really feels like it’s unplayable at the moment for new characters on the absolute lowest settings.

The hero spawns from Jiaco’s link is much better in my opinion. Personally, I like heroes to spawn once in every 5 or so packs, and I like a large amount of variation. I think it keeps it interesting when I don’t know whether a pack will have an easy 1-2 heroes or a massive amount like 6-8.

Having just updated in a while, the main thing I miss in the recent update is the density of normal mobs. Even with double density active, normal mob packs are noticeably smaller and underwhelming. I really liked the chaos of every fight in v65, which had the ideal density and number of both normal and hero enemies to me.I haven’t had that in the latest version but the fps increase is too much to give up. Is there any possibility of a 3x, 4x, or maybe even higher density in the future?

Also, I’ve noticed that some enemies won’t scale correctly, maybe about half. I’m at 94 and enemies are either correctly ~94 or a much lower ~71.

jiaco uploaded the wrong file. Not sure what I was thinking, but you need the scripts.arc and i am not sure what all is going in there in Grimarillion these days.

The correct “scripts.arc” file is now in a zip and attached to this post.

so far much better with alcoholic Double Density hero spawn is better no more heroes spawn in every pack and no lag and btw the difference between alcoholic and next difficulty nihilsic is insane

I have a 1.1b and a description of what is changing between versions here


Jiaco, please, watch your Grimmest thread, you won’t be disappointed.

A few questions regarding the Outrider class’s “Marksman” skill line:

  1. Will Marksman’s celestial power (50% chance to shoot 4 projectiles) trigger + stack with WPS passives like Markovian’s Advantage / Zolhan’s Technique / Bursting Round / Chilling Round or will they only proc during the 50% where only 1 default projectile is fired?

  2. Same for the “Shotgun”, will the 4 projectiles trigger + stack with WPS passives?

Edit: Looks like they won’t stack, so much for shooting 4 Bursting Rounds per shot :frowning:

BUG- Noticed Elemental Class, Ice wall when cast nothing happens. Only cast animation of player. No ice animation or Damage.

Not a clue what you did here but at level 1 im seing 15+ elites, I am in normal difficulty with the lowest settings in zeke, when I say decrease hero spawns it turns it off, when I go from off to higher it is showing the 15+.
I used grimmarillion 66d plus your 1.1b. Completely unplayable for me.

Hello all,

First up…big ups to the author(s?) for making this.

66d+scripts.zip seems to have fixed the hero spawns for me (more than vanilla - a lot less than 66c) but sadly has reduced trash mobs back to vanilla numbers. (Normal/Alcoholic/OFF)

PS. Does the grimarillion still provide an auto-loot function?

If not would it be possible to grab the source files in order for me to attempt (and probably fail at) merging the grimarillion with an auto-loot mod (the aptly named “quickloot” to be exact) for my personal use?


This is with the newest Script that Jiaco uploaded on normal with Alcoholic settings. Entered this area and got absolutely swarmed, killed, and could not proceed because of too many elites. Still too unplayable even on the lowest settings in certain areas.

edit: tried to attach it as an image but would not work.

Created a game on normal and tried to run down there again. Got swarmed by too many elites again.

Yes, completely agree with this. The latest scripts files from Grimmest has the best hero spawns so far, very close to perfect in my opinion. Unfortunately, even with double density, normal spawns are very underwhelming in number. In some instances half of a group of enemies will be heroes, but it’s not that too many heroes are spawning - there’s just so little trash mobs. In addition to the scaling issue with some enemies being underlevel, it’s like they’re not even there.

If you switch between the current version and an earlier one such as v64 or 65, you can see the difference in mob density is massive. Also, use Grim Internals for autopickup. It’s very simple to set up and you can disable antthing else it adds in its config file. It’s way better than the game’s standard autopickup, too.

Maybe something isn’t working as intended? I was using the latest scripts earlier for a fair amount of time and on lowest setting w/ DD I never encountered a pack of heroes anywhere near in size to that. Even the 2 or 3 or so largest packs I saw in the entire time combined would probably be smaller than the one in the second screenshot. No idea.