[REL] Grimarillion v80

Not sure if this is a common question but is there plans for adding more masteries to this mod?

Especially runemaster from TQ Ragnarok ^^

Just an idea, I’m no modder so no idea if it would be possible, but how about making effects like the Molton Orb meteors scaleable like Devotion procs?

Molten Orb, the artifact skill? I don’t think it’s possible but I’m not sure anyone has tried.

Yes, that one and others like Ikon of Zeus.

Not an error, just the way GQ variants of vanilla items are named :wink:

Some feedback based on my 50h playthrough with Conqueror:

  1. Regarding Onslaught: a bit overtuned, 210% weapon damage at 26/16 is a little high, needs to be toned down to 200%.
  2. Battle Standart: 30% dmg absorb on 16/16 and 40% on 26/16 cough-cough, too strong. I suggest to change dmg absorb to 20% on 16lvl and 25% on 26lvl.
    2.1 Battle Standart - Glory. The more you level it - the more CDR goes out of control. Make CDR a static number on all levels, 10 or 15% is fine. Also DA should be lowered to 8 per level, just the same as OA bonus from Battle Standart.
  3. Determination line. Ughh, feels dull… Never used it. Maybe combine this line into t9 exclusive skill (excluding reactive stance and with lower ADCTH)?
  4. Berserk transmuter of Battle Rage. How about adding -2sec CD to it? Risk is worth the reward.
  5. Dodge attack. 20% armor bonus on 8/8 feels not right… 10% is totally fine :slight_smile:

Greatly enjoyed all skills and bonuses from that mastery. The only flaw i noticed is that Colossus form consume a lot of energy per sec, not sure if energy degen is even needed here, lol.

/D3 Gems/
Hope Grimer will lower ADCTH from Amethyst a bit. Like 2% on normal Amethyst, 3% on Star Amethyst, 4% on Imperial Amethyst and 5% on Royal Amethyst.

A few bugs:

  1. Got stuck after killing Slathsarr Aethergaze in Ancient Grove. Vines just not opening and key is basically wasted. (Probably fixed by Jiaco in latest grimmest, i just dont have char to test it out, but anyway thanks for releasing new version).
  2. Warfare+Defense class combo have a little eror - it should be ConquerOr instead of ConquerEr.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nope, I was trying to think of what this lingering bug report was, but got bogged down with idiot issues re-learning how to mod.

Will do that in the near future for Grimmest.

Thanks for reminder

I was curious about the GQ tags myself. That is actually intentional huh?

Long story short, the items are autogenerated and the names are altered to help the modders. It doesn’t impact gameplay at all, and it helps you immediately understand when it drops it’s not a normal Malformed Effigy (in this case you’d see it’s a GQ-based effigy). Maybe I’ll do something about the names one day, or alter how they are acquired, but for now, it is what it is.

@Roadblock, thank you for the reports as usual. Keep up the good work :smiley: About this…

  1. Determination line. Ughh, feels dull… Never used it. Maybe combine this line into t9 exclusive skill (excluding reactive stance and with lower ADCTH)?

Yeah. It’s pretty skill point heavy, I have never liked it myself. Warfare needed a few extra skills to match up with other GQ masteries as well as a buff to attach devotions to and this was my solution. Not a good one I’ll admit, but I’m willing to take suggestions on what to do with this skill line. Trashing it for something else is fine. I had a few ideas myself recently, but I’d rather use something that you guys will like since you are the ones who will actually play it.

Tried it, can’t make it level like devotions. :frowning: Maybe with lua, but I dunno how to do that so I’m just gonna go ahead and say no.

Assume this is a bug. Just entered Misery in SoT, killed a few foes (think there was a hero among them) and this suddenly appeared. It moves around mirroring my character’s movements. If I move towards it, it moves towards me and vice versa. Can’t click on it and it doesn’t do anything except move. This is in ungrim btw.

Personally, i would love this instead of determination:

Fury of Ares, t9 exclusive, 12/12:
Call out to the war god, Ares. Ares is an ancient god that inspires incredible brutality and unstoppable rampage in his followers.
10% chance of +800% physical damage
+100% pierce damage
+100% bleeding damage with +30% increased duration
+100% internal trauma damage with +30% increased duration
5% ADCTH (static)
Increases health regen by 31%
33% slow resistance

Fury of Ares, 22/12:
10% chance of +1200% physical damage
+165% pierce damage
+165% bleeding damage with +50% increased duration
+165% internal trauma damage with +50% increased duration
5% ADCTH (static)
Increases health regen by 50%
50% slow resistance

Cheers :slight_smile:

Lol, spooky. No idea what that is. Looks like maybe a projectile bugged and got stuck in the camera space.

Hm. Yeah that looks good. Simple, but effective. The % dmg proc reminds me of the proc from TQIT Rage of Ares, I suppose that’s why you added it, pretty cool.

It reappeared after I killed the boss down in the SoT rogue dungeon too. Weird.

Any news on Ungrim versoin?

Well, sort of :slight_smile: Since warfare already have chance of flat phys just like Rage of Ares, i decided to take a %bonus similar to this.
ps: it seems that IT/Bleed duration stats are too little for exclusive, so bumping them to 50% on 12/12 and 100% to 22/12 would be amazing :slight_smile:

Umgrim: Just reached Pine Barrens riftgate and was getting the first quests. When talking to Deathmark Valler for the Kill Morgara quest it decided I’d already done it and gave me the reward. I hadn’t since I’d only just arrived in the area.

How can you play Ungrim?

Simple. Downloaded and installed it from the original Grimarillion thread.


I installed 59, 59a, 60, 60a and 60b. Just waiting for Asylum101 to get around to putting the next update out when he’s ready. I have both Grimarillion and ungrim installed so just choose which one I want from the Custom Map setting.

First, many thanks to the modders. I really having so much fun with this mod and I have some feedbacks.

I’m almost done with Ashes DLC and now I’m level 89 in normal plus veteran (you may want to scale down the exp or I just have to blow through elite and ultimate).

I wonder if it is just my memory or the mod has bug that I don’t remember seeing the couple who scammed others with the execution trick or the witch who would be seen again in Coven’s Refuge if I rescued her.

Compare to the 60c the 60d version has make the game crash or freeze even more.

as many others have pointed out, the vines in Ancient Grove did not open after I kill a boss, I haven’t seen a single Mark of the Traveler and as I want to create a relic I realise I also don’t have a single Chains of Oleron too. As this point I also only have 3 Mark of Mondrogen.

I think the modders should be notified of these things in order to improve the mod even further. Thank you.

Found the fix for the vines. Will re-up Grimmest this weekend and make sure Asylum gets the fix.

I really wonder how many other monsters have changed since I took their gdx1 records for the mod, but since this is the main report I have seen, will just leave it to the players to find any other inconsistencies.