[REL] Grimarillion v80

Does v69 fix the stasher issue? I’ve been running the game with internet connection off so it doesn’t update and I lose shared stash lol, didn’t see it mentioned in patch notes.

Version in-game is 68a. I know it’s no biggie.

Forgot to add it to the changelog, but it’s in the update already. Changelog updated.

Thanks =) And thanks for all the hard work!

Thanks for the update!

Updated colorful text for Grimarillion v69.

Since there are additional skill and item, etc. changes as written in the change log, the colored text must also be changed quickly.

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Thanks for the update. The Eiphalos is way more useful now and the Nymph is so much better after the buff. Force of Nature is a bit better now with faster spawn timing but still wastes some time casting roots the first thing it does when he attacks lol.

Hey there,

Thanks for the v69 update! I had put GD on pause after just waiting for Grimarillion to update, so I could continue my current Shadow Walker playthrough.

I think I found a bug with a missing texture in one of the new items:

Edit - Found another one. It seems that the “Lesser” variants of the Grim Quest items are missing textures:

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Apologies @ASYLUM101, for hopping in here with this. I just wanted to let people know that they can delete the “UI\hud” folder associated with Grim UI to prevent the clashing graphics on the hud toolbar.

Hell of a mod though, man. :metal:

Can anyone else confirm that Borea’s Swirling Storm is triggering devotions? Can’t get it to work for me still…

It seems the AnnihilationZE11 mythical relic craftable at the Satyr does not grant any skill. Or at least the tooltip implies it doesn’t. That said, I haven’t crafted it to test. Maybe its just a tooltip issue.

I think it is supposed to be a meteor skill, FYI.

This item is missing textures…

Any chance for masteries from Diablo 2?

Anyone have suggestions for relics for a Grand Necromancer (Spirit/GD Necro)? Petmancer so I don’t know whether to go for the usual GD pet ones or something from TQ. :woman_shrugging:

Wow, I haven’t played this mod in awhile and all of the TQ classes feel brand new. You’ve been busy :clap:

(Got a missing texture on the D3 Wizard Ray of Frost skill)

What’s with all these crafted items that require 3000+ physique to equip? This can’t be intentional?

Everything starting with “Crusader” are special weapons for the Crusader D3 class if you’re using a certain skill in that tree.

I’ve suggested that the D3 modders should have their own unique Crusader-NPC with all those recipes, just like Asylum did with GQ-items.

I don’t think it’s just crusader items, it’s all non-vanilla weapons added to the crafting menu. I think. Nevermind. You’re correct they all appear to be crusader =)

yeah crusader has a blessing that allows for the one handed req to go away so all the 2 handed weapons have a change to become 1 handed which is why the req is the 2 handed weapon. makes the crusader a beast.

some even have 5000 physique requirements. It’s pretty much impossible to achieve without cheating so you can just forget those items :smiley:

Uh no it’s like mood said, you need to play crusader.