[REL] Grimarillion v80

Lesser Truncheon of Malice is also checkerboard.

The tagStorageInfo01 (tagsgdx1_ui.txt) is displayed as “Tag not found”.


Hi I am still getting several crashes on Grimarillion v69 and on GD version but in the later stages of the game. I am using double spawns. I have finished the main story, progressed to Barrowholm, and am now in the FG expansion (around Temple of Osyr). I can’t seem to progress further due to crashes. Perhaps the mod is still incompatible with the new Grim Dawn version?

Edit: I just discovered the 64 bit option to run Grim Dawn - will give that a try first, could reduce our crashes.

Edit 2: Unfortunately even when using the 64 bit version the game still crashes when using the mod.

1-50 (3 per level)= 147 (level 1 gives you zero skillpoints)
51-90 (2 per level) = 80
91-100 (1 per level) = 10

Total 237 points

Kasparov quest 1 point (3 with all difficulties combined)
Hidden path quest 1 point (3 with all difficulties combined)

Total 243 points

1x from First expansion (ultimate only)
2x from Second expansion (ultimate only)

Total 246 at level 100 with everything completed

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Bottom of this page gives you all the quests that give skill/attribute points.


I haven’t gotten to FG map yet, but I have had luck almost completely stopping crashes by hiding all loot drops, and then only showing after I’ve cleared all the enemies on the screen. One crash in maybe 20 hours, where before every 1-2.

I’d bet that’s from caravan_transferrollover.dbr, which was left in a previous version of my X-Smuggler mod.

I can’t test shared stashes to verify, but my normal stashes don’t have rollover tags. Any tag issues would have been derived from older versions of Stasher

I’m still having crash issues … In the middle of the game it just crashes and only comes out with Ctrl + Alt + Del…I don’t know what to do anymore

I don’t know what to tell you. I need a way to reproduce the crash 100% of the time, if I have no way to force a crash I will never be able to find a fix.

what happens when you play without the mod ? Do you also crash then ?

Not sure how the/a mod would cause this, so the first step should be to check that it actually is the mod

I can often play for hours in a row, without a problem. Other times it might suddenly crash twice in under 1 hour. So testing it in vanilla would mean that you might have to play for up to 5+ hours and even then it’s not a guarantee that the issue is solely mod-related.

Doesn’t change the fact that this is the first thing to verify.

Esp. with crashes this random it does not look like the mod could be responsible to me, so if I were the author I would not want to spend too much time looking into it - apart from that I would not know where to start if I actually did want to look…

I’d say that if no one else is having this issue, @Matougi must be using my old source files in his/her Stasher.

Ah, now I got it, thanks!

I forgot that I had merged the GDX2.arz with the JMD’s UI.
It was displayed correctly when it was restored. Sorry to @ASYLUM101.

No problem! Glad you got it fixed. :+1:

I only had one crash myself.What happened was i had to afk for a very long time.Speaking of 10h + so i paused my game.When i came back a tp’d to town and it crashed.Other than that i never had a crash.

@Kaptana.Did you try it on a fresh install?.Did you try an older version?Did you try GD without mods?That’s just a few ideas to pinpoint if it’s the mod.The version of the mod,or your game in general.

Dude, I managed to play 3 hours straight without crashing after the screen resolution decreases … I think this was the problem lol

i can only play on 1080p so idk how higher res would run :joy:

Are the crashes here related to those reported in the GD Reborn thread? Seemed to be something to do with skills with procs