[REL] Grimarillion v80

Some items still have invalid skill profile:

  • Mythical Natalya’s Sight
  • Mythical The Johnstone
  • Mythical Death Watch Mantle

Those are not Grim Quest items. Up to Grimer and okami to fix these issues, as far as I know there haven’t been any updates to address this.

Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

This is more specificly related to Grim quest I’d imagine - On Shattered Realms the game appears to think that the “Bone Fiend” and “Skeletal Soldiers” (pets from the “Spirit” class) are enemies, and automatically changes the pointer to the “attack” mode when hovering over them, even though you can’t actually damage them yourself, this in itself is not a problem (other than making running a hassle), but, when you finish a level monsters of those types get unsummoned (which is an inconvenience) and upon reaching the parts where you’re in the arena to advance shards you can’t actually progress unless you can somehow unsummon them manually (which I don’t think you can with “Skeletal Soldiers”) - since the game appears to think that there are still enemies alive.

Is there a way to work around this (other than not summoning skeletal soldiers at all)?

Edit: The same happens with the “Circle of Power” - Although since this is a short lived temporary spell it’s not that much of an issue.

Playing spin to win warwind character, the new radius of battle standard is quite annoying. I mean the inquisitor seal is ok, if you’re a caster or ranger character being stationary, but when spinning to win the standard feels like wasted points a lot of the time now. Perhaps the radius could scale up with levels.

Well… You can edit “Grimarillion” mod as see fit.

Thank you for such good implementation of masteries from “Titan Quest”.

There are some strange decisions in “Titan Quest” masteries of recent builds of “Grimarillion”. In original “Titan Quest” game masteries were played in styles that players are used to already. I think that changing play style of these masteries in “Grim Dawn” without a very good reason is not a good idea.
Please, do not think of my words as a criticism. It is just my opinion. You can do whatever you want as the author of these masteries. I have no problems with any changes in “Giramarillion” because I edit this mod regularly according to my needs.

Some skills in original “Titan Quest” game allowed certain builds. In “Grimarillion” masteries of “Titan Quest” these skills do not allow it. Some noticeable differences:

  1. In “Battle Standard” skill in “Warfare” mastery had 12.0 meter radius. Now 3.8 meters.
  2. “Trance of Empathy”, “Trance of Convalescence”, “Trance of Wrath” skills in “Dream” mastery were present. Now they are absent.
  3. “Runes” mastery is absent in “Grimarillion”.
  4. All new skills from expansion “Titan Quest: Atlantis” (released on 9 May, 2019) are absent in “Grimarillion”.

And again. Thank you for your work.

One thing to consider is this is not a 1 to 1 conversion of TQ masteries.He will most prob change/add skills if the need arises.He may or may not add Runes mastery.The skills in expansion are still new so he will most prob add them in a later date.Making changes isn’t about just adding stuff.It goes about balancing.

At the moment i love how the TQ classes work.I got an Earth with GD necro and a D3 wizard with TQ storm and in my opinion they fit well.If he make changes etc it goes about balance.Can’t have classes that are op(earth golem are a little op)with skills but he dies quick in higher difficulty

Pretty much what Pierre said. This is not an exact translation of TQ masteries to GD Grim. They’ve been altered/changed/upgraded to fit in more with GD. Trances in Dream have been changed although iirc Convalescence is still there, although altered. Asylum has said several times he’s unlikely to add Rune and I expect that will go for the new skills introduced in Atlantis since he’s already added several new skills that fit the GD theme already to the TQ masteries.


my wife and I gave this mod a try in multiplayer and experienced several severe issues, essentially making the game unplayable.
The most important:

  • The joining player (the one who is not the host) seems to trigger every action he does twice. He does double damage (quad damage for ranged weapons) - even a normal hit with a white weapon on a lvl 1 character pops up two/four damage numbers. You can easily test this on the training dummies. Also some skills are casted multiple times - like summon wolves from the nature tree causing the first wolve to instantly die (death animation plays) and appear again. The wizards electrocute also does double damage (two damage numbers per hit) and consumes double the mana.
  • Sometimes summons on the joining player do not appear at all. The skill animations for summing skills play but the skill does nothing. The host does not even see the skill animation for the other player
  • The game is heavily out of sync for the joining player. Positions and animations for mobs and the host player are completely off. Often enough the monsters and the other player just stand there doing no animations. When disabling grimmest this problem disappears.

We are using GD+AOM+FG from GOG and Grimarillion v72 (also tried v71 - same problems).

Thanks for the updates!! (and so promptly)

No problem on the folder rename ish but appreciate the heads up etc.

Keep up the great work!! - this mod has reinvigorated GD for me to such a degree, it’s crazy -

P.S. Thanks to Matougi for Rainbow in general and for keeping it updated for Grimarillion!

Just installed this and it hasn’t overwritten the files, but has done this.

Only difference I can see is that the Grimarillion full has resources with 26th September while the rest are dated 12th September.

“Grimarillion_full” is a complete new copy of the mod folder.

So, delete the folder you currently have labeled “Grimarillion”.

Then, rename “grimarillion_full” to “grimarillion” (just delete the “_full” part of the folder name)

Boom, done.

Thanks lqdhorror.

There’s really nothing I can do about multiplayer desync issues. If turning off grimmest helps, then you will have to play without grimmest. jiaco tried to make grimmest as bug-free as possible for multiplayer but there’s only so much we can do as modders.

I thought so much aswell. I can live without grimmest, but the double and quad damage thing makes the game really unplayable in multiplayer.
I just tested only installing the Diablo 3 mod and the same stuff happens aswell. Will investigate some more tomorrow if the problem persists when only using the TQ masteries mod etc…

Desync happens in vanilla all the time, it’s an issue with the games netcode or something, I have no idea but this is an ooooold issue and probably just made worse with all the content from mods and their scripts.

Didn’t bother to back up my characters, but the latest version of Grimarillion has lost all the shared stash stuff again. Not a big deal for me, just for your info.

Also can’t seem to get the crate pet to spawn either with this version.

That is because the mod name is different. Renaming it back to Grimarillion should fix that.

Already did that before I started playing.

Just a quick question.Are there Legendary Staffs?or is there plans to add some in a later update?Not a biggy just curious.