[REL] Grimarillion v84

Grim Dawn was patched a few days ago and since then the shared bank is gone and all my characters banks are empty now so I just made a new character until the mod is patched so that my items reappear. Everything else seems to work ok but I have noticed the elementalist ice wall does not work also the Huntress fletchetee minefield does nothing and monster lure does not work atm.

Anyone else having crash issues? It’s already the third time I try to play and the game freezes but the music is in the background … I can only quit the game with Ctrl + Alt + Delete
= (

I’m at the portal around Burriwich…

The compilation isn’t updated for the latest version yet.

Ok,thank you!

is it possible to have a version with an increased drop rate?

Can’t put as much time as I used to in GD and I can’t mod for slith so this is the only place I could ask. GDstash is out of the question as it just takes the fun out

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v69 Changelog



*Fixed an issue that prevented stash from working properly.

*Removed Triple Density spawn option. (this wasn’t setup anyway)

*Fixed an issue where the Sacred Crate wasn’t included in the proper skill tree. (let me know if this fixes it, I can’t test since I don’t have the DLC)

*Adjusted some more tooltips. (Lives for X seconds changed to +X second summon duration, resist/regen/heal display adjustments)

Grim Quest

*Added new animations for spears. No more attacking with the wrong end of thecreatures/pc/anm/hero01_spear_attack_c01.anm spear! I will probably add more spear animations down the road, so report any animations you find that look like they are hitting with the wrong end of the spear. Keep in mind, I’m not a professional animator or even an amateur, so these animations are not at a Crate level of quality. (Changed animations include idle combat, basic attacks, serpent strike and volley)

*Arbruring - Replaced bleeding bonus with chaos. Replaced Psionic Burn skill bonus with Psionic Drain. Replaced proc bleed resist reduction with chaos.
*Black Pearl Ring - Replaced Psionic Immolation skill bonus with Chaotic Resonance.
*Eurydice’s Wedding Band - Replaced Temporal Flux skill bonus with Boon of Morpheus.
*Eye of Reveries - Added %Chaos damage. Replaced %Lightning/Electrocute with Cold/Frostburn. Replaced flat lightning damage with chaos and moved to buff. Trance of Wrath Skill bonus replaced with Trance of Convalescence. Removed pet conversion, added % All Damage for pets. Replaced lightning stuff from buff with chaos.
*Thoth’s Mark - Replaced Premonition skill bonus with Astral Disturbance.
*Tyrant’s Fist - Increased %Weapon Damage from 135% to 170%.
*Bronze Heart of Talos - Skill modifier moved to Trance of Convalescence.
*Stormbinder - Replaced Psionic Burn skill bonus with Boon of Morpheus.
*Pythia’s Bindings - Replaced Trance of Wrath skill bonus with Ikelos’ Fright.
*Divine Herakles Might- Added 100% Vitality damage converted to Physical damage to Phantom Strike. Added -1 second cooldown to Phantom Strike.
*Anubis’ Wrath - Replaced Trance of Wrath skill bonus with Somnial Hex.
*Divine Iron Will of Ajax - Added 100% Vitality damage converted to Physical to Psionic Touch. Added 44 physical damage to Psionic Touch.
*Divine Udjat of Horus - Added 100% Vitality damage converted to Lightning to Phantom Strike.
*Mythical Polaris - Replaced Temporal Rift skill bonus with Ring of Flame. Distort Reality skill modifiers replaced with Ring of Flame skill modifiers.
*Knot of Isis - adjusted healing values from proc, now heals for 900+6% life and cooldown increased to 5 seconds.
*Added 12 new GQ 2h melee weapons, each with 4 variants for 48 total GQ 2h melee weapons. (4 tiers, t1 = 25, t2 = 50, t3 = 75, t4 = 94)(Tier 1 name is “lesser”, tier 2 has no name, tier 3 is “greater” and tier 4 is “Divine”)
*Added 31 new GQ 1h melee weapons, each with 4 variants for 124 total GQ 1h melee weapons. (4 tiers, t1 = 25, t2 = 50, t3 = 75, t4 = 94)(Tier 1 name is “lesser”, tier 2 has no name, tier 3 is “greater” and tier 4 is “Divine”)
*Added 14 new GQ melee caster weapons, each with 4 variants for 56 total GQ 2h melee weapons. (4 tiers, t1 = 25, t2 = 50, t3 = 75, t4 = 94)(Tier 1 name is “lesser”, tier 2 has no name, tier 3 is “greater” and tier 4 is “Divine”)
*Fixed an issue where spears were missing weapon trails.
*Fixed an issue with two blueprints missing tags.


*Fixed an issue where the skill didn’t require a shield.

*Replaced Stun Resist Reduction with Pierce Resist Reduction.

Volcanic Orb:
*Reduced physical and fire damage slightly, increased cooldown to 4.5 seconds.
*Added burn damage.
*Now has fragments, 2-4 at low ranks but gains more.
*Changed fragment projectile to function similar to Canister Bomb fragments.

Volcanic Orb - Conflagration:
*Updated FX
*Increased burn damage… by a pretty large amount. (173 per second for 3 seconds >> 565 per second for 5 seconds)
*AOE increased to 6m.

Volcanic Orb - Fragmentation:
*Removed fragments and flat damage stats.
*Now increases the AOE size of the explosions.
*Now reduces the mana cost and has a chance to reduce the cooldown.
*Now increases all fire, physical, and burn damage dealt by Volcanic Orb.
*Removed Stun.

Fletchette Minefield:
*Reworked slightly - the bombs are now spawned on your cursor rather than around your character, however only one bomb is spawned.
*Cooldown removed, skill cost added, duration reduced. (Apparently no one reported that the skill cost was missing?)
*The mines no longer fire projectiles but instead deal aoe damage on detonation and apply a debuff to the target that continuously deals the tooltip damage while active.

Fletchette Minefield - Improved Trap Construction:
*Due to the adjustments in the base skill, the additional projectiles and knockdown have been removed. Instead this adds flat pierce damage.

Force of Nature:
*Increased spawn animation speed.

Sylvan Nymph:
*Basic attack reworked, now deals elemental/poison damage only, physical removed.
*Elemental/Poison damage adjusted.
*Now gains additional projectiles with ranks.
*Removed unlockable skill “Skewer” - with how much AOE is added with the additional projectiles from basic attacks, I don’t think this is necessary.
*Adjusted AI, no longer flees from enemies in close range and can “see” enemies from slightly farther now.

Sylvan Nymph - Nature’s Wrath:
*Reworked because the basic attack is now essentially the same thing.
*Now fires a projectile which chains to nearby enemies dealing damage and stunning foes in a small AOE around the targets.
*Cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.

*Removed collision.
*Can no longer be targeted. No point since it can’t be killed or hold aggro afaik.
*Improved damage scaling on the basic attack, it’s probably way too much now.
*Fixed an issue where the hidden cleave skill only had an arc of attack of 5 degrees.
*Removed UI Widget, now has a buff bar icon. As such, the default behavior for the epialos has been changed to “aggressive”.

Epialos - Swamp Daemon:
*Tweaked modifiers to work with new FG pet modifier mechanic.

Epialos - Torment:
*Removed Threat generation.
*Increased AOE by 1 meter across all ranks.

Insidious Miasma:
*Updated FX

Deathchill Aura:
*Updated FX (small tweak)

Boreas’ Swirling Storm:
*Fixed an issue where the skill wasn’t triggering devotions.


No previous versions necessary. Just drag and drop, backup your stuff just in case.


Awesome! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:

Does v69 fix the stasher issue? I’ve been running the game with internet connection off so it doesn’t update and I lose shared stash lol, didn’t see it mentioned in patch notes.

Version in-game is 68a. I know it’s no biggie.

Forgot to add it to the changelog, but it’s in the update already. Changelog updated.

Thanks =) And thanks for all the hard work!

Thanks for the update!

Updated colorful text for Grimarillion v69.

Since there are additional skill and item, etc. changes as written in the change log, the colored text must also be changed quickly.

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Thanks for the update. The Eiphalos is way more useful now and the Nymph is so much better after the buff. Force of Nature is a bit better now with faster spawn timing but still wastes some time casting roots the first thing it does when he attacks lol.

Hey there,

Thanks for the v69 update! I had put GD on pause after just waiting for Grimarillion to update, so I could continue my current Shadow Walker playthrough.

I think I found a bug with a missing texture in one of the new items:

Edit - Found another one. It seems that the “Lesser” variants of the Grim Quest items are missing textures:

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Apologies @ASYLUM101, for hopping in here with this. I just wanted to let people know that they can delete the “UI\hud” folder associated with Grim UI to prevent the clashing graphics on the hud toolbar.

Hell of a mod though, man. :metal:

Can anyone else confirm that Borea’s Swirling Storm is triggering devotions? Can’t get it to work for me still…

It seems the AnnihilationZE11 mythical relic craftable at the Satyr does not grant any skill. Or at least the tooltip implies it doesn’t. That said, I haven’t crafted it to test. Maybe its just a tooltip issue.

I think it is supposed to be a meteor skill, FYI.

This item is missing textures…

Any chance for masteries from Diablo 2?

Anyone have suggestions for relics for a Grand Necromancer (Spirit/GD Necro)? Petmancer so I don’t know whether to go for the usual GD pet ones or something from TQ. :woman_shrugging: