[REL] Grimarillion v84

Yeah, I had him suddenly appear when I was looking at stuff at the blacksmith. Never clicked on him in the inventory so no idea why he appeared.

@medea_fleecestealer would be nice if Zeke could just be another NPC in Devil Crossing. just like what DAIL did.

Converting NPCs is a limited thing, as many NPCs move/die (especially in Devil’s Crossing) as the game’s story progresses. There’s only so many that don’t have quest interactions and don’t get removed by the vanilla questline at some point.

For that reason, many mods opt for more ‘creative’ means of implementing NPCs, especially in bulk.

@ceno thanks for the reply … but how did DAIL did it ? the NPC would just stand there…forever

Never had Zeke spawn while in combat in my testing experiences. Have had several runs going from DC to Arkovia (2-3 hours) and Zeke never once popped up. That was with no spawn settings. I ran Ancient Grove with a level 100 using N hero difficulty a few times the other day and had no issues either. I’m guessing you have a hotkey setup to summon him or something. As Ceno said, it’s not a simple matter to just throw a guy there. You have to find a guy to replace who has no effect on the story, doesn’t move or die but exists in a place that is easy to access… and you cannot add one without modifying the map which nearly doubles the size of the mod.

v69a Changelog

*Tons of minor behind the scenes updates. (thanks Mamba)

*Added more tooltip changes (X bleed resist > + X bleed resist, pierce > piercing)

*Fixed an issue where some meshes and bitmaps were missing.
*Updated several components (thanks Mamba)
*Updated spear affix tables (thanks Mamba)
*Updated staff affix tables
*Fixed a typo on a staff affix.
*Tweaked itemcost tables for spears/staves.
*Tweaked loottables, unlikely this will change GQ item drop rates but I’m trying to figure out why mythicals aren’t dropping.
*Tweaked artifact completion tables, several artifacts were using the wrong ones.
*Eye of Reveries - removed lightning damage.
*Eye of Ra - removed auto cast from granted skill, cooldown reduced to 4 seconds. Added %All Retal to artifact.
*Dragontongue - replaced fire resist with elemental resist.
*Effigy of Skyfire - replaced lightning resist with elemental resist.
*Thunderfist - replaced lightning resist with elemental resist.
*Morpheus Dreamweb - increased damage from proc.
*Pyrophoric Lop - Added all retaliation damage.
*Seal of Hephaestus - added internal trauma modifier and increased aether to fire conversion to 30%.
*Might of Hepheastus - added internal trauma modifier.
*Crest of Murong stats updated, mythical variant added.
*Updated GQ Leviathan variants.
*Updated ZE Annihilation variant.

*Updated skill to reflect changes made in

*Updated skill to reflect changes made in (I think?)

*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

Attak Seru:
*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

*Added support for Ternion attack.

Diablo 3
Ray of Frost:
*Fixed an issue where the texture was missing.

Fetish Army:
*Fixed an issue where the first 2 ranks had an animation issue.

Grim Quest

Colossus Form - Vengeance:
*Added FX to the on hit proc.


*Reworked into a passive, now has a 33% chance on hit (every hit, no cooldown) to increase damage and crit dmg. %OA remains the same.

*Added new FX
*Adjusted the template so that the radius on the base skill works for melee as well.
*Radius adjusted to 2.5m at all ranks.
*%Wpn Damage reduced greatly, but scaling also increased greatly.
*Flat damage scaling increased greatly.
*Added flat burn damage.
*Removed % projectile speed and % fire damage.
*Increased mana cost.

Rupture - Cremate:
*Moved up to tier 6.
*No longer triggers a secondary effect.
*Removed %Wpn Dmg
*Added a mana cost amount similar to most modifiers.
*Now adds flat fire and burn damage to rupture.
*Added %Physical damage modifer.

Rupture - Flare:
*Added new FX
*Reworked as a secondary effect instead of a celestial skill. (like old cremate)
*Improved the damage dealt and the radius affected.
*Moved down to tier 4.
*Removed mana cost.

Earthen Carapace:
*Removed Damage Penalty.
*Increased absorb scaling from ranks 10+.

Monster Lure:
*Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip to display as if it was pet scaling instead of player scaling.
*Tweaked resists and health scaling. Health will now start lower at rank 1, but scale better with levels. Phys/Pierce resists reduced from 99 to 88 (like all player scaled pets and added 88 resist to all other resists as well.
*Added a new skill, for the first 2-4 seconds of the ML life, it will be invulnerable. After 5 seconds if there are enemies around the ML, it will be destroyed. The goal of this change is to allow the ML to survive more than one hit at high levels, at least this way I can guarantee it will survive a minimum of 2 seconds.

Force of Nature:
*Fixed an issue that caused the pet to be delayed when spawning.
*Added base damage to the Root debuff so it does a little more than just debuff enemies.
*Tweaked some animation stuff.

Sylvan Nymph - Corrupt Nymph:
*Updated Corrupt Nymph’s skills and fx to be similar to the untransmuted Nymph.

*Swapped a few shaders/textures for a more ghostly look.

Liche King:
*Swapped a few shaders/textures for a more ghostly look.

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Swapped a few shaders/textures for a more ghostly look.

Circle of Power:
*Swapped a few shaders/textures for a more ghostly look.

Spectral Spires:
*Fixed an issue where the spires would only fire in the direction the character was facing.

Warwind - Warlust:
*Fixed an fx issue.


No previous versions necessary. Just drag and drop, backup your stuff just in case. This had a few extra changes to fix the texture bugs and stuff so you’ll need everything.


Thanks for the update.
So I updated the Rainbow file to match this v69a.


A couple of times I’ve had a hero pop up after a shrine has been cleansed. Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature. Had it with Zartox in the Burial Hill cave for example.

Also a couple of errors

Spelling - should be ravage.

And set info is missing here

Grimmest hero settings affect the devotion shrines that way I think. It was the only way to get the hero script to work with the shrines.

The set, thanks, that’s probably gonna be a recurring issue as I add more items.

Thanks, fixed!

Good to know Asylum. It makes a feature of it, especially when it happens first time and gives you a bit of a surprise. :grinning:

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To add to the people saying they’re crashing:
I used to crash all the time and then I disabled item tooltips in the world and since then haven’t crashed once. It’s probably just the amount of items on the ground. Only time will tell if the crashes are really gone, though.

Don’t know why the GQ loot table seems really weird. I’ve gotten dozens of Acheron’s touch, Soul Quencher, Vanguard of the Legion(non-mythical GQ versions), The Imperator, Greater Shai’tan, Penetrating Spear of Kok’Bi, Star of Elysium… These items just keep dropping

(Making a new post since my last one was 4 hours ago.)
I just want to ask if there are still no plans to support Crucible mode, since the last time it was asked was about a year ago. I assume until something is said otherwise, it won’t happen, but I wanted to make sure and get that in writing! :smiley:

It is technically impossible to support the Crucible, short of creating a separate mod that merges the regular mod and the crucible (not sure Crate would like that, apart from the work required)

Yep, as Mamba said…

I’ve answered this question already many times over the years that we’ve worked on the compilation, the answer is always the same.

I started with 3 different characters and both can’t get the iron door key on Burrwitch Outskirts, it just doesn’t fall

No idea, these items are just cursed I guess.

LoL Mine is always the Penetrating Spear of Kok’Bi ~_~ .

You gotta keep looking, if you don’t find it is pure rng. I found one last night right in front of the door to the depraved sanctuary