[REL] Grimarillion v84

Rainbow file updated to match the v1.1.4.2.

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My brother is looking to start this mod.But…his overwhelmed by all the class choices.I know which classes work well for my play style.But he likes to face tank stuff.I was thinking crusader+terror/warfare/defender or Champion.Any other combo’s that will be easy to master for a beginner in this mod?

Should I wait for a update of Grimarillion because of the changes in Grim Dawn in update V1.1.4.2, or will Grimarillion v69a work?

v70 Changelog

Grim Quest:
*Fixed an issue where spear-wielding cannibals would get stuck in T-Pose.
*Fixed an issue where staff-wielding eldritch armors would get stuck in T-Pose.
*Fixed an issue where there was no spin animation used for staff items.
*Legendary Spears have been updated. In addition, mythical spears have been added. (no divine/lesser/greater this time, we already have epic spears)
*Ares Wrath and Fei Lian’s Galespear have had their FX tweaked.
*Epic and Non-unique spears have had their stats adjusted. Attack speed reduced to compensate for the new animations, damage range reduced (lower cap, higher floor, avg should be better though).
*Divine Acheron’s Touch - fixed an issue where it gave the wrong type of RR to Batter.
*Crest of MuRong - fixed an issue with a missing mythical tag and granted skill.
*Divine Sword of Eternal Darkness - increased Spirit mastery bonus to +2, reduced Deathchill Aura bonus to +2.
*Divine Amen Ra Magebane - increased Rupture/Storm Nimbus bonuses to +4.
*Doxa Kalo - added 15% AS to all versions, added 540 bleeding damage over 3 seconds to Onslaught to Divine version.
*Divine Axe of Tereus - increased Dream maxtery bonus to +2, reduced Distort Reality bonus to +2.
*Divine Hiemal Decapitator - increased Nature and Storm mastery bonus to +2, reduced Winter Winds bonus to +2.
*Divine Pyrophoric Lop - increased Hunting mastery bonus to +2.
*Divine Agamemnon’s Scepter - increased Defense mastery bonus to +2, War Wind bonus to +4, Calculated strike bonus to +4.
*Divine Kraken’s Fist - increased Hunting/Dream/Storm mastery bonuses to +2.
*Divine Thorny Maul - increased Warfare mastery bonus to +2, Trance of Convalescence to +4, Spite to +4.
*Summoner’s Totem - Adjusted skills, speed and damage values. Pet made to be permanent instead of quasi-permanent, removed on attack requirement to summon.
*Razor Claw - Adjusted skills, cooldowns and damage values. Pet made to be permanent instead of quasi-permanent, removed on attack requirement to summon. Radius on Malignant aura increased from 10m to 20m.
*Spirit Blight - Adjusted skills, cooldowns and damage values. Pet made to be permanent instead of quasi-permanent, removed on attack requirement to summon.Radius on Razortooth aura increased from 10m to 20m.
*Hand of Gaia - Removed on attack requirement to summon. Cooldown on Quillblast reduced from 4 seconds to 2.5 seconds, range which Thornvines use Quillblast increased from 3m to 6m.

Fungal Swarm:
*Updated base acid damage to closer match FoI fire dmg.

Fungal Swarm - Explosive Growth:
*Reworked and renamed to Hecate’s Sorcerous Spray.
*Updated flat damage to match FoI.

Fungal Swarm - Spore Bomb:
*Removed Spore Bomb proc.
*Renamed to “Corrosion”, adjusted description.
*Replaced Acid Damage with Physical Damage and updated values to match the lightning dmg of intensify.
*Added DA reduction from Corrosion

Fungal Swarm - Corrosion:
*Renamed to “Blistering Spores”
*Poison Damage replaced with Internal Trauma.
*Added % Crit Dmg.
*Added OA reduction.
*Moved DA reduction to Spore Bomb.

*Adjusted scaling to 2.5 cunning/physique per rank and 5 spirit per rank. Health scaling increased to 22 health per rank and energy scaling reduced to 16 per rank.

*Fixed an issue where the casting range was smaller than intended.
*Tweaked AI and actorradius in hopes of fixing any weirdness.
*Adjusted animations and scale in hopes of fixing any weirdness.
*Updated basic attack damage to be in line with the Blightfiend. Removed vitality damage in favor of vitality decay.
*Added energy cost to Spirit Breath.
*Adjusted the per level scaling to be similar to the Coredweller.
*Reworked spirit shot, is now an aura that deals damage and leeches to the Bonefiend.
*Pound skill reworked to behave more like Briarthorn’s Slam, cooldown reduced to match as well.
*Spirit Breath cooldown reduced.

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Chance to spawn with a shield added to ranks 1-6. Previously it was impossible to get a skeleton with a shield at rank 5, which is when the skeletons unlock shield smack. Now you will actually have a chance to get a skeleton with a shield at rank 5.

Liche King:
*Increased the frequency the Liche will cast Death Nova and Soulblight.
*Adjusted per level scaling to be more like the Raven.
*Removed elemental damage, life leech and % health reduction on basic attack.
*Added vitality decay to basic attacks.

Liche King - Death Nova:
*Increased weapon damage, radius, and flat damage.
*Reduced energy cost.
*Removed life leech and % health reduction.

Liche King - Wraith Shell:
*Physical resist scales with levels now, no longer starts at 33%.

Circle of Power:
*Now grants Physical Resistance.

Death Ward:
*Moved down to tier 2.
*Now triggers on 66% HP.

Spirit Ward:
*Moved down to tier 4.
*DA bonus increased.
*Replaced Health Regeneration modifier with healing increased modifier
*Removed Vitality/Aether resistances.
*Added %HP.
*Pet bonus changed to %HP and flat DA.

Underworld Pact:
*Moved up to tier 6.
*Pet bonus changed to Total Speed.
*Tweaked % energy regeneration scaling, scales up to 70% at max rank, 100% at 20/10.
*Removed Flat Spirit
*Added Flat HP

Underworld Pact - Serve Thy Master:
*Increased vitality, decay, aether modifiers.(doubled?)
*Increased flat OA.
*Pet bonus changed to All Damage, Vitality Dmg, Aether Dmg, Decay Dmg, and flat OA.

Dark Covenant:
*Removed pet bonuses.

Enslave Spirit:
*Removed transmutation proc.
*Reworked, now confuses enemies in a radius around you and deals aether damage and %leech.
*Renamed to Soul Feast.
*Moved up to tier 8.

Drain Life:
*Increased lifesteal to 10% at all ranks.
*Adjusted scaling.
*Now starts with 10% chance to affect 3 targets within 3.5 m of the main target.
*Due to their only being 2 of 3 that increase the mana cost of Drain Life, I’ve increased the cost of Drain Life slightly.

Drain Life - Consume:
*Reworked, now converts aether into vitality and grants extra life leech at the cost of damage.

Drain Life - Soul Cascade:
*Removed lifesteal bonus.
*Moved down to tier 4.
*Adjusted damage scaling.
*Reduced chance to affect additional targets and the number of targets affected. (35% and 5 targets is the cap)
*Added scaling life steal.
*Due to their only being 2 of 3 that increase the mana cost of Drain Life, I’ve increased the cost of Soul Cascade slightly.
Drain Life - Grasping Dead:
*Moved up to tier 7.
*Removed flat vitality damage.
*Added movement slow.

Ternion Attack:
*Removed phys > aether conversion.
*Removed % All damage modifier.
*Weapon damage reduced, now scales with ranks.
*Moved down to tier 1.

Ternion Attack - Profaner:
*Reworked, now adds a cooldown to Ternion attack but also increases the damage and radius of the projectiles fired.
*Renamed, “Culminate”.

Ternion Attack - Arcane Lore:
*Reworked, now grants a temp buff.
*Buff grants flat Elemental/decay Damage, flat decay to pets and 65% Vit/Aether/Decay/Elemental/Pet All Dmg Damage at max rank

Squall - Netherstorm:
*Fixed an issue where Eye of the Storm modifier wasn’t working properly with this transmuter.


No previous versions necessary. Just drag and drop, backup your stuff just in case, as always.


@ASYLUM101 Thanks so much for ver 70,
Is this a bug on stasher ?

Hello the bug from the Diablo 3 Necromancer was not fixed with Commander of the Risen Dead (V70) my pets still do not get a bonus on skill 15 ?

Rainbow file updated to match the Grimarillion v70 as usual. :slightly_smiling_face:


Commander of the Risen Dead files are all right, this is prolly some weird bug with your char or the mod itself

Hey everyone, love the Mod, been playing it since DAIL and played that before AoM and so on. Now I am enjoying this version for Forgotten Gods however I am missing one thing and that is the extra devotion points, was it Grimarillion or another mod that had a load of classes AND gave 3 devotion points were shrine and had a larger devotion cap?

I take it I can only get 55 Devotion points in Grimarillion V69-70 and then spend that many? I wondered a couple things since I have no idea about Grim Dawn modding

1 - Is it too much to request a V70 of Grimarillion but that has a far higher devotion cap, with 3 devotion points per shrine? Maybe also 4-5 skill points per level all the way to the level cap?

2 - Is it difficult to learn how to do this myself, either by changing the Grimarillion mod, or merging it with another mod that changes devotion point gain.

Same questions for possibly changing points per level from 3 to 4/5 (all the way to max level).

I have no knowledge of modding Grim dawn but have modded other games if its as simple as changing just a few numbers in a txt file, database or what have you. I am willing to have a go myself if its simple enough.

Thank you all for your hard work. The amount of changes/classes is staggering, Grimarillion appears to be the biggest class mod for Grim Dawn and offers so much content! well done ! :blush:

Think you’re thinking of this mod

Not part of Grimarillion.

So mega.nz is throwing me “out of memory” error all the time.

Can you upload your mod on Nexus?

I know its not part of the mod. But that mod has extra devotion and skill points. Hence why I was asking if it was possible/easy for someone who has not modded Grim Dawn before to add extra skill points, more devotion per shrine/higher shrine cap.

OR, if it was too time consuming for a request for one of the developers of this mod to make me a custom Grimarillion V70 file with 3/4 devotion per shrine and 5 skills per level.

I still much prefer all the Grimlarillion changes, content and new items/classes over Ghost Grim. Ghost Grim lacks all that and has music I find irritating (from skyrim) that replaces Grim Dawns music which I feel damages the theme/atmosphere.

If you are somewhat experienced with computers, it should be pretty simple.

The hardest part is getting prepared for modding by setting up the GD modding tools etc. So look into that and once you have done that and know how to extract an .arz file (ArchiveTool) and build one (AssetManager), the rest is easy.

Sorry guys I don’t do requests. If I do a custom version for one person I’m gonna get swamped by people who want 200 levels, less monsters, more items, etc. You will have to figure out to make your changes on your own, follow mambas advice and start on setting up the tools and learning the basics.

As for mega, I can’t help you there. Setting up a nexus dl for grimarillion will take a bit of time, not sure i will have time to do it any time soon.

Thank you.I totally agree.People want to make changes cause they want to get OP.I Like the difficulty the way it is now.Still pondering if i should start a summoner but think it will be a biatch in the early levels :smiley:

There’s a lot of guides how to mod GD.I am not a modder i am a gamer and i enjoy Grimillion although i still feel the crusader to be op :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies folks. Maybe I will look into setting up the tools. Seems a lot of people agree setting up modding is one of the more awkward parts of the whole thing :smile: at least if you just want to change a few values in the editor/database.

The funny thing is, I just want more 5 skills per level and 3/4 devotion per shrine to save me time since what with work and having played through Grim Dawn so many times I prefer a very fast progression curve but it seems learning to make that change may take a lot of time and I may as well just play it as it is :sweat_smile:

Is the Crusader OP Pierre even compared to the other D3 classes? I have only played the Wizard from the D3 classes and it is perhaps the most powerful class I have played since starting Grimlarillion again. That is after playing the 6 “unique” classes on the right of the class selection (elementalist seemed weak to start, so rolled wizard instead).

I am starting up a retaliation build with the Champion as base since it seems to give you a lot of retaliation (or "reaction to hit) effects. I wondered if I should combine it with Crusader but then considered the Titan Quest Defense out of nostalgia (loved that game) and wanting to use colossus…

You know what makes the crusader OP are that he has a DA buff.Which makes life a lot easier specially when you play multiplayer.I want to try and build a dps Crusader with fire damage buff.Not gonna disagree Wizard are damn potent :smiley:

I understand why you want more devotion points/stats as a lot of people want to get late game earlier or if they like me.Have limited time to play.If they release a update with my points i will try it casually as i only have 1 hour a day to play if i am not to tired.

Last time i played a made lvl 89 before finishing the game on AOM.Sad part is lost my character + chest after i updated my Grimmilion a few updates back.Bleek days but my fault for not backing up my saves :grin:

This error is showing in Firefox.
Downloaded the mod with Chrome.

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