[REL] Grimarillion v84

This error is showing in Firefox.
Downloaded the mod with Chrome.

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Um, that’s strange. I downloaded it via Firefox earlier today and installed it.

I am having the same issue with the send components to stash button missing. :frowning:

Could be a specific issue, who knows.

Yep known issue already, I will try to get a hotfix asap but I am in the path of a hurricane so time is limited

Grim Dawn stash has a character editor where you can adjust the # of devotion and skill points your character has. Less immersive but should be able to get the same effect.

Stay safe asylum!

v70a Changelog

*Fixed an issue with the Stash missing buttons.
*Added the proper Grimarillion version number to the Quest log.

Grim Quest:

Vision of Death:
(Changes from v70 I forgot to list)
*Reduced cooldown to 1.2 seconds and duration to 4 seconds.
*Duration now scales with ranks.
*Added movement slow.
*No longer disrupts.
*Reduced damage reduction slightly

Enslave Spirit:
*Renamed to Soul Feast, as mentioned in the last update.


Small download this time, just drag and drop, overwrite the existing stuff in your grimarillion mod folder. Looks like the hurricane is slowing down, so I have about an extra day or so to plan my funeral :joy:


You will be fine, and thank you for working on a fix while all that was going on! :heart:

We love u asylum! Is there anyway to leave Florida?

Not really! Must drive north for 10 hours or so just to leave the state, but the predicted path was looking like maybe it would head even to Georgia, so I’d have to maybe go a bit west into Alabama or something… Any other direction takes me to ocean, and/or towards the storm.

Nah but I’ve got pretty decent shutters and a new roof since the last storm (Irma) that came through here so I should be OK. Hopefully we don’t get any nasty flooding cause… flooding sucks. When Irma came through they were warning about a 15 - 20ft (I think that’s like 4-6m) storm surge, luckily we didn’t get that. Gonna have to spend the weekend cleaning my yard to make sure we’re debris-free, and then bring in all my plants… my poor garden is gonna get ruined.


Thanks for the update and your well-being. Garden will get re-build in no time.

Sad to hear that, I heard about this upcoming storm in US, I wish everything will be fine,be careful and of course I hope your garden won’t be destroyed :stuck_out_tongue: I love gardens :smiley:

Thank you for the update in your busy day. And I pray that the damage to your garden is minimal. :herb:

So naturally, the Rainbow file the Grimarillion v70a updated as well.

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I can’t believe I slept on this mod for so long.

Thank you so very, very much!! Crazy awesome! :+1:

  • Also thanks to Matougi for doing a version of Rainbow for this!

Be safe man.Hopefully it blows over in no time but gonna be sad for the garden but…it can be rebuilt.Rather your safe than your garden

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong here, but Desolator Protocol (a combination specific skill on the left side) doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have a lvl 22 Riftstalker / Terror Knight with 1 + 2 points in Desolator Protocol, but it just doesn’t proc at all. I’ve tried it with both default weapon attack and with Banish, but nothing is working, the fire damage definitely isn’t being done (I’m using GrimInternals). How do I get this skill working?

Have the required mastery level?

Stay safe my friend. Thnx for all your great work.

I don’t know what is the problem but I can’t ever get the port to spawn in SR in the chunk where there are the 3 Loghorreans (I encountered it twice already both on shard 63~64ish). Like I kill everything then nothing happens. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Item without any pet bonus.

Even after the 70a update, the Stash UI is still messy and the toggle between private stash and shared stash is missing.