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Is Auto Item Tooltips off?

In my case, the crash in Grimarillion was resolved by turning off Auto Item Tooltips. I don’t know otherwise.

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Thanks dude, I’ll try that tomorrow!

I had one crash in a cave today with a lot of items displayed.I didn’t know about Auto item Tooltip off.Will try tomorrow again and see if it fixed it.This was the only crash i had for the last couple patches.

I played for quite some time just now without auto item tooltip and the game did not crash.
Also, reached level 90 and equipped sigil of bast relic. Got to say the pet it summons is very underwhelming and should be buffed imo. A furnace wyrm form summoner’s banner (or totem iirc) is more impressive and actually survives for longer too.

Aye turning off tooltips seems to stop the crashes. I’ll display all the drops after I’ve cleared the mobs. Also, I didn’t start having any crashes until around level 40, so I’m assuming some items that start dropping near that level are the culprit.

v71 Changelog

grimarillion v71
Diablo 3:
Updated to version 3.0 - see the following posts for more information.
[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes: Patch 3.0 Released
[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes: Patch 3.0 Released

Grim Quest:
*4 new staff animations have been added, for attacking and attack idle.

*All staff projectiles now move slightly faster (about the same speed as crossbows instead of half that)
*New FX for all staff projectiles, some unique staves also have unique projectiles now as well.
*Added 21 mythical staves and updated the non-mythical versions of each.
*Fixed an issue where the new mythical spears were missing the “Mythical” style tag.
*Divine Scepter of Shadow King - changed 15% chance to flat acid to 15% chance of 1500% acid damage to Envenom Weapons. Removed Vision of Death -%acid RR. Added -18% acid resistance to Soul Feast.
*Morbius the Ramrod - updated Spore Bomb bonus to Corrosion. Updated Corrosion bonus to Blistering Spores.
*Persephone’s Caress - updated Spore Bomb bonus to Corrosion. Updated Corrosion bonus to Blistering Spores. Added 100%phys->acid conversion to Fungal Swarm to Divine version.
*Divine Atropos Assistant - removed -CD to Vision of Death on Divine version. Added +2 to Vision of Death to all versions. Added +1 second duration to Vision of Death to Divine version.
*Divine Pagos - added 100%phys->cold conversion to Fungal Swarm.
*Divine Prometheus Gift - added 100%phys->fire conversion to Fungal Swarm.
*Coven Nex - changed 2 to Insidious Miasma->2 to Soul Feast. Removed Insidious Miasma skillmodifiers from Divine version. Added 100%aether->phys conversion and -20% phys resistance to Soul Feast to Divine version.
*Erysichton’s Hunger - changed 3 to Deathchill Aura->3 to Soul Feast, removed Deathchill Aura skillmodifiers from Divine version. Added 100%aether-vitality and -70 DA to Soul Feast to Divine version.
*Pytho - added +2 to Vision of Death to all versions. Added 30% weapon damage and 100 reduced target’s OA for 2 seconds to Vision of Death to Divine version.
*Soulflay Fork - added +2 to Vision of Death to all versions. Added +3 second duration and 22 reduced target’s resistances for 2 seconds to Vision of Death to Divine Version.
*Divine Doxa Kalo - removed 2m radius modifier to Onslaught. (doesn’t work anyway)
*Divine Thystes’ Scheme - replaced flat 6 health restored with 6% health restored.
*Hiemal Decapitator - changed 2 to Plague->2 to Kodama on all versions. Removed Plague skillmodifiers from Divine version, added -18% cold RR to Kodama to Divine Version.
*Divine Iris - added +3 to Overgrowth, added Total damage is modified by 25% to Overgrowth.
*Divine Sword of Covu - added -10% vitality RR to Spite.
*Divine Persephone Caress - added 50% health regen to Sustained Growth.
*Divine Orion’s Mace - added 70 elemental damage to Eye of the Storm.
*Divine Lykaion Malleus - added 900-1400 lightning retaliation to Eye of the Storm.
*Divine Coven Nex - added 25% AS to Summon Epialos.
*Divine Silence - changed 20 flat RR to Summon Epialos to -15% vitality resistance to Melas Oneiros.
*Divine Pagos - added -70 DA to Kodama.
*Divine Sapros the Corrupter - added 12 second summon duration to Summon Epialos.
*Mythical Fei Lian’s Galespear - added 20% crit damage to Eye of the Storm.
*Mythical Ares Wrath - added 15 second summon duration to Ancestral Horn.
*Mythical Amazonian Spear - added 600 health to Sustained Growth.
*Mythical Aphrodite’s Favor - added 4 second duration to Overgrowth, added 50% health regen to Woodlore.
*Mythical Pendant of Immortal Rage - added 10% AS to Rally.
*Mythical Bronze Heart of Talos - added 15% armor to Onslaught.
*Mythical Cerberus Collar - added 6% health to Underworld Pact.
*Mythical Aeon - added 55 aether/vitality damage to Vision of Death.
*Mythical Amulet of Hygeia - added -0.5 second skill recharge to Nether Strike.
*Polaris - added +2 to Whirling Tempest to all versions. Added 25% crit damage to Whirling Tempest to Divine version.
*Ixion Stone - removed +3 to Butcher from all versions. Added 100%phys-chaos conversion and 15% reduced target’s damage for 1 second to Ring of Flame to Divine version.
*Divine Iron Will of Ajax - added 100%chaos-vitality conversion and 30% WD to Psionic Touch.
*Amun-Ra’s Glory - added +2 to Whirling Tempest to all versions, added 40 fire/lightning damage to Whirling Tempest to Divine version.
*Divine Essence of Herakles Might - added 180 physical damage to Heave.
*Divine Hecate’s Crescent - added 120 vitality damage to Nether Strike.
*Divine Zeus’ Gem - added -15% lightning resistance to Shocking Tempest.
*Divine Rimescythe - changed total damage modified by 25% to -25% to Nether Strike.
*Divine Mark of Thanatos - removed flat chaos from Onslaught, added 40% chance of 700% chaos damage to Onslaught.
*Divine Sword of Damocles - reduced amount of affected enemies from 5 to 2 and added 75 aether damage to Drain Life.
*Divine Scepter of Shadow King - added 15% crit damage and 60 acid damage to Drain Life, removed -skill energy cost.
*Divine Mark of Anubis Wrath - increased aether damage to Drain Life from 40 to 70.
*Divine Scepter of Thanatos - added 55 lightning damage to Psionic Immolation.
*Divine Stormbinder (belt) - added %cold damage bonuses.
*Imperator - added item description, renamed granted skill and description of said skill. (I recently realized what this item was meant to be a reference that went over my head somehow)
*Sigil of Bast - removed summon duration, changed to pet scaling since the relic is now a pet focused relic. Reworked skills, now has a cleave, a charge, and a phys/ele/poison debuff aura. Added a new animation and fixed all sound issues, sounds like a ferocious lion now.

Battle Rage - Boundless Wrath:
*Changed cooldown reduction from percent to flat, to solve an issue of reports saying it was global, which was unintended.

Zeus’ Thunderbolt:
*Fixed an issue where the spawned pseudopet could be targeted.

Boreas’ Swirling Storm - Freezing Cyclone:
*Replaced -x% lightning/cold resist with - x% elemental.
*Added - x% chaos resist. (Netherstorm transmuter only)

*A few skills have been moved around slightly. Skills with tier changes listed below.

*Adjusted base stat scaling, a bit of a hit to HP but a gain to OA/DA.
*Replaced basic attack elemental with vitality decay, base aether damage increased.
*Removed % HP Reduction from all skills. (Useless vs bosses and heroes, why bother)
*Aether Strike changed from default attack to a cleave proc.
*Planar Step pet weapon damage reduced to 100% at all ranks, added scaling flat damage, increased movement speed. Now only hits one target.
*Aether Blast pet damage scaling adjusted, removed DA reduction, added flat damage, stun and taunt. Projectile explosion replaced with projectile piercing.

Liche King:
*Removed dodge/avoid chance.
*Base attack skill functionality reworked in an effort to make it more unique to the Nightmare. Now drops a spirit meteor over it’s target instead of shooting a tendril.
*Adjusted AI a bit.
*Improved animation speeds quite a bit.
*Removed lifesteal from soul blight.

Liche King - Death Nova:
*Adjusted FX. (some particles were under the ground)
*Added lifesteal.

Liche King - Arcane Blast:
*Moved down to tier 8.
*Replaced elemental damage with Vitality Decay.
*Updated energy cost.
*Renamed to Spectral Barrage

Circle of Power:
*Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
*Moved up to tier 9.

Nightmare - Dream Surge:
*Removed flat vitality damage, increased chaos damage, decay damage. Increased weapon damage at low ranks.

Nightmare - Mastermind:
*Added total speed and flat OA to pets.

Astral Rift:
*Reworked, reduced cooldown to 5 seconds, removed duration. No longer sits stationary as a totem, instead follows the player as a normal pet. Increased summon count to 2.
*Removed riftbeam and riftbomb attacks.
*Rift burst adjusted, added 2 more projectiles and changed from firing them in a cone to a ring formation instead. Attack cooldown increased to 2 seconds.
*Added a new attack aura, Phantasm, deals vitality, chaos and decay damage to all enemies within 3.3 meters.


Drag n Drop installation, make sure to backup your stuff, never know what happens with these updates.


I’m gonna put another update tonight hopefully, there’s a few tag issues that slipped through. @Matougi maybe hold onto your usual color mod update til then, I will be adjusting a couple skill names. Will be a small update, tags and db changes only.

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I have just now updated the raibow file for Grimarillion v71. :stuck_out_tongue:

The devotion skills remain old, but is this intentional?
D3mod supports the latest constellations.


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Damn son thanks for making the sigil of bast useful.
Just got a mythic bronze heart of talus amulet drop. Should be talos like in titan quest :+1:. Tasker and Theo gloves have a +2 tag not found, which I assume would be call of the wild.

Does v71 fix the tooltip-related crash?

Thanks as always for the updates and I look forward to the hotfix tonight + rainbow update :sunglasses:

Not intended, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t take the devotion skills from D3 because D3 doesn’t have the support for custom skill templates afaik.

Talos/Talus are both proper spelling. The name “Bronze Heart of Talus” is exactly as it was in TQ, I don’t modify the item names except to add the style prefixes (divine/mythical/lesser/greater)

As for Bast, yeah I forgot to add it in the last update but it’s been “done” for a while now. :+1:

I have no idea what causes such a crash so I can’t fix it. If anyone can figure out exactly what it is that causes the crash then by all means… tell me so I can fix it. Is it a certain affix? A certain line of text? A certain number of items? Who knows?

I started crashing when tier 75 and higher items started to drop. All I can say really.

v71a Changelog

*Fixed an issue where certain groble shaman would dual wield items and not have an animation for doing so.

*Updated a few devotions.

*Health scaling decreased to 28 health per rank and energy scaling increased to 10 per rank.

*Fixed an issue where this skill had 0 mana cost.
*Increased the projectile radius to 0.3 m from 0.2 m.

Elysian Aegis:
*Fixed an issue where this skill had 0 mana cost.

Astral Rift:
*Fixed an issue where the petskill Phantasm was misnamed as Mastermind.

Soul Feast:
*Fixed an issue where the old name “Enslave Spirit” returned, again.

Battle Rage - Boundless Wrath:
*Fixed an issue where the % Cooldown Reduction wasn’t removed as intended.


Small download, just drag and drop and overwrite the existing files in your grimarillion mod folder. Backup your stuff just in case something goes wrong.


Thank you for the quick update. :dash:

The Rainbow file has been updated accordingly. This update, including the devotions, has great significance.


I just started playing this yesterday, seeing quite a few Skill Tag Not found, Skill profile not found. Is this something that is being ironed out? It’s not a ton, but some. I’m level 47 and I’ve seen maybe 10 or so thus far.

Try posting an image or at least an item name so someone can figure what you’re seeing in your game.

If I summon thorn sprites with divine demeter’s sorrow equipped the game crashes.

Ok well 2 of those items posted are D3 items. Grimer just posted an update earlier, hopefully the fix is in there because I am working on uploading the Grimarillion update with the contents of that.

The chromatic staff is not bugged.