[REL] Grimarillion v84


At the blacksmiths, Imperial and Royal Ruby costs 1 000 iron, when it should be 5 000 for Imperial and 10 000 for Royal.

You just need to have the normal 2h version of the weapon to craft the 1h version, there are no components besides that.

Cannot get this to work. Using the sub folder and have AOM and FG. Any advice?

Have you changed the folder name from grimarillion_full to just grimarillion?

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no, I will try that thanks!

v73 Changelog

[Grim Quest]

●Fixed a potential issue for many pets that could cause this skill to prevent SR progress. Let me know if this fixes the issue.
●Fixed an issue where the crate pet was removed from the consumable skill tree…

●Added 18 new offhand items, each with 4 variants for a total of 72 offhands. (4 tiers, t1 = 25, t2 = 50, t3 = 75, t4 = 94)(Tier 1 name is “lesser”, tier 2 has no name, tier 3 is “greater” and tier 4 is “Divine”)
●Fixed an issue where the new mythical shields were not labeled as “Mythical”.
●Mythical Myrmidon’s Pendant - reduced internal trauma to Batter.
●All variants of Pytho 1h axe renamed to Mormo. Changed bitmap and mesh used.
●All variants of Cerberus’ Bite 1h axe renamed to Mantikhoras. Changed bitmap and mesh used.
●Pytho added as a vitality/poison axe.
●Cerberus’ Bite added as a bleed axe.
●Bladestring - Added Retal to Attack to Marksmanship

Mastery Changes:
Firestrike - Searing Might:
●Now works with staves.

Albrecht’s Aether Ray:
●Now works with staves.

●Now works with staves.

Brute Force:
●Now works with staves.

Feral Hunger:
●Now works with staves.

●Now works with staves.

Savagery - Might of the Bear:
●Now works with staves.

Primal Strike:
●Now works with staves.

Ranged Expertise:
●Now works with staves.

Bursting Round:
●Now works with staves.

Chilling Rounds:
●Now works with staves.

Storm Spread:
●Now works with staves.

Word of Renewal - Word of Arms:
●Now works with staves.

Armor Handling:
●Increased flat armor, moved to tier 2.

Shield Smash:
●Now only hits with the offhand.
●DA reduction scaling adjusted.

●Added skill disruption, removed attack speed reduction.
●Moved to tier 4.

●Removed skill disruption.
●Rescaled damage to better match Shattering Smash.
●Replaced internal trauma with pierce damage.
●Removed OA reduction.
●Added physical resistance reduction.
●Moved to tier 8.


Colossus Form:
●Reduced % All Damage.
●Increased cooldown.
●Added %health regeneration.
●Moved up to tier 7.

Colossus Form - Unbreakable:

Colossus Form - Vengeance:

Elysian Aegis:
●Fixed an issue where this skill could be used without a shield equipped.

Elysian Aegis - Penance:
●Moved down to tier 2.

Elysian Aegis - Gorgoneion:
●Increased max rank to 12.
●Changed physical damage for pierce, trauma damage unchanged.
●Moved down to tier 5.

●Flattened cooldown/duration.
●Replaced movement speed with % All resists.
●Moved up to tier 3.

Adrenaline - Quick Recovery:
●Reworked into a standalone passive.
●Removed % Physical resistance and % Reflected damage reduction.
●Adjusted shield recovery and block chance, added shield damage blocked.
●Moved to tier 1.

Athena’s Wisdom:
●Replaced flat physical damage with flat internal trauma.
●Replaced % bleeding damage with % pierce.
●Added % internal trauma duration.
●Added % DA.

Shield Charge:
●Works with all weapons.
●Tooltip adjusted. Renamed to Hoplite Charge.

Battle Awareness:
●Removed flat DA.
●Removed cooldown.
●Moved up to tier 4.

Battle Awareness - Defiance:
●Added reflected damage reduction.
●Moved up to tier 5.

●Physical RR reduced.
●Moved down to tier 6.

Spite - Blind Rage:
●Moved down to tier 7.

Spite - Reckoning:
●Moved down to tier 8.

●Removed energy regeneration.
●Added flat DA.
●Reduced energy cost.
●Reduced flat trauma.

Rally - Survive!:

Rally - Inspiration:
●Removed flat physical damage.
●Added % All Retaliation.
●Add % Healing.
●Moved down to tier 5.

NEW Shield Expertise:
●Shield only passive, grants physical resist, physical, trauma, and pierce damage.

●Renamed to Spectral Bulwark.
●Adjusted damage and radius.
●Now works with any weapon equipped.

NEW Spectral Bulwark - Wild Throw:
●New transmuter, removes the cooldown, reduces the damage and causes the projectile to spin away rather than a tight circle.

Spectral Bulwark - Rend Armor:
●Moved to tier 4.

NEW Spectral Bulwark - Concussive Blow:
●New modifier, increases physical, trauma, and crit damage. Adds a chance to stun enemies hit.

NEW Batter:
●Reintroduced the old batter skill as a cleave
●Works with all weapons.
●Deals internal trauma damage, has no cooldown, and has a chance to stun enemies.

NEW Batter - Heave:
●Transmuter for batter, gives the skill an increased cooldown but greatly increases the damage.

NEW Batter - Beat Down:
●Increases the number of targets hit by Batter and the damage dealt.

NEW Vengeance:
●Deals physical, internal trauma, and piercing damage in an area around you. Knocks down enemies and lowers OA.

Distortion Field:
●Removed pierce and physical resistance.
●Removed flat damage absorption
●Reduced health regen scaling.
●Added % damage absorb, trap, freeze, and petrify resist.
●Increased duration and cooldown by 1 second.
●Moved up to tier 4.

Temporal Flux:
●Moved down to tier 1.

Lucid Dream:
●Removed DA.
●Added less damage from eldritch.
●Increased OA scaling.

Distortion Wave - Astral Disturbance:
●Reverted name to Psionic Immolation.
●Added Retal To Attack.

Distortion Wave - Chaotic Resonance:
●Moved down to tier 5.

Ikelos’ Fright:
●Added %damage to eldritch and DA.
●Removed damage absorb.

Boon of Morpheus:
●Added %damage to aetherial corruption.
●Replaced Vitality to Lightning conversion with Physical to Aether conversion.
●Removed % DA.

Psionic Immolation:
●Renamed to Psionic Burn.
●Vitality damage swapped with lightning.
●Chaos damage swapped with aether.
●Increased skill range.

Psionic Burn - Psionic Drain:
●Decay damage swapped with Electrocute.
●Vitality/Chaos Damage modifiers swapped with lightning/aether.

●Reworked, now allows you to mark an enemy and transfer part of the damage taken to them.
●Moved to tier 7.

Phantom Strike:
●Moved to tier 4.

Phantom Strike - Dreamstealer:
●Added Crit Damage.

Phantom Strike - Night Terrors:

Somnial Hex:
●Reworked as a modifier to Phantom Strike. Now triggers a buff after hitting an enemy which slows attacks and deals chaos/vitality damage.
●Moved to tier 9.

Sands of Sleep:
●Reverted to a chaining sleep skill.
●Cooldown set to 1 second.
●Moved to tier 2.

Distort Reality:
●Removed cooldown, reduced damage and cost.
●Removed stun.
●Damage swapped from phys/chaos to lightning/aether.
●Moved to tier 2.

Distort Reality - Reoccuring Nightmare:
●Renamed to “Unmake” and reworked.
●Now increases the cooldown, damage and cost of Distort Reality.
●Moved to tier 3.

Distort Reality - Temporal Rift:
●Removed crit damage.
●Swapped phys/chaos modifiers for lightning aether.
●Swapped decay for electrocute.
●Added flat physical damage.
●Moved to tier 5.

Trance of Convalescence:
●Moved to tier 2.

Trance of Convalescence - Empathy:
●Reduced % healing.
●Moved to tier 4.

●Reworked, no longer functions as an attack buff but as a debuff that triggers when you are hit while under the effects of Trance of Convalescence.
●Swapped vitality damage for aether, reduced damage dealt.
●Replaced attack speed debuff with stackable attack speed reduction.
●Replaced physical RR for aether RR.
●Removed attack damage converted to HP and flat RR.
●Moved to tier 7.

NEW Psionic Touch - Reverie:
●Converts the damage dealt by Psionic Touch to Lightning and Aether.

Earth Enchantment:
●Reduced radius from 16m to 12m.
●Removed cooldown.
●Updated energy reserve and active energy cost to closer match Flame Touched (demolitionist)
●Added flat OA.
●Added % Chaos damage.
●Reduced flat fire damage to closer match Flame Touched.
●Removed % Energy Regeneration
●Moved to tier 2.

Earth Enchantment - Prometheus’ Gift:
●Added flat fire damage to your pets.
●Increased pet conversion from 30% to 45%.

Earth Enchantment - Stone Skin:
●Removed physical resistance and flat armor.
●Armor modifier bonus increased
●Added armor absorb modifier.
●Increased flat physical retaliation.
●Moved to tier 6.

Flames of Tartarus:

●Now requires a 2 handed weapon or a staff.

Rupture - Volcanic Might:

Ring of Flame - Chaotic Blaze:
●Removed chaos RR.

Ring of Flame - Soften Metal:
●Replaced %OA reduction with stackable OA reduction.
●Removed %Armor debuff.
●Adjusted fire RR values.
●Added chaos RR equal to fire RR.
●Moved to tier 4.

Earthen Carapace:
●Added energy absorbed from spells.
●Moved to tier 5.

Earthen Carapace - Immovable:
●Removed slow resist.
●Added flat HP.
●Moved to tier 7.

Heat Shield:
●Moved to tier 8.

Heat Shield - Hephaestus’ Anvil:
●Added to Earth Enchantment as a modifier.
●Removed Requirement reduction.
●Increased burn reduction and chaos resistance.
●Replaced total speed with attack speed.
●Moved to tier 4.

Volcanic Orb - Conflagration:
●Moved to tier 6.

Volcanic Orb - Fragmentation:
●Moved up to tier 8.

●Added % Chaos Damage.
●Moved to tier 9.

●Moved to tier 5.

Eruption - Molten Lava:
●Replaced physical resist reduction with fumble/impaired aim.
●Moved to tier 7.

Earth Attunement:

NEW Immolate:
●WPS that deals physical/burn damage and leaves enemies confused. When used with a ranged weapon the projectile passes through targets.
●Tier 1.

NEW Abyssal Rampage:
●WPS that deals chaos/fire damage to up to 8 enemies in a 360 degree arc.
●Tier 3…

Briar Ward:
●Fixed an issue where the tree could be targeted by enemies.
●Now player scaling.
●Moved down to tier 4.

Briar Ward - Stinging Nettle:
●Fixed an issue where this was applying a buff to the player that gave a damaging aura instead of creating the aura around the briar ward itself.

Heart of Oak - Tranquility of Water:
●Added flat elemental damage.
●Added % Energy Regeneration.

Heart of Oak - Permanence of Stone:
●Physical resistance replaced with pierce resistance.
●Elemental Resistance increased.
●Added armor and stun reduction.

Demeter’s Sacred Law:
●Removed poison duration reduction.
●Added damage reduction from Beasts.
●Added % increased healing
●Removed Pet bonus removed.

●Vengeance of the Kodama:
●Removed OA Debuff.
●Now grants % Acid, Poison, Vitality, and Decay to nearby allies.

Kodama - Sustained Growth:
●Added poison/bleed reduction.
●Added bleed resistance.
●Moved up to tier 4.

Kodama - Overgrowth:
●Moved to tier 6.

Call of the Wild:
●Moved up to tier 2.

Call of the Wild - Survival Instincts:
●Moved up to tier 5.

Call of the Wild - Strength of the Pack:
●Changed to a toggle.
●Radius increased, scaling increased, flat damage reduced.
●% DA removed.
●Moved up to tier 8.

Sylvan Nymph:
●Moved up to tier 5.

●Added flat acid damage.
●Adjusted poison damage scaling.

Plague - Arcane Affliction:
●Added Vitality to Elemental conversion.

Plague - Fatigue:
●Removed poison modifier.
●Reduced damage reduction at higher ranks.
●Added flat vitality damage.

Plague - Susceptibility:
●Removed poison modifier.
●Added vitality decay.
●Physical RR reduced.

Fungal Swarm:
●Increased %Weapon Damage.
●Increased cone size.

Fungal Swarm - Corrosion:
●Moved down to tier 5.

Fungal Swarm - Blistering Spores:
●Moved down to tier 7.


NEW Hera’s Dominion:
●Grants flat DA, poison/acid resistance, and cooldown reduction.
●Old pet bonuses from Demeter’s Sacred Law moved here.

NEW Sylvan Mastery:
●Grants % Total Damage Modified and % Crit Damage to Wolves, Sprites, and the Nymph.
●Tier 8.

NEW Fungal Swarm - Pestilence:
●Reduces the cost of Fungal Swarm and increases the damage.
●Tier 9.

Calculated Strike:
●Removed bleeding damage.
●Increased piercing damage.
●Removed cleave and passthrough.

NEW Calculated Strike - Lucky Hit:
●Adds flat bleed, and % bleeding and pierce damage.
●Calculated strikes with melee weapons now have a wider cleave and hit more targets.
●With ranged weapons, calclulated strikes have a chance to pierce through more targets.
●Tier 4.

Calculated Strike - Killer Instinct:
●Moved to tier 8.

Lethal Strike:
●No longer triggers on crit.
●Updated FX, might tweak it more later.
●Increased radius, piercing damage and weapon damage.
●Added stun.
●Removed bleeding damage.
●Moved to tier 6.

Lethal Strike - Caustic Acid:

Lethal Strike - Dark Vapor:

NEW Lethal Strike - Mortal Wound:
●Adds bleeding damage to Lethal Strike.
●Increases crit damage and reduces target’s damage dealt.
●Tier 8.


Throwing Knives:
●Now gains additional knives with ranks.
●Weapon damage scaling reduced.
●Adjusted scaling for pierce and bleed damage.
●Increased bleed duration to 3 seconds.

Throwing Knives - Finale:
●Bleed duration modifier set to 100%.

Throwing Knives - Flurry of Knives:

Throwing Knives - Deadly Guile:
●Added new icon.
●Replaced flat pierce with vitality.
●Removed projectile speed modifier.

Throwing Knives - Flick of the Wrist:
●Moved to tier 6.

Trickery of Hermes:
●Added a new icon.
●Removed Crit Damage and bleeding duration.
●Increased bleed duration reduction.
●Added Attack Speed and casting speed.

Hecate’s Sorcery:
●Removed poison conversion
●Flat poison replaced with flat vitality decay.
●Poison duration removed.
●Added 100% disruption resist. (all ranks)
●%OA scaling increased.

Lay Trap:
●Now fires 3 projectiles.
●Removed projectile radius.
●Physical damage swapped for bleeding.
●Adjusted damage values.
●Moved to tier 5.

Lay Trap - Multi-shot Trap:
●Since projectiles were added into base skill, this was replaced with Poisonshot Trap.

Lay Trap - Poisonshot Trap:
●Bolt trap instead fires poison grenades and deals poison/acid damage instead of pierce/bleed.

Lay Trap - Piercing Bolts:
●Removed flat bleeding damage.
●Now adds additional projectiles.
●Added % Bleeding and % Pierce damage
●Moved to tier 7.

Lay Trap - Rapid Fire Mechanism:
●Reworked, now simply adds crit damage and total speed.
●Moved to tier 9.

Grace of Korybantes:
●Increased movement speed scaling.
●Moved to tier 3.

Nether Strike:

Nether Strike - Nether Burst:

●Moved to tier 4.

Epialos - Torment:
●Added OA reduction.
●Moved to tier 6.

Poison Gas Bomb:
●Removed RR.
●Reduced poison damage.
●Added flat acid damage.
●Flattened duration to 6 seconds at all ranks.
●Moved down to tier 1.

Poison Gas Bomb - Shrapnel:
●Reduced number of fragments at low levels and reduced damage dealt by fragments.
●Moved down to tier 3.

Poison Gas Bomb - Aphotic Ichor:
●Swapped Decay for Vitality damage, adjusted scaling.
●Removed damage reduction.
●Added Pierce, Poison, Vitality, Bleed RR.
●Removed Fragments.
●Moved down to tier 5.

Envenom Weapon:
●Renamed to “Envenom”
●Removed vitality/poison resistance.
●Removed poison conversion.
●Added % vitality, decay, poison and acid damage.
●Added % All Retaliation damage.
●Moved to tier 2.

Envenom Weapon - Occultic Venom:
●Removed poison to vitality conversion.
●Added 30% physical to poison conversion.
●Reduced max level from 3 to 1.
●Added 45% physical to poison conversion pet bonus.
●Added 20 flat acid damage pet bonus.

Envenom Weapon - Nightshade:

Envenom - Immunization:
●Grants % physique, flat vitality damage, vitality and poison resistances.
●Tier 4.

Envenom - Mandrake:

Envenom - Alchemical Stimulant:
●Grants ADCTH, Attack Speed, Cast speed, and chance for energy leech retaliation.
●Tier 6.

NEW Arachne’s Sting:
●WPS that deals piercing and poison damage to multiple enemies in a wide cone in front of the player.

NEW Pytho’s Bite:
●WPS that deals vitality/decay and non-stacking RR in a tight cone in front of the player.


Deathchill Aura:
●Removed Aether damage
●Added flat DA reduction.
●Moved to up tier 2.

Deathchill Aura - Necrosis:
●Replaced Bleed RR with Cold RR.
●Added flat Aether dmg
●Removed energy reserve.
●Moved up to tier 4.

Spectral Spires:

Spectral Spires - Diffusion:

Spectral Spires - Ravage:

Ternion Attack:

Ternion Attack - Culminate:

Ternion Attack - Arcane Lore:

Circle of Power:
●Removed attack/cast speed, phys resistance, and % OA.
●Added flat OA, % ADCTH, and % energy cost reduction.

Vision Of Death:
●Max skill cap increased to 12.
●Added aether damage.
●Removed damage reduction.
●Moved to tier 3.

NEW Vision of Death - Deluge:
●Adds damage reduction, chance for confusion, frostburn/cold damage, and increases aether/decay damage dealt by the skill.
●Tier 7.

Dark Covenant:
●Reworked skill line
●Cooldown increased.
●Adds flat cold damage, flat cold retaliation, %retaliation and % all damage.
●Removed energy restore, flat vitality/aether, energy regen and movement speed.
●Moved to tier 5.

Dark Covenant - Unearthly Power:
●Removed All Damage, retaliation damage, and energy cost reduction.
●Added flat vitality damage, % OA, physical resist, and flat energy regeneration.
●Moved to tier 8.

Soul Feast:
●Increased max level from 8 to 12.
●Cooldown increased, duration reduced.
●Moved to tier 6.

NEW Soul Feast - Heart of Styx:
●Transmuter for Soul Feast, reduces damage dealt and life leech but increases duration and converts aether to cold.

Insidious Miasma:
●Reworked as a skill modifier to Soul Feast.
●Moved to tier 8.

Drain Life:
●Moved down to tier 1.

Drain Life - Consume:
●Moved down to tier 2.

Drain Life - Soul Cascade:
●Moved down to tier 3.

Drain Life - Grasping Dead:
●Moved down to 5.

●Reduced max level from 16 to 12.

●Reduced max level from 16 to 12.
●Moved to tier 5.

Liche King:
●Removed “Greater Domain” aura (damage to/from undead/aetherials)
●Moved to tier 2.

Liche King - Death Nova:
●Moved to tier 4.

Liche King - Wraith Shell:
●Reduced damage absorption scaling.
●Moved to tier 6.

Spirit Ward:

Underworld Pact:
●Renamed to Spirit Ward.
●Removed attack speed bonus.
●Added less damage from undead/aetherials/corruptions.
●Removed total speed pet bonus.
●Moved down to tier 2.

Underworld Pact - Serve Thy Master:
●Renamed to Spirit Bane.
●Added % damage to undead/aetherials/corruptions.
●Added flat aether damage.
●Bonus to pets changed, now only provides All Damage but the value was increased.
●Moved down to tier 4.

NEW Strands of Fate:
●Timed buff that buffs your pets for a short duration.
●Grants Crit damage, health regen, all damage, and total speed.
●Tier 6.

NEW Ravage:
●New Default attack replacer skill, deals cold/vitality damage.
●Tier 1.

NEW Ravage - Underworld Pact:
●While Ravage is active, gain bonus DA, attack speed, Vitality and Aether resistances.
●Tier 4.

NEW Ravage - Arcane Lore:
●While Ravage is active, gain % Retaliation to attack (to Ravage), flat Frostburn, % frostburn and % vitality.
●Tier 7.

NEW Ravage - Ternion Attack:
●Transmuter for Ravage, reduces damage dealt by Ravage but adds 2 additional projectiles when used with a ranged weapon.

NEW Ravage - Persephone’s Duality:
●Transmuter for Ravage, converts vitality to acid and physical to cold.


Storm Nimbus:
●Added % energy regeneration.
●Added energy leech.
●Reverted skill icon to the original Storm Nimbus icon.

NEW Storm Nimbus - Heart of Frost:
●Adds vitality damage, %vitality/decay, pierce and freeze resistance to allies affected by Storm Nimbus.
●Tier 3.

NEW Storm Nimbus - Static Charge:
●Adds electrocute damage, flat DA, slow resist, and % all retaliation to allies affected by Storm Nimbus.
●Tier 5.

Air Attunement:

Energy Shield:
●Moved to tier 7.

Energy Shield - Energy Overflow:

Winter Sprite:
●Moved down to tier 6.

Winter Winds:
●Swapped vitality damage for physical.
●Moved to tier 6.

Winter Winds - Hypothermia:
●Icon swapped with glacial armor.
●Removed flat Frostburn, %cold, and %vitality.
●Added flat cold and flat vitality.
●Resist reduction duration reduced to 2 seconds.
●Moved to tier 8.

Cold Snap:
●Renamed to Storm Surge.
●Swapped vitality damage with lightning.
●Reduced cold/lightning damage
●Removed frostburn.
●Chance to trigger increased to 100%, but cooldown increased.
●Freeze chance no longer 100%.
●Retaliation values reduced, retaliation is now a 50/50 chance for cold or lightning retaliation.
●Added flat OA, total speed, and health regeneration.
●Moved to tier 3.

Cold Snap - Glacial Armor:

NEW Cold Snap - Shocking Tempest:
●Fires lightning blasts to enemies outside the cold snap AOE when it is triggered. Deals lightning/aether/electrocute damage, slows enemy attacks and heals for the flat damage dealt.
●Tier 5.

Legacy of Hades:
●Radius removed, only affects player and pets now.
●Flat aether damage replaced with frostburn.
●Swapped Aether damage bonuses for Cold damage bonuses.
●Removed retaliation damage.
●Replaced all conversions with 15% Physical to Cold.
●Added % Frostburn duration, damage absorb and less damage from undead.
●Pet bonus changed to physical to cold/physical to vitality conversion.
●Reduced life reduction resistance.
●Added less damage from Undead.
●Added flat frostburn, all damage, and crit damage to pets.

Wrath of Zeus:
●Radius removed, only affects player and pets now.
●Flat cold swapped to flat electrocute.
●Swapped Cold damage bonuses for Aether damage bonuses.
●Added %Crit Damage and % Electrocute Duration.
●Replaced all conversions with 15% Physical to Lightning.
●Added electrocute, all damage, and crit damage to pets.

Breath of Boreas:
●Moved to tier 3.

Breath of Boreas - Mistral:
●Moved to tier 5.

Breath of Boreas - Thundering Typhoon:
●Swapped icon with Eye of the Storm.

Boreas Swirling Storm:
●Renamed to Squall
●Reduced max rank to 12.
●Frostburn damage replaced with flat physical damage.
●Lifespan increased to 12 seconds, cooldown increased to 5 seconds.
●Removed fumble.
●Increased summon limit to 2.

Boreas’ Swirling Storm - Netherstorm:

Boreas’ Swirling Storm - Freezing Cyclone:
●Removed physical RR.
●Added vitality and aether RR.
●Added flat cold damage.

Boreas’ Swirling Storm - Eye of the Storm:

Lightning Whip - Concussive Blast:
●Moved to tier 4.

Lightning Whip - Thunder Scourge:
●Moved to tier 7.

Zeus’ Thunderbolt:
●Renamed to Lightning Bolt.
●Reworked, no longer works as a pet.
●Cooldown reduced to 4.5 seconds.
●Radius reduced.
●Damage scaling adjusted
●Crit damage reduced.
●Knockdown removed.
●Moved up to tier 8.

Zeus’ Thunderbolt - Shocking Tempest:

Zeus’ Thunderbolt - Sky Fury:

NEW Sky Fury:
●Passive, grants %Spirit and %OA.
●Tier 6.

NEW Spellshock
●WPS that deals lightning and aether damage to a single enemy and leeches energy from them. Also has a chance to disrupt them.
●Tier 2.

NEW Cold Snap
●WPS that deals vitality and frostburn damage to multiple enemies in a wide cone in front of the player and freezes them.
●Tier 4.

Dual Wield:
●Increased max level.
●Added Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks.
●Replaced % piercing damage with % bleeding.
●Increased % physical damage.
●Replaced flat bleed with flat physical.

Cross Cut:
●Now only works while dual wielding melee weapons.
●Moved to tier 3.

●Now only works while dual wielding melee weapons.
●Moved to tier 6.

●Now only works while dual wielding melee weapons.
●Moved to tier 2.

Ruthless Assault:
●Moved to tier 9.

Weapon Training:
●Removed cast speed.
●Added % constitution.
●Moved to tier 2.

Heroic Vault:
●Moved down to tier 3.

Enyo’s Bloodlust:
●Removed % Health regen.
●Reduced lifesteal at low levels, but increased scaling.
●Added % Movement speed.
●Reduced physical damage modifier, but removed chance to trigger, so it is now always active.
●Removed internal trauma duration modifier.
●Increased internal trauma damage modifier.
●Removed pierce damage modifier.
●Added flat bleeding damage.

Battle Rage:
●No longer activates on crits. Now activates when hit.
●Removed energy regeneration.
●Reduced %OA, but now scales instead of remaining static.

Battle Rage - Berserk:

●Moved up to tier 5.

Warwind - Lacerate:
●Added flat physical damage.
●Added % Crit Damage.
●Moved up to tier 8.

Warwind - Bloody Wake:
●Moved to Heroic Vault.
●Replaced internal trauma with flat physical damage.
●Moved to tier 5.

Ancestral Horn:
●Removed summon duration.
●Reduced summon limit to 2.
●Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
●Damage values adjusted to match Guardian of Empyrion.
●All ancestors have had all “random” skills removed, now only have a basic cleaving attack like Guardian.
●Moved to tier 6.

Ancestral Horn - Ancestral Army:

NEW Ancestral Horn - Triumph:
●Triumph moved from Battle Standard.
●Reduced resist reduction values.
●Added physical damage.
●Tier 8.

●Reduced Weapon Damage scaling to be more similar to Righteous Fervor and Savagery.
●Reduced Charge Level multiplier at lower ranks to be more similar to Righteous Fervor and Savagery.
●Added Flat physical damage, flat bleed damage and bleed modifier.
●Removed projectile speed modifier.

Onslaught - Flail:
●Reworked and renamed.
●Now named “Carnage”.
●Now grants flat physical damage and total damage modified while dual wielding.
●Old Flail stats removed.

Onslaught - Ignore Pain:
●Added flat armor.
●Added flat OA
●Removed bleeding resistance.
●Removed health regen.
●Moved up to tier 4.

Onslaught - Ardor:
●Removed movement speed bonus.
●Removed Physical Resistance.
●Added flat internal trauma, % internal trauma and chance for % bleed damage.

Battle Standard:
●Increased buff radius to 5m.
●Changed the buff to be a toggle, so the “duration” no longer shows.
●Reduced flat physical damage.
●Removed damage absorption, OA, and energy cost reduction.
●Added flat pierce damage equal to physical.
●Added energy regeneration, aether resistance, and chaos resistance.

Battle Standard - Triumph:
●Moved to Ancestral Horn.

Fury of Ares:
●Removed Chance to Avoid Melee attacks.

●Added flat physical damage
●Internal trauma now applied over 5 seconds. (same total damage)
●Moved to tier 1.

Warhorn - Doomhorn:
●Reduced health reduction value.
●Added % Physical damage.
●Moved to tier 4.


Serpent Strike:
●Replaced bleeding damage with acid damage.
●Now works with spears in addition to 1h and 2h ranged weapons.

Serpent Strike/Volley - Frontline Fighter:

●Now works with spears in addition to 1h and 2h ranged weapons.
●Moved up to tier 8.

●Renamed to Herbal Remedy, no longer associated with any other skills or modifiers.
●Moved to tier 4.

NEW Herbal Remedy - Chiron’s Teachings:
●New transmuter, reduces cooldown and increases energy regeneration while a spear or two-handed weapon is equipped.

Art of the Hunt:
●Now a toggleable aura.
●Pierce ratio modifier removed.
●Now grants flat pierce, %pierce/poison/acid, bonus damage to beasts and % cunning.
●Removed %Bleeding.
●Moved to tier 2.

Art of the Hunt- Take Cover:
●Increased DA scaling.
●Moved to tier 4.

Art of the Hunt - Trailblazing:
●Replaced total speed with movement speed.
●Increased movement speed scaling.
●Moved to tier 6.

Artemis’ Moon Blessing:
●Flat lightning no longer has a chance to trigger. (always works)
●Replaced elemental resistance with aether resistance.

●Reworked as a vire’s might type charge skill.
●Reduced weapon damage, lightning, and pierce damage greatly.
●Added electrocute damage.
●Moved to tier 3.

Takedown - Eviscerate:
●Removed lightning nova proc.
●Now reduces the cooldown of takedown and increases the range.
●Removed bleeding modifier, added electrocute modifier.
●Moved to tier 7.

Whirling Tempest:
●Moved to tier 5.
Whirling Tempest - Rampage:
●Now converts lightning damage to fire, increases the aoe and reduces total damage.

Whirling Tempest - Storm Strike:
●Moved to tier 7.

●Max rank reduced to 12.
●Adjusted weapon damage scaling.
●Adjusted physical damage modifier.
●Removed projectile speed modifier.

Marksmanship - Puncture Shot Arrows:
●Reduced pass through chance.
●Flat bleed damage scaling increased.
●Removed % Bleeding and % Pierce.
●Reduced energy cost scaling.
●Added a chance for physical damage.
●Added % Weapon Damage. (Applies to Marksmanship)

NEW Marksmanship - Exploit Weakness:
●Chance to add lightning damage.
●Chance to knockdown enemies.
●Increases bleeding modifier.
●Tier 5.

Marksmanship - Scattershot:
●Reduced total fragments across all ranks.
●Replaced bleeding damage with fire damage.
●Moved to tier 8.

Study Prey - Flush Out:
●Added Poison RR.

Snare Trap:
●Moved to tier 2.

Snare Trap - Shackled:
●Moved to tier 4.

Fletchette Minefield:
●Reworked and Renamed to “Acid Cluster Bomb”
●Now only summons a single mine per use.
●Cooldown increased to 4 seconds.
●After a 1.5 second arming period, the mine will explode, firing 4 projectiles which can fragment further. They deal piercing/acid damage.

Fletchette Minefield - Hot Iron Barbs:
●Renamed to “Noxious Fragments”
●Creates more fragments which havea smaller explosion radius and deal poison damage over 3 seconds.
●Moved to tier 8.

Fletchette Minefield - Improved Trap Construction:
●Renamed to “Poison Burst”
●Placing a mine immediately causes it to spray poison and acid in a 4.5 m radius and stun all nearby targets.
●Moved to tier 6.

Spectral Hunter:

Spectral Hunter - Hunting Pack:

Apollo’s Sun Blessing:
●Flat burn no longer has a chance to trigger. (always works)
●Cooldown reduction removed.
●Added burn duration, damage absorb, and elemental resistance.

Call of the Hunt:
●Removed flat bleed, damage modified, and racial damage.
●Added % All Damage and % Crit Dmg.

Call of the Hunt - Exploit Weakness:

NEW Woodlore:
●Ranged/Spear only passive, grants flat pierce damage, % pierce/bleed and attack speed.
●Tier 1.

Curtain of Arrows:
●Renamed to “Sky Shot Salvo”
●Reworked. Now summons a mortar which fires a cluster bomb into the sky which causes them to explode and rain arrows onto an area. Fires 6 arrows onto a target area.
●Moved to tier 7.

NEW Curtain of Arrows - Thunderhead Ammunition:
●Increases the damage dealt by Cluster Arrows, adds lightning damage, slows movement, and has a chance to stun.
●Tier 9.

Thanks to @Bane for his suggestions for nearly all the changes in this update.


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Hello Asylum !
I have big crash after v73 update.
When I summon kodama in nature skill , CRASH .
Can you fix it ? please :smiley:

It isn’t crashing for me. Do you have any gear with skillmods to the Kodama? Post them if you do.

I do not have any Kodama skill mod item. and v72.7 , I used Kodama well … lol
I don’t know how to do … :smiley:

Did you try on a clean game?For instance create a new toon and get nature mage and learn skill?It will determent if it’s character or Class

As you may know, with the next Grim Internals update I will offer grimarillion as Crucible mode,
but since v73 the main menu looks like this:

Is it possible to change the alpha channel of the grimarillion logo so that the white border
is no longer visible? It would look better, imo.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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WoW! Will I be able to see the armor and wings of the mod in the main menu if Grimarillion (v73) + Grim Internals are used together? Or is this a Crucible feature only?

You should be able to. The way I understand it is that Grimarillion is combined with vanilla GD in order to enable it to be used with the Crucible, in which case it ‘simply’ is part of the main game and you can see everything correctly on the loading screen.

Hmmmm… stranger. I have never been able to see, at the selection screen, the itens that are unique to the mods. Example, this is my level 68 Astromancer at selection screen:

This is her in-game looks:


Yes, because so far Grimarillion is a mod. But Grim Internals will change that.

This was not supposed to be available yet, not sure how it didn’t get removed. Anyway, it will be removed for sure next update.

What level is your Kodama skill, and the modifiers for it? Take a picture and post it here, maybe it’s a certain level of the skill, who knows.

hello asylum101 this is problem need help

this is my nature + shaman mastery
i try clean game and playing a summon kodama but game is stop and crashing… i can’t english but want used kodama

items is image

The ring thoth’s mark now gives +2 to strands of fate when it’s not a pet item. idk maybe weird itemization.