[REL] Grimarillion v84

I can confirm that kodama crashes my game to after the update on a new character… :slight_smile:

I found your bug… The new skill sylvan mastery affects the Kodama… without it no crash and with it crash :slight_smile:

Yeah, I found it last night when someone reported it on discord

Super :slight_smile:

Thank you for continuous improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:
The Rainbow file was updated for v73.


Noooooo…why was Spectral Hunter removed? o_O
And why was Air and Earth Attunement removed? Some builds don’t work too well with too little of amana regen.

Sorry Matougi, new update with a few tag fixes.

v73a Changelog

*Load screens replaced again.

●Thoth’s Mark - changed skill bonus from Strands of Fate to Spirit Ward.
●All GQ-Offhands now properly have the right stats for their level.
●Level 25 GQ-Offhands are now considered “epic” and should be blue.
●Fixed an issue with a broken skillmod for Zeno’s Third Paradox.
●Fixed a broken set reference for the Bane of the Messina.
●Fixed a missing passive for Soul Prism’s skeleton pets.


Blade Arc:
●Now works with spears.

●Now works with spears.

Firestrike - Searing Strike:
●Now works with spears.

●Now works with spears.

Eye of Reckoning:
●Now works with spears.

Acid Cluster Bomb:
●Fixed an issue where the wrong summon was referenced on all ranks after the first.
●Fixed a tag issue with this and the transmuted version.

Sky Shot Salvo:
●Updated the description. (I totally forgot to finish adding the description)

●Fixed an issue where the Vengeance of the Kodama aura had the wrong icon and no description.

Sylvan Mastery:
●Fixed an issue where this wasn’t working as intended and causing crashes.


Hopefully all these changes actually made it in, let me know if something is amiss.

To install, you need v73 installed already, then just overwrite the contents with v73a.

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First thank you for this wonderful mod. i really like it.
In the past i played a version of this mod which 3x Devotion points and 5x Skill points.
I liked this settings because it felt more rewarding when getting a lvl up or activating a shrine.
In addition the mob counter was like 5x. Is there any way to get this work like this?


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can increase mob density by calling up Zeke (the G you’ll find in your inventory). Right click on it for him to appear and then see his diaglogue options.

No way to increase skill/devotion points though, not in this mod.

thank you. found it.
Ist 2x mob count the max? or does ist add +2x. Like 2x, 4x, 6x, …

No, it goes up every time you want to increase it. That part comes from this mod

Nihilistic is the default setting so you can go higher with the others. Alcoholic is slightly less mobs/heroes and you can even turn that off to just have the usual vanilla spawn rates if you want.

ok now i am a bit confused.
i turned this on and now heroes spawn incresed. but i have heroes from different acts aswell. is that right or just a bug and i need to create a new game.
Anyway to increase the mob spawn but not going crazy with the amount of heroes?

Turn Grimmest off and just use the double density setting with Zeke. Grimmest will be update with the next major dev updated. Most of your other issues will be rectified then.

No, it’s correct. Grimarillion spawns heroes from all over the game.

Yes, don’t click on the increase heroes with Zeke, just the mob density dialogue.

ok thank you both. density could be higher for me but i am not flooded with heroes anymore. thats fine.
where can i find guides for builds ? my old desolator build seems not to work anymore.

For the love of this mod :slight_smile: PLEASE change the sound of the Thorn Sprites… They are killing my speakers hehe… Love the mod . Please keep it up… :slight_smile:

Which sound? The wing flap as they move?

Yep the wings… as they move :)… And i think the Astral Rifts (Dream) dont increase in damage as you put more points in them :slight_smile:

Yep, I thought that sound might get annoying but I wasn’t sure since it exists on the raven already but I guess the raven isn’t as fast and you only have 1. It will be removed.

Astral Rifts… thanks, will get that too.

Noted with thanks.
The Rainbow file was updated for v73a.

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v73b Changelog

*Fixed an issue where WPS weren’t working at all. Weird conflict when I enabled staff usage, should work ok now though, storm spread shoots in a nova but not much I can do about it.

Art of the Hunt:
*Updated tooltip to show the skill must be toggled.
*Added mana reserve and 12 m radius.

Art of the Hunt - Trailblazing:
*Replaced mana cost with mana reserve

Art of the Hunt - Find Cover:
*Replaced mana cost with mana reserve

Astral Rift:
*Fixed an issue where the dmg aura wasn’t scaling.

Thorn Sprites:
*Adjusted flapping sounds, should be slightly quieter now.
*Adjusted attack speed and cast speed.
*Basic attack changed to ranged.
*Physical damage on basic attack replaced with acid.
*Increased cooldown to 3 seconds, duration increased up to 12 seconds. (if anyone is opposed to this change please send me your thorn sprites build!)

Thorn Sprites - Fabrical Tear:
*Reworked/Renamed, Now called “Thorn Spray”
*Deals Piercing/Poison damage.
*Fires projectiles in an arc in front of the sprite, dealing less damage to nearby enemies, and more to distant enemies. Ranks increase the number of projectiles.

Thorn Sprites - Summoner’s Call:
*Reduced duration bonus to 18 seconds. (Total bonus remains unchanged)

Call of the Wild:
*Adjusted the hitbox radius so the full pack of wolves can better target the same enemy.

Envenom - Occultic Venom:
*Reduced max level to 1 point.

Ancestral Horn:
*Fixed a broken sound reference.


To install, drag and drop onto your existing Grimarillion v73a installation. (That means you have to have already installed grimarillion v73 and v73a)