[REL] Grimarillion v84

Not sure if you change this.Can’t open gate in devils crossing at the start.I did download the latest version that got reuploaded.

go here and download the fix :slight_smile:

i got discord but need link to grimmilion server that link just goes to my discord page.


Try this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much works :smiley:

v74a Changelog

*New mastery selection layout.
*Devil’s Crossing Gate removed, no need to click to open or deal with these dumb bugs that prevent it from opening.

Lay Trap - Poisonshot Trap:
*Tried to create a workaround for the issue that caused spatial distortions if the traps spawned on top of enemies seems to work so far? The fix was to prevent the trap from spawning on top of enemies.


No previous versions necessary to install.


any way to expand inventory stash’s

The Rainbow file also updated for Grimarillion v74a

  • Update version number
  • Fixed some tag mistakes

The same here cant open the poort , have to go back to 73

Make sure you have v74a

Asylum great work on the new art and mastery window.

Playing on v74a, I just got to the new Waypoint from the Paying Debts quest-line added recently. I noticed the Waypoint doesn’t actually appear on the map when it opens, so I can’t travel to it or any personal portal I make in the area. I’m guessing this is because the map was modified for the colors on certain locations, and since the map was changed to add this area for the quest now the modified map is overwriting the updated one.

Edit: Also, this is just a minor thing, but I’ve been making a Shaman/Nature character, and I noticed the class name is “Woad Warrior”. Is that by chance a typo of “Wood Warrior”? Or does Woad refer to something I’m not aware of?

From the Total War fandom wiki (no idea if that’s where they got it from mind).

" Woad warriors are brave fighters - and mad. They disdain armour and most cloting, preffering to paint themselves with intricate and stylised magical designs in woad (a blue dye) to deflect enemy blows and missiles."

It’s also a common name for a plant.

The Amulet “Shavo´s Relic” necklace seems to not Work… You can summon the djinn but no icon for the pet appear…

@medea yes i have 74a

Hm, I couldn’t open the prison door with 74, but 74a it works fine for me.

Im sorry it seems i had 74 now i have 74a thanks

Is this suppose to be ? i have the companion in a bottle and now in 47a i see this crate , its funny but then it would be better when it was an animal companion ?
Sorry to bother you guys again


Yes, that’s right. It’s a special cosmetic pet from the 2nd Loyalist pack.

5pm can’t come soon enough friends…