[REL] Grimarillion v84

Then why even clone it instead of starting from scratch…

That wouldn’t even be Grimarillion then, what would be the point?

Create a launcher that asks you which masteries you want, then have it build those masteries before the game launches. Each time you could set the masteries you wanted for a current character, and then the Grim Dawn limit of masteries wouldn’t matter.

My original idea was to create a second set of masteries, like a version two of this mod. I think it would be Grimmarillion, it depends on how you define it. It would have all the other mods that made it Grimmarilion.

There’s no way such a thing would work lmao

But since you came up with the idea, let us know how progress goes on creating it. :wink:

In theory it is possible. Include all masteries in the arz, update the references to the masteries and the button positions in the dbrs (plus mastery enumaration and combo-names) based on which ones get chosen and then build a new arz from that.

I won’t bother creating that tool, but if someone wants to give it a shot…

v75 Changelog

*More mastery selection screen construction.
*Updated the Caravaner mod to the latest version.

Devotion Shrines:
*Burial Hills shrine changed to spawn aetherial enemies instead of slith.

*Shield of Permathryn - Poison retaliation is now always applied, no longer 10% chance to trigger.
*Divine Artemis Hunting Girdle - fixed an issue where the crit dmg bonus was missing.
*Divine Living Storm - fixed an issue where lightning bolt would crash the game while this was equipped.
*Greater Key of Elysium - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Greater Mantikhoras - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Golden Shield of Pelaron - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Sun Disc - fixed invalid skill issue.
*The Greg - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Mark of Ares - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Ring of Gaia - fixed invalid skill issue.
*Crafted GQ rings will now roll random skill bonuses instead of mastery bonuses.
*Crafted items except for staff had their mastery rolls reduced to 1 at high ranks. Legendary GQ items exist now, find them.
*Updated GQ Amulets (epic). If you are using any of these, they will probably be deleted. Make sure to use GDStash or something to get the new versions of these items.
*Added 9 5-piece GQ armor sets, with 1 variant. (75 & 94)
*Added 9 3-piece GQ armor sets, with 1 variant. (25 & 65)
*Jade set reworked, now a 3-piece set designed for nature mastery.
*Crystal set reworked, now a 3-piece set designed for storm mastery.
*Skillful set reworked, rings now grant +2 to random GQ skills and damage types relative to those skills, amulet now grants +1 to random GQ masteries and +2 to a specific buff skill within that mastery as well as one other random stat. Replaced all damage on set bonus with % cast/attack speed. Added another ring to the set and moved +1 to all skills 3 piece set bonus.
*Updated components from changes.
*Replaced several relic mastery completion bonuses. (Most of these changes are bug fixes for skills that no longer exist. This is probably not retroactive)

Blade Arc:
*Updated to values.

Albrecht’s Aether Ray:
*Updated to values.

Primal Strike:
*Updated to values.

Primal Strike - Thunderous Strike:
*Updated to values.

Marksmanship - Puncture Shot Arrows:
*Physical damage is now dealt 100% of the time, damage adjusted accordingly

Thorn Sprites:
*Added 20% Weapon Damage to the basic attack.

Thorn Sprite - Thorn Spray:
*Added 20-50% weapon damage.

Lay Trap:
*Another bugfix attempt… if this one fails too, the projectiles for poison trap will have to be changed. I didn’t want to but I seem to have little options at this point.

Distortion Wave:
*Rebalanced flat damage values, swapped vitality decay for flat vitality.

Distortion Wave - Psionic Immolation:
*Replaced flat vitality damage with vitality decay.

Distortion Wave - Chaotic Resonance:
*Increased flat chaos damage.

Winter Sprite:
*Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you had a Divine Code of Hammurabi equipped.

Legacy of Hades:
*Removed pet conversion.

Wrath of Zeus:
*Removed pet conversion.

Ice Shard:
*Replaced decay with frostburn.

Ice Shard - Velocity:
*Replaced frostburn with decay.

Ice Shard - Torrent:
*Replaced vitality modifier with cold modifier.

Breath of Boreas:
*Improved damage scaling at higher ranks.

Breath of Boreas - Mistral:
*Reduced DA Reduction duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. (DA reduction unchanged.)

Breath of Boreas - Thundering Typhoon:
*Added Crit Damage.
*All Damage replaced with cold, frostburn, and electrocute damage modifiers.

Coredweller - Metamorphosis:
*Increased elemental resistance by 4 across all ranks.

Death Ward:
*Increased damage absorption at all ranks, now starts at 50% and scales up to 100%.

Lich King:
*Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you had a Divine Code of Hammurabi equipped.
*Added 25% Weapon damage to the basic attack.
*Reduced Pierce resist to 15%.
*Added 15% Physical Resistance.

Lich King - Death Nova:
*Fixed an issue where the vitality decay wasn’t working properly.

Lich King - Wraith Shell:
*Removed Energy Reserved.
*Adjusted physical resistance scaling, now starts at 10% but ultimate rank reduced by 3 (30%)
*Added elemental resistance, scaling from 10% - 40% by ultimate rank.

Bone Fiend:
*Reduced base physical resist to 17%.
*Increased base poison resist to 15%.


Simple drag and drop into your mods folder, maybe remove the old one first just in case.


Excellent update. Thank you for your work.

the components are not auto combined anymore with v75… this issue also happened in v74.

what do you mean by auto-combined ? partial ones or stacking completed ones ?

There should not be any partials any more

Apparently Riftstone and Chipped Claw didn’t merge properly when I added them, the rest should be fine. If they don’t auto combine you need to manually stack them once.

@ASYLUM101 thanks, that’s right , it was chipped claw. Not sure about the rest. need to test more.

Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v75 like always.


Thanks for the updates guys. I hope I find the time to play soon!

PS. I have about 10 graphics projects planned ahead of my current one. Once I am done with them I’d be glad to work on the new Grimarillion merger for infinite masteries. :wink:

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About those inventory changes. When opening the stash, and you hoarded, you now got
gear/stuff floating on top of your character and beyond.
I’m guessing we now have less horizontal storage space?
Does that mean we got less stash storage or did you compensate with more height?

Also is this a total conversion mod as far as GD stash is concerned?
I get tons of database import warnings and wonder if i need to tick the “Total conversion mod” box.

One last thing, I’m not seeing the rainbow mod under “useful links”, could swear i saw it
mentioned someplace that it would be there…

auto-sort your items, that should fix this

No. As long as they are warnings, just ignore them.

I don’t suppose there is a way for the average (non-modder) player to alter the size of storage?
Wouldn’t mind cutting off 2 rows so i could increase UI scaling again…
(eventually we all run out of space and use GD Stash anyway)

It’s there, just not under the name you think

Oh sweet, sweet inventory space! Nice update!

I took a peek at the new GQ sets using GDStash. Sadly, the Nature set is the only GQ armor that has pet bonuses, so with the loss of all the easy sources of +1 to all skills, I wonder what the source of the constant removal of skill bonuses when many skills don’t have nearly the amount of support necessary to take the skill to appropriate hardcaps.

Speaking of Nature, it’s odd that it’s the premier pet class, and yet the only thing that allows it to heal pets is the wimpy Sanctuary that doesn’t even heal instantly. It takes about a second for it to register and even then it only heals for a small amount. In fact, the only GQ classes that can actually heal pets and keep them alive are Hunting and Defense. Considering that Nature, Earth, Storm, Spirit, Rogue and Dream are all capable pet classes as long as you have the right skill points allotted, I hope that this gets fixed and at least one of those 6 classes can receive a good healing ability like Hunting’s.

Hey mamba, how easy would it be for someone who has never modded grim dawn before, but is reasonably ok with simple mods, to make their own class mod?