[REL] Grimarillion v84

People often skip up to Ultimate and then go back to Normal/Elite to grab shrines quickly because all the riftgates on those difficulties are opened so you can reach many of them very quickly. As said there are enough shrines on Ultimate to get all 55 points, but grabbing the early ones gives you a headstart on the devotion side when you’re up against the harder difficulty of Ultimate. It’s not a case of they have to, they choose to play it that way. In a similar way some players will start in the Crucible game mode and spend the tributes they get there on buying devotion points, again to get a headstart on those before they begin the main campaign.

Thanks for the observation Medea :+1:
Think they want to create powerfull builds faster , end game faster and do no care to much about the story and all the quests,killing and smashing with lots of farming (More of one time boss kill & one time exploring an area if not neded more times for a quest).Diablo II was/is the only game that i finished in all difficulties and no other. The mode i made is called StraightLine , i made it with the purpose of being chalenging &rewarding but not to far from the original game (I wont add more stash space or inventori space because what i intend is to play the character with finded items and crafted ones).
Also from what i saw on the forum there are some tools/software/program that stores items in a DataBase so you can use it later , never used that kind of stuff if not neded,in TitanQuest i had to use the defiler and vault to recreate some lost builds and no more .

There are alot of changes witch i do not know about ,it was a time when i was interested in reading the change log for the games but now not so much,playing and discovering along the way.

Asylum101, a problem with the new stash layout on the transfer side with 75b. I don’t seem to have installed 75a so don’t know if that’s causing the problem. Checked ingame before I downloaded and it was v75, now the latest installation is 75b.

The first bag is fine, but subsequent bag contents are overlapping into the inventory bag section.

Plus items that do overlap into that area can’t be picked up and moved.

I had the same problem just auto arrange stash should fix it.

Yes, it did, thanks Pierre. :+1:

Dang, crashed reading a lore note in the Cairan Docks by the shrine. Writing of Rion I think it was, but which number I’m not sure. Went to black screen with music still playing; had to use task manager to exit.

Haven’t been playing for some time so backed up everything and start a new.Btw 75b still says 75a on quest list but i can see the changes that has been made so most prob just a typo.Spirit are really well worth it now as a pure summoner.Skel not that squishy anymore.

Strange, it’s clearly 75b on mine.

oh let me redo mine maybe i messed something up.But it does show elem res on spirit skeletons though

EDIT:Ok works now my mistake i am seeing things lol

SUPER update :slight_smile: Could you please increase the range of Spirit Ward. The pets are leaving the range all the time and then you have to heal them when they get in range of the aura Again… Maybe increase the range to 18 meter like Heart of oak in nature… But anyway super mod and keep it up…

It shows previous version if you use rainbow colour mod and it’s not yet updated for the latest.

When I move towards this guy his flags on his costume flap. :rofl:

Even something more weird going on. Stopped outside the skeleton key door in the Tomb of the Heretic to rift back to the Conclave to dump stuff in the transfer stash. When I got to the Conclave and before opening the stash I alt-tabbed out of the game and fired up GDStash to move the stuff from the transfer stash into there. That worked fine, no problem, closed GDStash and put the latest gatherings into the transfer stash. Go to rift back to my personal rfit outside the door and nada - no rift on the map. Neither is the Tomb of the Heretic one showing either.

After I ran back you can see the rifts are active so no idea why using the Stash should cause those rifts not to appear on the map.

What bag mod is that your using with grim or is that in latest addition?

In the latest Grimarillion.

I meant to fix this a while ago but I forgot and only one person has reported it before you, lol…


Updated the map, now the Tomb shows up and has red text like the other roguelikes.

Not sure if the portal issue is fixed but it should be, I don’t have a character to test it with.


Good news Asylum. I’ll try and remember to give it another go when the next update drops - see if it’s fixed.

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I find Elite to be a hell of a challenge if you only have the few shrines in act 1 alone without playing other difficulties. I’ll probably do normal at least to level 15 next time. Starting Elite means you hit level 10 instantly when you pick up the item in the starting area, LOL. I started Ultimate on my first character after Veteran felt easy with my first character. I went back to elite because it was way too much. :slight_smile: It’s great how you can shift between the various difficulties and get the exact challenge you want, always with room to grow at any point if it’s too much. :slight_smile: Sometimes I may want high density insanity in Normal, other times more challenging low density in Elite. This mod is wonderful to experience all these variations.

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I found a wheelbarrow in shattered realm… what can i do with it?


Bonk your enemies