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So this results in more mobs spawning ? I guess given that it is a script which basically copies the existing mob rather than changing the spawn pools it actually does…

Looking through the code it just respawns the monster again, but it seems to limit the amount of spawns in the resource files so, basically it would spawn the monsters, but then would delete the objects that went over the max amount of spawns. That is how I’m reading it anyways, please someone tell me if I’m wrong.

I’m sorry, please continue your discussion. It was so funny to me I couldn’t help but make the joke. I didn’t actually double it twice. :slight_smile:

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I can’t find any korvan secrets. Is it a bug?


v76 Changelog

*Fixed an issue where the Shield of the Fiery Legion had item modifiers on the normal version, and not on the Divine version.
*Fixed a potential issue with GQ armor loot tables.
*Fixed an issue where the lower level variant of Kallixenia’s Brooch couldn’t drop.
*Changed the bitmaps for all GQ legendary set amulets.
*Divine Staff of Elysium - removed acid to elemental conversion to Sylvan Nymph.
*Divine Staff of Elysium - replaced vitality to cold conversion to Winter Sprite with Physical to Cold.
*Divine Shikigami - Granted Skill Pet now has a 6m debuff aura which deals vitality damage and reduces vitality resistance.
*Divine Gaia’s Revenge - replaced physical to acid conversion with elemental to acid to Sylvan Nymph
*Divine Gaia’s Revenge - replaced physical to acid conversion with cold to acid and aether to acid to Bone Fiend
*Divine Gaia’s Revenge - replaced summon limit increase with flat poison damage over 2 and 8% weapon damage to Sylvan Nymph.
*Divine Aurai Effigy - replaced 100% elemental to cold to Thorn Sprites with 100% Acid To Cold.
*Shield of Permathryn reworked (again), now part of a 2-piece physical/acid shield/sword set. Granted skill from the shield reworked into a self heal on block. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*Hephaestus’ Molten Shield reworked, now part of a 2-piece physical/fire shield/mace set. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*Achilles Shield and Spear reworked, now part of a 3-piece pierce/bleed spear/shield/chest set. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*The Earth-Shaker reworked, now part of a 3-piece cold/vitality spear/shield/helm set. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*Deimos reworked, now part of a 3-piece physical spear/shield/helm set. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*Hector’s Shimmering Shield and Hector’s Spear reworked, now part of a 3 piece pierce/bleed spear/shield/helm set. (old versions of this item will be lost)
*Added 9 new sets, each with a level 75 and level 94 version:
*Helios’ Radiance - a pet focused set for earth/dream
*Oberon’s Regalia - a pet focused set for nature/dream
*Druid’s Habiliments - a pet focused set for nature/storm
*Bane of the Karkinos - a poison/physical general purpose melee set
*Might of Hephaestus - a physical/fire set for warfare/earth
*Patroclus’ Disguise - a physical/bleeding set for warfare
*Armaments of Poseidon - a vitality/cold set for Storm
*Children of Ares - a physical set for warfare
*Hector’s Bronze Arrmor - a piercing/bleeding set for hunting

Big thanks to @Bane for designing many of these sets that I’ve been adding recently.

Thorn Sprite:
*Replaced elemental damage on death skill with acid.
*Death skill reworked, now leaves a pool of acid on the ground for 3 seconds, scaling pet weapon damage removed.
*Increased duration from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.
*Increased cooldown from 3 seconds to 4.5 seconds.
*Reduced summon limit from 8 to 3.
*Reduced duration to 8 seconds.
*Mana cost increased.
*Removed knockdown.

Thorn Sprite - Summoner’s Call:
*Reworked and renamed to instability. Now summons melee versions of the thorn sprites. Rework was necessary to function with the updated base skill and the new set that focuses on sprites.
*Reduces cooldown by 60%.
*Reduces lifetime to 8 seconds.
*Reduces energy cost by 60%.

Sylvan Nymph:
*Replaced Poison Damage with each elemental dot. (frostburn/electrocute/burn)

Sylvan Nymph - Nature’s Wrath:
*Replaced Poison Damage with each elemental dot. (frostburn/electrocute/burn)

Force of Nature:
*Renamed the basic attack skill from “Spectral Attack” to “Heavy Smack”

Winter Sprite:
*Added sounds.

Winter Sprite - Boreal Smash:
*Changed vitality damage to physical.

Storm Surge:
*Now adds total speed, OA, and health regeneration to pets.



Thank you.

So after the last patch I lost all my characters/stash and am having to rebuild. Is the Krieg armor set no longer available? I’ve been farming the three bosses for a while now and I’m not getting a hit. I’m thinking it may be because of the increased number of armor sets slowing things down, but just want to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

If you are referring to the last Grim Dawn update… you most likely didn’t lose your characters or stash. I’m guessing you have cloudsaving enabled? There’s a bit of a wonky bug with game updates that muddles the game’s cloudsaving settings. First, try making sure both cloudsaving settings match. There are two locations you need to check in - one is in the game settings and the other is in the Steam GD settings.

and here:

… the game will never delete your saves. Pretty much the only way that’s going to happen is if you experience a full system crash and experience data loss. Otherwise, the game has nothing in it that will delete your saves without your explicit permission to do so.

And now, to wait for Matougi’s Rainbow file :slight_smile:

Hi - Nice update btw.

What level(s) are those new sets?


Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v76.


Oooh, new pet sets! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t thank you enough for adding more items, this is wonderful.

I’ve updated the Skeleton Overlord in the build Compendium - it looked like it was one of the more popular builds I’ve posted, and I’m happy to make it fully compatible with FG and have it SR 65-66 viable as well!

I don’t know who is looking at my compendium, but I would love to hear if anyone is enjoying the builds I’ve posted. Getting 20+ builds updated is tiring work for sure!

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I knew I was forgetting something in the changelog. All the sets are 75/94. Divine (94) sets have skill modifiers, the lower variants do not.

It was an issue with my character losing all its skill points. I had turned off cloud saves before the last update, so didn’t have current characters to bring over. At this point I’m more interested in knowing whether Krieg’s drop rate has changed for everyone else, or just something I’m experiencing.

I remember part of the issue is when I extracted the files, it created a folder titled Grimmarillion v75 or what have you inside the mod folder, with the grimarillion folder being inside that one, so had to pull the grimarillion folder into the mod folder and delete the grimmarillion v75 folder.

Have you thought about removing Soulbound from Augments?

No, and I don’t really see any reason to, just extra work for me

Ok, thanks.

Just crashed three times in a row right next to the shrine of devotion in the Tomb of Nepthos. I was playing a lvl 37 Terror Knight.