[REL] Grimarillion v84

Got Carmac’s notes twice at the Maw in v77a.

Huge thanks for the Zenith update. I cant wait to try out the changes.
Although I will miss life leech, I am also happy to see it removed due to the lack of gear supporting it.

Ok, sometimes I write down the notes in the changelog as a “to do list” but apparently I never got to this one, I had the file open at one point but I suppose I forgot to make the change.

Functionally all the skills that had life leech should be the same, except now they will scale much better, which is probably a bad thing.

Noticed a possible? problem with an update to outrider with the skill “Providence” it lists itself as a requirement meaning you can’t grab it unless you have bonus points invested I’m assuming

Yes it’s a known issue, gonna try and post another update soon-ish

Small quick fix for a few skills.

v77b Changelog

*Fixed an issue where the Providence (Outrider) required itself to unlock.
*Fixed an issue where the Providence (Outrider) did not require a shield or staff.
*Fixed several issues with Zenith dual class skills not having appropriate skill requirements.
*Fixed an issue where Batter (Defense) did not work with spears, even though I intended to fix it in 77a.
*Re-added the removed “Lust for Carnage” proc from Terror Knight as an On-Crit buff. The name is now “Bloodlust”.
*Reworked the Stratagem of the Hellhunter aura to simply give conversion and OA.


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.


Zenith needs the new changes.I personally would rather love Balance + item support rather than OP with no items support.I do not expect you to design items for zenith.Just Zenith class was way op.Didn’t try the new update yet.

Not sure what’s going on here, can’t see any weapon at all… :smiley: (v77b)

Edit: He dropped the axe “Skorn” which must be the reason for the T-pose, because I tried equipping it and it’s invisible when I do!

I have no idea what skorn is

tagAxeD303=Skorn, in diabloitems/axes axe_skorn.dbr and its other variants

Hi, i am playing a Pet Druid and i think a transmuter for storm nimbus that adds flat elemental damage and damage conversion for pets like Prometheu´s Gift (earth) or Occultic Venom (rogue) would be nice.

Edit: Perhaps even for Art Of The Hunt (hunting) for hybrid builds with piercing conversion for example.

How to play only GQ? GQ have old version only.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, ASYLUM101 isn’t updating Grim Quest any more. If you want to play with the TQ masteries then you’ll need to download and install Grimarillion.

Small bug report: the ring “band of domination” has a tag not found notice

Updated your rainbow tool?

I do not use the rainbow tool

It has nothing to do with rainbow, it used to grant skill bonus to strands of fate which was merged into dark covenant. So the bonus needs to be changed to dark covenant.

For future reference, invalid skill profile is not a tag error. Also, posting an image really does say 1000 words, makes it much easier to diagnose bugs.

@ASYLUM101 @mamba Posting this here since I don’t know whether it’s something to do with the mod or a problem in GDStash. Downloaded the latest versions of both recently and re-imported the database. Was going through the relics to craft some and found these two which don’t have any info displayed in the stash. The Scroll is also shown as L5 which seems strange since all other relics are a minimum L18 to equip.

Also with the Kanai’s Cubes there seem to be many with duplicate names though they provide benefits to different masteries. Is this the way they should be? I’ve never really looked at those so it was only when I was going through the relic list in the Stash checking for displayed info that I noticed the name duplication on some of these. Example:

GD Stash imports everything in the mod, it does not check whether it actually can drop

More fixes, hopefully this will be the last for v77.

v77c Changelog

*Fixed an issue where Bloodlust (Terror Knight) did not have an activation chance.
*Fixed a loottable table issue for Rune Mastery hybrid affixes.
*Wheelbarrow quality changed to Common instead of Legendary.
*Fixed an issue where Band of Domination had an invalid skill. (all versions)
*Fixed an issue where Alexander’s set wasn’t working properly. (this will get a big rework in the future when I add the rest of the set)
*Fixed another issue with a few missing D3 meshes.
*Fixed an issue where a GQ affix had an invalid skill.
*Fixed an issue where Wheel of Taranis and Svartalfar Oath were missing a part of their crafting recipe.
*Fixed an issue where Gambanteinn had a missing completion bonus.
*Fixed an issue where Smite (Terror Knight) had incorrect values for resist reduction. .
*Fixed an issue where Riftward (Riftstalker) could not trigger devotions.
*Updated several animation speeds to
*Updated Silvercore Bolts to


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.