[REL] Grimarillion v84

@ASYLUM101 @mamba Posting this here since I don’t know whether it’s something to do with the mod or a problem in GDStash. Downloaded the latest versions of both recently and re-imported the database. Was going through the relics to craft some and found these two which don’t have any info displayed in the stash. The Scroll is also shown as L5 which seems strange since all other relics are a minimum L18 to equip.

Also with the Kanai’s Cubes there seem to be many with duplicate names though they provide benefits to different masteries. Is this the way they should be? I’ve never really looked at those so it was only when I was going through the relic list in the Stash checking for displayed info that I noticed the name duplication on some of these. Example:

GD Stash imports everything in the mod, it does not check whether it actually can drop

More fixes, hopefully this will be the last for v77.

v77c Changelog

*Fixed an issue where Bloodlust (Terror Knight) did not have an activation chance.
*Fixed a loottable table issue for Rune Mastery hybrid affixes.
*Wheelbarrow quality changed to Common instead of Legendary.
*Fixed an issue where Band of Domination had an invalid skill. (all versions)
*Fixed an issue where Alexander’s set wasn’t working properly. (this will get a big rework in the future when I add the rest of the set)
*Fixed another issue with a few missing D3 meshes.
*Fixed an issue where a GQ affix had an invalid skill.
*Fixed an issue where Wheel of Taranis and Svartalfar Oath were missing a part of their crafting recipe.
*Fixed an issue where Gambanteinn had a missing completion bonus.
*Fixed an issue where Smite (Terror Knight) had incorrect values for resist reduction. .
*Fixed an issue where Riftward (Riftstalker) could not trigger devotions.
*Updated several animation speeds to
*Updated Silvercore Bolts to


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.


Zenith loading screen picture needs an update. Looks sucky compared to the polished and refined Grim Quest loading screen, just an observation!

Hi all. Anyone have a problem with a Crusader Blessed Hummer skill? The game crashes when I play this skill. No problems another class. Casting Speed is ​​122%

Some more fixes for Zenith stuff, updates to load screens and a few tweaks to old items.

v77d Changelog

*Updated all loading screens.
*Updated Riftstalker and Outrider class images. (art by JasonTN for Riftstalker and Daniel Kamarudin for Outrider)
*Updated Grimmest scripts.
*Fixed an issue where Aetherstorm had no explosion radius so the projectiles were only hitting on direct impact. Radius set to 2, as was intended.
*Increased the cooldown of Providence (Outrider) to 1 second to reduce FX spam.
*Changed the FX for Providence (Outrider).
*Fixed an issue where Stinging Nettle (Nature) was unlocked at the wrong tier.
*Bladestring - Reduced Retaliation Damage added to attack to Poison Gas Bomb to 6%. (with how many projectiles and fragments this skill has now this is probably still more than enough). Removed Bleed RR.
*Bladestring - fixed an issue where this wasn’t giving radius to Gouge as intended.
*Chthonian Needler - Poison Gas Bomb bonuses changed, now adds flat Vitality and Decay damage to Poison Gas Bomb.
*Chthonian Needler - Replaced granted skill with a debuff.
*Scepter of Carnus - Somnial Hex modifier removed. Now adds -20% Aether Resistance to Sands of Sleep.
*Sapros the Corrupter - Summon Epialos now gains 15% Poison Resist Reduction for Torment.
*Labors of Heracles - Ancestral Horn skill modifier reworked, removed duration and now increases summon limit by 1.
*Stymphalian Talon - Ancestral Horn skill modifier reworked, removed ADCTH and now grants -10% Pierce and Bleed Resistance.
*Athena’s Rod of Wisdom - Reworked skill bonuses. Now gives +3 to Glory (instead of Doom Horn) and +1 to Unyielding Phalanx (instead of Battle Awareness). Battle Awareness skill modifier moved to Battle Standard. (%DA and reflected damage reduction) New modifiers created for Unyielding Phalanx, adds damage reduction to Phalanx attacks, and flat phys/trauma damage.
*Summon Epialos - Fixed an issue where some item modifiers weren’t working properly.
*Updated tooltip for Plague (Nature).
*Fixed a missing skill bonus for Phobos.
*Fixed an animation issue for Navan


to be safe, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.


Tag not found .

Fleshwarped Bulwark

Fleshwarped Archive

tagMedal B013 , a new medal ? :smirk:

tagWeaponCaster 1h B016

Fleshwarped Carabine

Overseer Eye Of Death s Quiver

I see you updated to D but i will wait for E .

PS: i like the new effect on “Pulverize”, had an old version and updated yesterday to C version .

Tag not found is on your end, update your rainbow mod or uninstall it

I do not remember adding that mod , maybe another mod that i merged had it .
I will look into it .

You were right , but i do not remember when i instaled it or if i instaled it :sweat_smile:

Problem solved .

Between you and Grimer, you’re both updating faster than I can find things. The past few updates have been nothing short of wonderful, and I’m excited to see the Diablo 3 patch 3.4 in action.

A few reports:
I love the new Titanslayer equipment pieces you threw in - this particular prefix or suffix is pointing to a skill that probably doesn’t exist.

Specifically for @Grimer: the 5-pc Typhon set does not have any set bonuses. This is also true for the Inna’s set that’s supposed to buff the Monk’s Mystic Ally skill.

I’m going to guess that the cast speed on everything was unintended.

Also, the Wraith Shell that’s part of the Spirit’s Lich King skill line (the one that gives Aether & Elemental resistance) doesn’t work if I’m using the transmuter that turns it into the Bone Fiend. I’m guessing that has to do with the transmuter itself; there should be a warning that the other nodes won’t work if you use the Bone Fiend transmuter.

Mamba said both sets are ok in DoM, seems like a Grimarillion problem

Hi, i noticed that with a skill cooldown of 2.1 s the nymph´s nature´s wrath skill fires about every 4 seconds. Is this working as intended?

Pet skills are unaffected by CDR, tooltip bugs are out of my control

I think the triumph aura on ancestral horn summons isn’t actually applying the RR.

It definitely is.

Really? I can’t even see the red shield which is usually visible when there’s some RR effect on an enemy.

Where is the red shield when you cast word of pain or curse of frailty?

The red shield is for a different rr effect.

hi there!
77d, barb skill FURIOS CHARDGE bonus at LVL16 mistake (i think so), because LVL12 is MAX for that skill.
I want that 1.2 sec soooo bad)

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget that with up to 10 more points from items it could be Furious Charge would reach 22/12.