[REL] Grimarillion v84

I’m using Grimarillion. I’m assuming it’s the newest version of Grimmest that is included in Grimarillion.

is there any way to bundle grimarillion with an xp rate mod? like “better levels”

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You’d have to make a new mod combining the two.

Is Might of Earth 5 set bugged? I collected 5 pieces but when i leap into an enemy it doesnt proc an earthquake.

I also see: +40 to TAg not found: Invalid Skill Profile (Which is just a rainbow error) this shouldnt affect the 5 set bonus not proccing earthquake right?

Does Runemaster’s Thunder Strike activates WPS?

Big update, some patchnote stuff might be incorrect since I did quite a lot of changes and then changes to those changes and then reverts and then more changes.

v78 Changelog

Compilation updates:
*Updated D3 mod to Patch 3.4 (need to update to 3.4.1) (update by Grimer)
*Shattered Affixes Updated. (update by okami)
*Grimmest updated (update by mamba)
*Added Reskill mod by Ceno (update by mamba).
*Added Journal multi-page numbers mod by lornlynx. (adds page info to lore notes with multi-pages.)
*Added Faction goods-infos mod by lornlynx… (adds more info to faction windows)

Bug fixes:

*Fixed an issue where the GQ Pyromancer Set was giving cast speed bonuses at all set bonuses instead of only at 5 pieces.
*Fixed an issue where the GQ Ordu Set was giving a 2 piece set bonus with 1 piece.
*Fixed an issue where the GQ Divine Obsidian Crescent wasn’t dropping.
*Fixed an issue where the GQ Divine Ordu Cap didn’t have a “Divine” style tag.
*Fixed an issue where the GQ Divine Ordu Composite Bow didn’t have a “Divine” style tag.
*Fixed an issue where the Cretacious prefix had an invalid skill.
*Fixed an issue where the Turdulic prefix had an invalid skill.
*Fixed an issue where the Shadestalker prefix had an invalid skill.
*Fixed an issue where Divine Rogue Heart didn’t have a level 65 requirement as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Divine Crystal Totem didn’t have a “Divine” style tag.

Grim Quest Pets:
*Increased % Health and % All damage scaling for all pets (with skill rank and/or level). This has been largely compensated by reduction of comparable bonuses in pet-themed sets. This change does not affect player-scaling pets.

Shattered Realm:
*Shattered Realm: Removed all non-boss shards

*Changed class combo name for Inquisitor + Runemaster from Magnus to Vaultkeeper.
*Changed class combo name for Shaman + Demolitionist from Razing Mystic to Elementalist.
*Added some tooltip clarity on a few items to specify pet scaling or WPS.
*Added some “tags” to GQ skills for template identifcation. (Buff, debuff, aura, spell, attack, etc)

*Dragontongue - reduced Chaos Resistance Reduction to 10%.
*Conqueror’s Mark - reduced Bleeding and Physical Resistance Reduction to 10%.
*Ethereal Veil - reduced Cold and Vitality Resist Reduction to 10%.
*Eye of Ra - reduced Fire Resist Reduction to 10%.
*Mythical Hecate’s Rod - reduced health restored to Energy Shield to 12%. Replaced -2 second skill recharge to Energy Shield with +2 Second Duration.
*Divine Aphrodite’s Favor - reduced skill recharge modifier to Adrenaline to 1 second and replaced 4 second duration to Overgrowth with 5% heal to Kodama.
*Armament of Poseidon - replaced 70% Health Restored to Energy Shield with -2 second skill recharge.
*Divine Hiemal Decapitator - replaced -18% cold resist to Kodama with 100% cold and frostburn damage. (this hasn’t worked in a long time) Changed skill bonus to Heart of Oak
*Divine Pagos - replaced -70 DA to Kodama with +70 OA. (this hasn’t worked in a long time)
*Divine Amazonian Spear - replaced flat 600 HP to Kodama with +10% HP to Heart of Oak.
*Divine Venomhusk Shield - 40% chance for 120-170 acid damage to Kodama changed to 100% chance for 40 acid damage to Kodama.
*Divine Iris – reduced total damage modified to 10%.
*Divine Aurai Effigy - replaced 4 second duration to Overgrowth with -2 second cooldown to Overgrowth.
*Divine Necklace of Harmonia - replaced 1 projectile to Lightning Whip with 10% attack damage converted to health to Lightning Whip.
*Divine Living Storm - replaced 1 projectile to Lightning Whip with 10% energy cost reduction. Increased Aether damage to Lightning Whip.
*Divine Sword of Damocles - Increased flat lightning damage to Lightning Whip.
*Divine Mormo - Reduced Weapon Damage to Thunderball to 22%.
*Divine Artemis’ Silver Bow - Increased Weapon Damage to Lightning Whip to 50%.
*Divine Riddle of the Sphinx - removed attack damage converted to health to Lightning Whip. Increased Weapon Damage to Lightning Whip to 50%. Added 120 Aether Damage to Lightning Whip.
*Divine Anexartitos - Replaced -2 second skill recharge to Energy Shield with 1 second duration. Retaliation Damage to Attack to Thunderball increased to 24% and added 2 second cooldown to Thunderball.
*Divine Herakles Might - fixed an issue where the damage was added to Concussive Blow instead of Spectral Bulwark. Physical Damage bonus reduced to 50 from 180, due to the skill now hitting much more per cast.
*Lord Seth’s Chaos Blade – replaced skill bonus and skill modifier (for Divine variant) for Somnial Hex with Trance of Wrath
*Sacred Spear of Nephthys – replaced skill bonus and skill modifier (for Divine variant) for Somnial Hex with Trance of Wrath.
*Druid’s Staff - Added 12% CDR
*Firewalker’s Staff - Added 12% CDR
*Added 15% CDR to all non-unique staves.
*Replaced CDR with casting speed to certain crafted GQ suffixes. (of Thunderstorms, of Fulmination, of the Trapper, of the Briarwood, of Sulfur, and of Gateways.)
*Dvalinn’s Simulacrum - made minor adjustments to many skills that had extra stuff that wasn’t intentional. (weapon damage on player scaled pets doesn’t work, non scaling stuff, etc) Also added cooldown displays to skills that didn’t have them before and fixed cooldown displays that were incorrect. (Pet cooldowns on tooltips are purely for display, the AI itself determines how and when to use skills)
*Star Heart - changed damage absorption from 30% to 500 flat.
*Polydegmon – removed % All Damage.
*Rogue Heart – fixed an issue where all versions of this item had the same level granted skill.
*Ordu Composite Bow – fixed an issue where all versions of this item had the same level granted skill.
Jade Jewelry Set: added 30-60 over 3 flat poison damage to pets and removed % crit damage and % poison damage for pets.
*Divine Jade Diadem – replaced skill bonus to Demeter’s Sacred Law with Hera’s Dominion.
Aspect of the Wild: removed %HP, %OA, and % Crit Damage to pets from the set bonus.
Aspect of the Wild: reduced attack speed (~50% reduction!) and % damage (~20%) of set’s granted skill.
Kallixenia’s Memento’s: removed %HP, % all damage, and % Crit Damage to pets from the set bonus.
Helios’ Radiance: reduced % Attack and % Cast Speed debuff on the summoned pet’s aura to -8%. Removed % total speed, % fire damage, % burn damage, and % burn duration to pets from the set bonus.
Helios’ Aureole: Increased total speed bonus to 8%.
Oberon’s Regalia: Increased flat acid damage to pets on the set bonus. Removed % acid damage and % health to pets from the set bonus.
*Non-Divine GQ Medals have all had their skill bonuses increased, lesser will have +2 for each skill, base will have +2 for each skill and an extra skill where applicable (was granted at “Greater” tier before), and greater will have 2-3 each skill and an extra skill where applicable (was granted at “Divine” tier before)
*Added 9 new Medals (4 variants total, lvl 25, 40, 65 & 94), 9 new Amulets (2 variants total, lvl 65 & 94 ), and 2 new Sets. (2 variants each, 20/65 and 65/94)
*Added new art for each medal tier. (lesser, base, greater and divine will be noticably different, just a minor thing)

*Increased duration from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
*Regeneration values greatly increased.
*Removed % healing.
*Reduced cooldown to 15 seconds.
*Added block recovery and block damage.

*Changed animation to remove the Blade Arc effect.

Spectral Throw:
*Reworked slightly.
*Cooldown removed.
*Orbit start distance set to 2.75m.
*Rotation rate changed to 720 degrees per second (two hits per second)
*Velocity reduced to 0. (only revolves, no longer flies outwards)
*Duration increased to 5 seconds.
*Damage reduced due to the skill now hitting far more frequently.

Spectral Bulwark - Wild Throw:
*Reworked. No longer removes cooldown or reduces energy cost.
*Now empowers Spectral Bulwark for shields.
*Adds 30% Total Damage Modified.

Armor Handling:
*Removed % HP.
*Increased armor absorption.
*Removed requirement reduction.
*Added % Physique.

Shield Expertise:
*Removed Physical Resistance.
*Added flat health regeneration.

Battle Awareness:
*Added flat armor.
*Removed % Armor.
*Added DA.
*Removed dodge.

Battle Awareness - Defiance:
*Reduced resistances.
*Added elemental resistance.

*Fixed an issue where flat healing at rank 22 was much lower than intended.
*Removed DA.
*Removed Elemental Resistance.
*Added % HP.

Rally - Inspiration:
*Removed OA…
*Replaced all damage with % Physical/Piercing/Bleeding/Trauma
*Removed % healing.

*Reduced damage reduction
*Removed DA reduction.
*Removed -pierce resistance

Spite - Reckoning:
*Removed flat retaliation.

Colossus Form:
*Removed flat health regeneration.
*Removed flat physical damage.
*Reduced % All Damage.
*Added flat retaliation.
*Replaced % Damage Absorb with Flat Damage Absorb
*Reduced movement speed to -50%.

Adrestia’s Retribution:
*Removed Crit Damage
*Added block recovery and block damage.

Athena’s Wisdom:
*Removed Slow Resistance.
*Added life reduction resistance.
*Added % damage absorb.
*Removed % DA.

Quick Recovery:
*Removed % Block Damage
*Increased block chance and block recovery scaling

Shield Smash:
*Increased number of targets hit with rank.
*Increased weapon damage scaling greatly.
*Added internal trauma damage.
*Added stun.
*Removed OA shred.
*Adjusted mastery scaling, now grants 2.5 cunning per level, 4 physique, and 3.5 Spirit

Distortion Wave:
*Updated base damage to match Forcewave (has barely noticeable effect under rank 16.)
*Reduced base slow from 15% to 5%. Scaling reduced so it scales to 30% at rank 16.
*Adjusted FX placement data to match Forcewave’s. (this has no effect on the skill functionality, only visuals)
*Created new FX that are less particle heavy.

Distortion Wave - Ripple:
*Adjusted modifiers to match Forcewave - Tremor.

Distortion Wave - Chatoic Resonance:
*Reduced base chaos damage slightly.
*Added an upper range for chaos damage, scaling to the old damage level.

Trance of Convalescence:
*Removed % Energy Absorb, chaos resist and vitality resist.
*Added DA, reflection resist and % HP reduction resist.

Trance of Convalescence – Empathy:
*Removed % Healing Effects
*Added OA.
*Added %Physical/Internal Trauma.

Trance of Wrath:
*Increased RR values.
*Added Lightning RR.
*Replaced flat chaos damage with electrocute damage.

Sands of Sleep:
*Removed DA Reduction.
*Removed fumble/impaired aim.
*Added damage reduction.
*Added movement speed reduction.
*Lowered vitality decay damage slightly, reduced duration to 1 second. (remains in effect for the duration of the debuff)
*Added flat chaos damage.

Lucid Dream:
*Removed OA.
*Removed resistance to reflection life reduction.
*Added % Aether, lightning, and electrocute.
*Added racial damage to chthonics and eldritch.

Distortion Field:
*Removed % Damage Absorb, %health regeneration and CC resists.
*Added flat damage absorb and % Total Damage.

Ikelos Fright:
*Reworked as a CDR exclusive.

Boon of Morpheus:
*Removed racial damage.
*Removed CDR.
*Removed chaos converted to aether.
*Added casting and attack speed.
*Added disruption resistance.

*increased % Pet Attack damage on the base Hypnotic Gaze skill.

Nightmare - Dream Surge:

  • increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Nightmare – Mastermind:
*Replaced flat OA with % Crit Damage
*Added flat chaos damage.

Psionic Touch:
*Vitality decay changed to flat vitality.
*Damage increased now there’s only 2 damage types.

Psionic Touch – Reverie:
*Physical damage to Aether conversion changed to chaos.

Psionic Touch – Premonition:
*Reworked as a damage modifier.
*Renamed to Psionic Burn.
*Now grants % Physical, % Vitality, flat chaos, and flat decay

NEW Premonition:
*Passive, grants flat vitality, flat chaos, % chaos, % vitality/decay, flat HP and armor.

Temporal Flux:
*Added vitality and chaos resistance.
*Reduced total speed scaling by 2 across all ranks.
*Reduced projectile avoid scaling from rank 1 – 10.

Earth Enchantment:
*Removed physical and internal trauma modifiers.
*Added chaos modifier and flat fire retaliation.
*Increased OA.
*Removed Weapon tinting fx.

Earth Enchantment - Hephaestus’ Anvil:
*Added flat physical damage, %physical and %internal trauma damage.
*Removed chaos and pierce resistance.

Earth Enchantment - Stone Skin:
*Added DA.
*Removed physical damage retaliation and flat physical damage.
*Increased % armor.
*Removed Armor Absorption.

Earthen Carapace:
*Increased Energy Absorb to 25% at max rank.

Earthen Carapace - Immovable:
*Increased % regeneration and flat HP.
*Removed freeze resist

Flame Surge:
*Removed DA Reduction.

Flame Surge – Flame Arch:
*Fire damage replaced with Chaos damage.
*Crit damage removed.

Ring of Flame - Soften Metal:
*Removed Physical Damage.

Ring of Flame - Chaotic Blaze:

*Removed %OA.

Eruption – Molten Lava:
*Removed fumble and impaired aim.
*Added damage reduction.

Volcanic Orb:
*Adjusted impact FX.
*Reduced radius to 3.2 m.

Volcanic Orb – Entropy:
*Reduced radius penalty to -2.5m.

Volcanic Orb – Conflagration:
*Changed RR to All instead of Elemental.
*Adjusted scaling slightly. (same max/ult values)

*Replaced flat burn damage with chaos damage.

Rupture – Cremate:
*Removed crit damage.
*Added % Chaos Damage.
*Improved %Physical damage scaling.

*increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank on the base Boulder Toss skill. Increased aoe size to 4.5 meters. Reduced flat damage.

Coredweller - Inner Fire:

  • increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Art of the Hunt:
*Removed % poison and acid damage.
*Added % physical, internal trauma and bleeding damage.
*Added movement speed.
*Reduced pierce damage, added flat bleeding damage.

Art of the Hunt - Find Cover:
*Added aether resistance.
*Removed % HP.
*Added % Attack Speed and % Casting Speed

Art of the Hunt - Trailblazing:
*Added flat burn damage.
*Replaced slow resist with petrify resist
*Added % elemental, % burn and % electrocute damage.
*Removed movement speed.

Snare Trap:
*Added DA reduction.

Snare Trap - Shackled:
*Removed DA reduction.
*Added damage reduction.

Artemis Moon Blessing:
*Removed aether resistance and flat OA
*Added Crit damage and % Bleeding Damage
*Added slow resistance.

Apollo’s Sun Blessing:
*Removed elemental resistance

Call of the Hunt:
*Removed crit damage.
*Added % Attack Speed and % Casting Speed

Whirling Tempest:
*Increased base weapon damage to 60% and scaling increased to 165% at max rank. (which is higher than the old rank 22 weapon damage)

Whirling Tempest - Storm Strike:
*Added % Bleeding damage.
*Added % Piercing Damage.
*Removed Crit Damage.
*Chance for massive electrocute damage increased to 33%.
*Now has a chance to knock down enemies, happens at the same time as the electrocute proc.

Herbal Remedy:
*Added flat acid, %acid, and % poison damage.
*Reduced poison resistance.
*Removed poison and bleeding duration reduction.

Study Prey:
*Added -%Bleeding Resistance
*Removed -% Physical Resistance

Study Prey – Flush Out:
*Removed -% Bleeding Resistance
*Added -% Physical Resistance

*Removed Crit Damage.

*Added flat acid/vitality damage and OA.
*Reworked Regrowth, no longer has an energy cost and so the energy regeneration was also removed.
*Reduced % vit/decay/acid/poison scaling.

Kodama - Sustained Growth:
*Adjusted functionality, now grants all stats while Vengeance of the Kodama is active (always) instead of a secondary heal aura.
*Removed bleed resistance and bleed/poison duration reduction.
*Increased health regeneration.
*Added % Health Regeneration and % Energy Regeneration
*Tweaked pet bonus stats to match player bonuses

Kodama - Overgrowth:
*Separated from Kodama tree, now a standalone passive.
*Reworked into a on-hit shield buff.
*Triggers when hit, granting a temporary shield for 5 seconds, or until the shield breaks.
*Also grants fairly high acid retaliation while active.

*Added 100% disruption resistance.

Sanctuary - Stinging Nettle:
*Added health regen reduction and OA reduction.

Heart of Oak:
*Added bleed resistance.
*Increased total speed.

Fungal Swarm – Hecate’s Sorcerous Spray:
*Now converts Poison to Vitality.

Fungal Swarm - Corrosion:
*Replaced flat physical with flat vitality.

Fungal Swarm - Blistering Spores:
*Removed OA Reduction.
*Added % Vitality Damage.

Fungal Swarm - Pestilence:
*Replaced internal trauma with decay
*Removed flat damage.
*Replaced damage modifiers with %Vitality Decay.

Heart of Oak:
*Reduced % HP scaling to 30% at max rank.
*Increased % HP scaling for pets.

Heart of Oak - Tranquility of Water:
*Added healing bonus, % elemental damage and aether resistance.
*Removed % Energy Regeneration.

Heart of Oak - Permanence of Stone:
*Increased Armor and elemental resistance.
*Removed pierce resistance.
*Added DA and % health regeneration.

Demeter’s Sacred Law:
*Removed Beast damage reduction and poison duration modifier.
*Added Crit Damage.

Hera’s Dominion:
*Replaced flat DA with %DA.
*Replaced poison resist with beast damage reduction.
*Removed flat damage pet bonus.

Call of the Wilds:
*increased % Pet Attack damage on the base Maul skill.

Call of the Wild – Keen Senses:
*Increased DA reduction scaling.

Call of the Wild - Strength of the Pack:
*Added pierce and physical resistance.

*Reduced health regeneration.
*Added energy and life leech resistance.

Sylvan Nymph:
*reduced basic attack % pet damage to 11%.

Sylvan Nymph - Nature’s Wrath:

  • increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank, radius increased.

Seal of Fate:
*Removed OA shred.

Seal of Fate - Wyrd Seal:
*Fixed an issue where the end explosion was stunning enemies.
*Improved the attack rate to twice per second to match Grasping Vines.

Seal of Fate - Aftershock:
*Improved DA Reduction and Resist Reduction Duration to 5 seconds.

Life Rune:
*Removed Chaos Resistance and movement speed.
*Added Bleeding Resistance.
*Increased Vitality Resistance.
*Replaced % Physique with % Life.
*Replaced % Healing with flat DA

Life Rune - Power Rune:
*Replaced crit damage with OA.

Torch Rune:
*Reduced burst spawn to 1.
*Reduced spawn cap to 1.
*Increased Debuff radius to 5 meters.
*Updated FX. Now spawn and ambient fx transition should be smoother. Also reduced particle count slightly to allow some ground visibility (hopefully)
*Fixed an issue where the death FX wasn’t showing.

Energy Armor:
*Reduced cooldown to 11 seconds.
*Increased Damage Absorption.
*Now grants % Retaliation while active.

Frightening Power:
*Removed fumble and impaired aim.

Frightening Power - Sacred Rage:
*Reduced all crowd control resists and scaling.
*Removed slow resist.
*Added Freeze resist.
*Increased % All Damage.
*Replaced DA with Crit Damage.

Runeword: Absorb:
*Removed cast speed.
*Added % Shield Damage Blocked and % All Retaliation.
*Replaced Block Recovery with Block Chance.

Rune Weapon - Magical Charge:
*Replaced energy regeneration with flat elemental retaliation.
*Replaced OA with % OA.

Acolyte of Hel:
*Removed Freeze Resist and Damage Conversion.
*Added cold retaliation.
*Added freeze retaliation.

Sworn to the Vanir:
*Replaced flat fire damage with flat elemental.

Stone Prison:
*Reduced “Imprison” debuff radius to 4m at all ranks. This radius is around each stone, so the size is quite a bit larger, probably something like 8m.
*Adjusted how the AI uses the debuff. Now casts the buff on spawn, then every 1 second while the individual stone lives, and then again on death. The full duration of the debuff should be about 12 seconds ultimately.

Liche King:
*Adjusted the AI so it will automatically cast Wraith Shell on spawn.

Liche King - Death Nova:
*increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Liche King - Bonefiend:
*Adjusted the AI so it will automatically cast Wraith Shell on spawn.
*Fixed an issue where many skills were not dealing cold/vitality as intended.

Bone Fiend - Stygian Spires:

  • increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Bone Fiend - Spirit Breath:

  • increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Liche King – Wraith Shell:
*Replaced DA bonus with OA.
*Added flat damage absorb.

Death Ward:
*Reduced threshold to 33% health.
*Cooldown increased to 40 seconds, reduces with ranks.
*Now grants 100% damage absorption at all ranks.
*Health restoration values increased at lower ranks, scaling reduced to compensate. (end values are unchanged)

Deathchill Aura:
*Increased DA reduction.

Deathchill Aura - Necrosis:
*Reduced scaling at ranks 1-11, now scales at 2 per level but rank 12 and up are unchanged.

*Fixed an issue where energy cost scaling stopped at 16.

Ravage - Underworld Pact:
*Reduced energy cost scaling.
*Removed Vitality Resistance.
*Added OA.

Ravage - Arcane Lore:
*Reduced energy cost scaling.
*Moved OA to Underworld Pact.
*Added % Weapon Damage

Spirit Ward:
*Removed casting speed and % energy regeneration.
*Increased HP.
*Added flat DA.

Visions of Death:
*Added Resistance Reduction.
*Added OA reduction.

Visions of Death - Deluge:
*Removed Damage Reduction.

Soul Feast - Heart of Styx:
*Total Damage modified increased to -10%.
*Removed Attack Damage converted to Health penalty. (doesn’t actually work)

Drain Life - Consume:
*Reduced ADCTH to 5%.
*Reduced Damage modified to -10%.

Drain Life - Soul Cascade:
*Added % Vitality Damage.
*Slightly improved crit damage scaling. (up to 40% at rank 12)
*Now hits 2 targets at rank 12 and 3 targets at rank 22.

Drain Life - Grapsing Dead:
*Removed resist reduction and slow.
*Increased decay scaling.
*Added flat vitality damage.
*Added chance to immobilize enemies.

Dark Covenant:
*Removed flat damage absorption, flat cold retaliation, and crit damage for pets.
*Removed flat cold retaliation.
*Added % All Damage and % Crit Damage (AOE still affects pets but now also self)

Unearthly Power:
*Removed %All Damage and % All Retaliation.
*Added lifesteal.
*Added flat decay damage.
*Added chance to stun retaliation.
*Reduced %DA.

Circle of Power:
*Removed lifesteal, energy cost reduction and crit dmg
*Reduced %OA
*Added Casting Speed and flat vitality damage.
*Added 100% Disruption Resistance.
*Added a new skill for the pet when enemies are in range, dealing flat aether damage and draining energy.
*Added a secondary buff for the player, restores energy while standing in the radius.

*Fixed an internal issue where the Epialos had incorrect skill levels and prevented it from using the “Skulls” skills.

Epialos – Torment:
*Removed pierce and bleeding RR.
*Added impaired aim.
*Adjusted RR values.

Poison Gas Bomb - Poison Mayhem:
*Increased duration of resist reduction to 5 seconds.
*Replaced impaired aim with damage reduction

Lay Trap:
*Adjusted spawn method again, checking to see if it still crashes the game. Let me know if it still bugs out. I didn’t have any issues…

Grace of Korybantes:
*Increased DA,Cooldown, Move Speed, and duration.
*Adjusted health restored scaling.
*Removed Health Regeneration.

Grace of Korybantes - Shadow Shroud:
*Now requires the player to be dual wielding.
*Removed healing bonus, duration bonus, and cooldown penalty.
*Added movement speed.

Grace of Korybantes - Flash Powder:
*No longer a modifier to Grace of Korybantes, now functions as an thrown AOE debuff.
*Added piercing and bleeding RR.

Calculated Strike – Lucky Hit:
*Swapped icons and names with Killer Instinct.

Calculated Strike - Killer Instinct:
*Swapped icons and names with Lucky Hit.
*Now does one of 3 things (100% for one of the following:) a massive Crit Damage modifier on the Calculated Strike, a massive pierce damage bonus on the Calculated Strike, or a massive bleed damage bonus on the calculated strike.

*Removed % Retaliation damage, % Vitality Damage, and % Vitality Decay.
*Added flat acid retaliation.
*Removed flat acid damage and increased flat poison damage
*Removed Weapon tinting fx.

Envenom - Immunization:
*Removed % Physique
*Added flat vitality, %Vitality and % Decay
*Removed poison resistance.

Envenom – Alchemical Stimulant:
*Added Total Speed and Poison Resistance.
*Reduced energy leech retaliation but increased the chance to 100%.
*Removed % Retaliation damage
*Added 10% energy absorption.
*Replaced lifesteal with % healing effects.

Pytho’s Bite:
*Increased Resistance Reduction by 5.

Lethal Strike:
*Increased Weapon Damage scaling
*Added flat acid and flat bleeding.

Lethal Strike - Mortal Wound:
*Added flat acid, % pierce and % bleeding duration.
*Increased flat bleeding damage.
*Removed damage reduction and crit damage.

Hecate’s Sorcery:
*Added 15% Physical to Vitality conversion.
*Removed Disruption Protection.
*Increased %OA scaling.
*Added lifesteal.

Trickery of Hermes:
*Added % Physical damage.
*Removed % Armor Piercing.

NEW Blade Honing:
*Passive skill, grants OA, % dmg to humans, % cunning, and armor.

Onslaught - Carnage:
*Removed total damage.
*Removed flat physical.
*Added 10% crit damage.
*Added 50 OA.

Onslaught - Ignore Pain:
*Removed OA
*Added % Armor.
*Reduced flat armor scaling.
*Replaced % health regen with flat health regen.

Warwind - Lacerate:
*Removed crit damage and flat physical damage.
*Increased DA reduction.
*Added % Physical and % Pierce damage modifiers.

Battle Rage:
*Replaced %OA with flat OA.
*Replaced % All Damage with flat physical damage.

Battle Rage - Crushing Blow:
*Replaced chance for physical damage with chance for internal trauma damage.
*Added % All Damage.
*Adjusted crit damage scaling

Battle Standard:
*Replaced DA with OA.
*Replaced % Health Regen with flat health regen.
*Replaced Energy Regeneration with Energy Leech.

Battle Standard - Glory:
*Removed chaos resistance and reflect resistance.
*Added flat internal trauma.
*Added flat DA
*Added % All Damage.

Weapon Training:
*Reduced attack speed.
*Replaced OA with % Physical and % Internal Trauma Damage.
*Removed flat HP.

Dual Wield:
*Removed dodge.
*Added flat HP.
*Replaced flat physical damage with flat bleeding.

Heroic Vault - Olympian Might:
*Added DA reduction.

Enyo’s Bloodlust:
*Added % health regeneration.
*Removed slow resist.
*Fixed an issue where this buff could not be nullified.

Fury of Ares:
*Removed % Armor
*Added % OA.
*Removed dual wield restriction.
*Removed stun resist.
*Fixed an issue where this buff could not be nullified.

Titan Slam - Gratuitous Violence:
*Removed damage reduction.

Dodge Attack:
*Cooldown increased to 12 seconds.
*Added % DA.
*Increased base dodge chance to 100%.

Ancestral Horn – Triumph:
*Added -% Piercing Resistance.

Ruthless Assault:
*Reworked. Doesn’t make much sense for this skill to exist in Warfare considering it doesn’t really play well with other WPS.
*Now increases the damage of the other WPS skills in Warfare mastery, % dmg modified, crit dmg, flat pierce and flat bleed.

Lightning Whip:
*Reworked and renamed. Back to it’s roots, Thunderball.
*Throw a lightning orb which moves in a straight line towards enemies and explodes in a moderate AOE dealing lightning damage to nearby enemies.
*Icon changed to the old TQ Thunderball icon.

Lightning Whip - Thundercloud:
*Now causes the Thunderball to function like a grenade, creating an AOE on the ground that lingers for 4 seconds when it explodes.
*Adds 1.2 second cooldown.
*Adds 10% Retaliation to Attack.
*Reduceds total damage by 20%.

Thunder Scourge:
*Moved down to mastery rank 15, reworked.
*Now creates a fork of lightning on impact, hitting nearby targets.

Concussive Blast:
*Moved up to mastery rank 32, remains mostly the same.
*Swapped out electrocute damage for aether damage.
*Added % modifiers for lightning and electrocute.

Energy Shield:
*Reduced cooldown to 11 seconds.
*Increased Damage Absorption.
*Increased elemental retaliation.
*Fixed an issue where the skill wasn’t going on cooldown after the duration if your health was below the threshold.
*Added Energy Absorption
*Added Health Restoration.

Storm Nimbus:
*Removed lightning/cold bonus.
*Added flat elemental.
*Reduced % Elemental damage.
*Added energy cost reduction.
*Removed Energy leech.
*Added pet bonuses from Storm Surge.
*Removed Weapon tinting fx.

Storm Nimbus - Heart of Frost:
*Increased Pierce Resistance.
*Added Life Reduction Resistance.
*Added % Frostburn damage and duration.
*Added DA.
*Removed Vitality Damage, % Vitality, and % Decay.
*Added flat frostburn.

Storm Nimbus - Static Charge:
*Added OA, physical resistance and % electrocute damage/duration
*Increased slow resist.
*Removed DA.

Sky Fury:
*Added flat aether and %Aether.
*Removed %OA.
*Added % casting speed.

*Removed fumble
*Added damage reduction.

Storm Surge:
*Removed OA and pet OA. (is now a part of storm nimbus – static charge)
*Merged cold/lightning damage retaliation into Elemental retaliation.
*Removed pet bonuses. (apparently they weren’t working)

Storm Surge - Shocking Tempest:
*Icon changed to Lightning Whip’s icon.
*Increased additional targets hit scaling.
*Added Retaliation damage added to attack.

Breath of Boreas:
*Increased start and end width by about 50%.

Breath of Boreas - Mistral:
*Reduced DA reduction.

Breath of Boreas – Thundering Typhoon:
*Increased % chance to 33% and greatly increased damage dealt.

Wrath of Zeus:
*Removed physical resistance.
*Added stun resistance.
*Added %OA
*Removed % Electrocution Duration

Legacy of Hades:
*Removed Life reduction resistance.
*Removed % Frostburn Duration

Cold Snap:
*Reduced base Weapon Damage but added scaling with rank.

Winter Sprite - Boreal Smash:
*increased % Pet Attack damage scaling with rank

Terror Knight:
Banish - Blood Rage:
*Removed Active Health Cost.
*Added negative flat and % Health Regeneration.
*Removed dmg absorption and total speed.
*Moved all damage modifier and conversion from Smite.

Banish – Smite:
*Adjusted the chance for CC layout. No real change functionally.
*removed all damage modifier.
*Added a chance for flat burn damage.

Entropic Reign:
*Reduced Cooldown Reduction bonus by 50%.
*Skill now gains CDR from level 1, down from level 6.
*Replaced Total Speed with Attack/Casting speed at 50% value.
*Removed active health and energy cost.
*Is now considered an exclusive skill.

*Added damage absorption.
Soldier of Madness:
*Removed +1/2 to all skills at high ranks.

*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
*Adjusted damage and duration of decay and burn damage.

Conquer – Fortuna Adiuvat Fortis:
*Reduced energy leech duration to 5 seconds.
*Base vitality damage reduced, scaling increased.

Evocation of Terror:
*Removed total damage modified.
*Cooldown reduced to 18 seconds.
*Weapon damage reduced
*Base damage reduced.
*Replaced flat fire damage with flat burn damage.

Well of Fears:
*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
*Duration flattened to 6 seconds.

Well of Fears – Swarm of Fears:
*Removed dodge/avoid reduction, these don’t work for this skill type.
*Added DA shred

Blood Lust:
*Removed Damage Absorption
*Reduced duration to 5 seconds at all ranks.
*Added a 8 second cooldown.
*Added flat OA, reduced total damage.

Saboteur Sorcery:
*Reduced conversion values to scale up to 100% at max (12)

*Removed projectile limit.
*Removed duration scaling.

Pyroclasm – Power Surge:
*Adjusted cooldown reduction to scale with ranks instead.
*Adjusted duration scaling to scale higher than before. (moved the duration from Pyroclasm here)

*Increased base damage by 50%.
*Removed total damage modified.

Breathe Fire – Exhumation:
*Removed health regeneration reduction, doesn’t actually work for this skill type.

*Reduced cooldown to 4.5 seconds.
*Reduced disruption to 1 second.
*Damage adjusted.

*Increased % Spirit scaling.

Elemental Flow:
*Replaced % damage absorption with flat, scaling damage absorption.

Soldier’s Spirit:
*Removed Damage Absorption
*Removed damage conversion

Engine of War:
*Added physical to vit dmg conversion

Ravek’s Will:
*Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
*Duration reduced to 10 seconds
*Damage absorption removed
*% Health restored increased.

*Reduced cooldown to 8 seconds.
*Reduced poison damage duration to 3 seconds.

*Reduced cooldown to 15 seconds, scales down with ranks to a minimum of 10 seconds at ultimate.
*Reduced base mana cost slightly, added mana cost scaling.
*Reduced base %DA reduction tremendously (-50%), but added scaling, reaching -500% at ultimate.

Heightened Reflexes:
*Reduced CDR to 15% at ultimate.

*Replaced cooldown reduction with total cooldown modified. (this doesn’t stack with normal cdr, instead just multiplies it)

Saboteur Protocol:
*Added flat chaos, flat aether, % chaos, % aether, and energy reserve.
*Reduced conversion values to scale up to 50% at max (12)

*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
*Added mana cost scaling.

*Reduced duration and cooldown to 10 seconds each.

Siren’s Call:
*Sleep duration and RR duration reduced to 5 seconds at all ranks.
*Cooldown reduced to 7.5 seconds.
*Added 33% life reduction.

Army of None:
*Added tracker.
*Removed cooldown and duration (pets are permanent)
*Each cast now only summons 1, and the amount of summons scales with rank, up to 5 at max ultimate.
*Updated the pet base stat scaling to match the Guardian of Empyrion.
*Removed hitbox collision.
*Set as “Invincible” like other player scaled pets.
*No longer drops weapons.
*Set the animation table to that of the Guardian of Empyrion. (primarily for the spawn and death animation fx)
*Changed weapon texture to a golden one, to match the gold warrior theme.
*Removed weapon damage from Vorpal Strike. This stat never worked for player scaled pets.
*Vorpal Strike damage adjusted, All Damage is now baked into the base damage. Base damage increased to include the non-functioning weapon damage.
*Removed weapon damage from Charge Forth. This stat never worked for player scaled pets.
*Charge Forth now deals 65% of Vorpal Strike’s damage.
*AI adjusted so that Starfall is cast after 3 seconds of living rather than 20 seconds.

Army of None - Starfall:
*Removed weapon damage. This stat never worked for player scaled pets.
*The scaling weapon damage has been added as flat physical/lightning/aether based on the damage of Vorpal Strike.
*Starfall FX changed to yellow meteors.

*Tweaked some tooltip stuff, no real change

Arcane Experience:
*Removed cooldown reduction.

Leech Grenade:
*Lowered cooldown by 3 seconds.

To End Evil:
*Lowered cooldown to 24 seconds.
*Greatly lowered base damage.
*Replaced flat acid damage with poison damage over 3 seconds.
*Reduced base weapon damage but added scaling.
*Added a high mana cost.
*Reduced lifesteal amount to 75%.

Obsidian Tremors:
*Lowered cooldown by 0.5 seconds.

Unholy Hailfire:
*Lowered cooldown by 4 seconds.

Claws of the Beast:
*Increased weapon damage and flat damage by 25%
*Removed total damage modified.

Claws of the Beast – Eldritch Torment:
*Removed total damage modified.
*Increased poison damage by 30%.

Obsidian Tremors:
*Removed total damage modified.
*Increased weapon damage and flat damage by 10%.

Obsidian Tremors – From the Earth, Poison:
*Increased pierce and acid damage by 10%.

Reaper’s Glare:
*Lowered energy cost slightly at lower ranks (slightly at 10x per second is a big deal tho)
*Lowered base damage slightly but increased scaling to reach the same value at ultimate rank.

Reaper’s Glare - Bonds of the Broken:
*Added energy cost.
*Increased damage scaling.


As usual, make sure you backup your characters before you play in the new update.

Nexus is still uploading but it should be up eventually…


Geeze, your changelogs are rivalling Zantai’s in length. :laughing:

Wait … what? No non-boss shards in SR? So boss rooms only? With Zeke cranked up to full? Madness! :crazy_face:

Witch Doctor’s Fire Bats are accessible with just 1 point even though they shouldn’t be until you have 5 points in the mastery bar.

Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v78.


Thank you:smile:

Can you add a feature in next update:change the color and special effects of the skill when convert all the damage type of the skill, like original game,when I convert the lightning skill to fire, the skill’s color will change,just a small suggestion…

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Considering how many skills there are and how many conversions you can obtain, changing the color of every skill is not a small suggestion by any means. Those times of FX changes are usually attached to item modifiers to account for that item’s conversions only.

Not to be ungrateful for this amazing patch, but I was a bit surprised to see the non-boss shards removed; fighting groups of Heroes are a very different pace from fighting bosses, and it’s a unique type of challenge. Additionally, I loved having the chance of fighting the D3 Nemeses and having a chance of grabbing that loot. I hope to see the non boss shards later on (though now I have a chance to farm those Shattered Orbs).

Thank you again, and I have a few things to report on the Shattered Realm side:

  1. If the next Shard Boss Room selected is the same as the one you just cleared, the Nemeses on the top side of the map instantly aggro you and follow you after the screen loads, leading to 2 or 3-on-1 situations that tend to lead to wipes.

  2. Occasionally, the small Boss Room has 1 or 2 Nemeses missing who are usually on the top side of the map, leading to only needing to beat 2 Bosses before getting to the next Boss shard. I’ll see if I can get a picture of this for you.

Heya! I’ve been enjoying the mod for a day now but I ran into an issue that makes it unplayable.

Every since I got to the Broken hills, the game crashes every 3-4 minutes. I got spawns on double, no hero spawns (playing a combo of D3 classes), I can run the game just fine in vanilla mode. Setting affinity doesn’t seem to fix the problem, same as lowering the graphic settings.

Anyone had a similar issue?

Okay, it seems something a bit weird is going on with v78. Been playing my fire retal character today and when I finished the session I wanted to check something on my vanilla fire retal character so changed the setting back to Main Campaign and then started to scroll through the character list. Came across this.

I found the character I wanted and entered the game only to see V78 on the screen still on the righthand side. Came out and exited the game completely, worrying that I’d screwed up a vanilla character by going into the mod somehow, but it loaded into the vanilla game okay.

I’ve never seen that before, but I usually don’t go into the vanilla game after a Grima play session so maybe it’s normal - or maybe not. :woman_shrugging: I’m not using GI or Rainbow Filter so they’re not affecting anything.

If you changed to Main Campaign without fully exiting the game, then that is normal. Going back to the main menu doesn’t un-load all the changes from the mod, that is why you can start to see the mod’s class names once you return to menu after starting a custom campaign with the mod.

You should always completely close Grim Dawn and open it again when you want to change from modded to vanilla, or from one mod to another. This ensures nothing stays loaded from the mod.

:+1: Good to know.

Sorry, not really enough info to go on. Even if you did provide enough info theres prolly nothing I can do about it anyway.

You have a few options, turn of auto item tooltips, image
change your enemy density back to normal, or try other classes (vanilla would be best) to see if it still crashes. I’ve said it dozens and dozens of times by now, these crashes are seemingly totally random because many people experience absolutely no crashes with the highest settings using any classes.

Update C++ redistributables

New to the forum (long time lurker) and REALLY love this mod, and I have had no problems playing one TQ based character, but I might have found a bug with the D3 Witch Doctor? (Playing v78 with Grim Internals 1.99b on GD I cannot spawn the Zombie Dogs - they look like they spawn in, but immediately disappear. They show up on the left as ‘pets’, but they don’t do anything or move, from what I can surmise. If I stay there and cast again, I’ll see the spots where they originally cast ‘blow up’, but then nothing. What am I doing wrong?

@Grimer or @okami29 (sorry if I formatted this incorrectly!)