[REL] Grimarillion v84

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With a bit of time and patience I think I can do it.


Any chance of a small update with latest diablo 3 mod (Updated to 4.1) ? Great mod btw

I’m trying to finish up some stuff, I’m trying to be on track to update before September but who knows. Life has been hectic lately.

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Silly question - How exatcly does Volatility (Earth) work? 33% chance to proc every time you throw a projectile? If you throw a projectile like a Blackwater cockaitl that has a duration, does it proc every second or… something? Thanks.

It’s a passive, no proc so it’s always active. AFAIK whenever damage is calculated, there’s a X% chance for it to be buffed by Volativity.

New update coming, in a bit of a hurry and had a few file corruptions the past month, hopefully I fixed everything but if not just let me know.

v83 Changelog

Updated D3 to 4.1U2

*New mechanic to trade in “obsolete” items. Some items will gain a “Obsolete” affix. This just means I’ve reorganized certain files in the database, and the ones that you have are now outdated and slated to be deleted. This change is for my sanctity of mind and with this mechanic at least you don’t have to lose any items. Thanks to Serious Stan for creating the script to do this.
*New hideout. In Devil’s Crossing next to the portal, there’s a new area where all the faction vendors will hang out. Thanks to Van Houck for creating this and allowing me to use it.
*Added a unique drop sound for Grim Quest items.
*Potion of Obscurity: Reduced XP Penalty to 100%.

*GQ Staves and Shields now provide skill modifiers on all variants (lesser/divine/etc) as other GQ items do.
*GQ Set bonuses now provide skill modifiers on all variants (lesser/divine/etc) as other GQ items do.
*Grace of the Dao - fixed an issue where the lower level variants had a level 94 requirement.
*Amun Ra’s Glory - removed physical to fire conversion to Ring of Flame.Burn damage to Ring of Fire increased but duration reduced (overall damage is higher). Added 2 meter area to Ring of Fire and fire/lightning/crit damage to Storm Nimbus.
*Scepter of Carnus - replaced Aether RR with flat Aether Damage.
*Hiemal Decapitator: added Elemental to Cold to Heart of Oak, Added +3 to Thunder Strike. Added Lightning/Physical to Cold, weapon damage and frostburn to Thunder Strike.
*Glacial Maul - replaced Vitality Damage converted to Cold Damage to Winter Winds with Physical to Cold. Added 45% Global Vitality to Cold conversion.
*Eye of Horus (Staff) - renamed to Staff of Horus. I thought I already renamed this, but apparently not…increased Fire damage to Ring of Fire, reduced Target Area to Ring of Fire, removed RR to Ring of Fire.
*Demeter’s Sacred Leaves - renamed to Demeter’s Wreath
*Light of Belenus - removed conversions from skill modifiers
*Mindrazor - replaced chance for OA reduction with chance for DA reduction. Increased duration, value, and chance for DA Reduction.
*Amulet of Morpheus - renamed to Amulet of Ikelos. These damage types don’t match up for Morpheus.
*Scepter of Thanatos - renamed to Scepter of the Oneroi. These damage types don’t match up for Thanatos. Added Aether skillmod and skill bonus to Vision of Death.
*Crosier of Osiris - reduced vitality and aether RR to -10%.
*Fixed an issue with the last batch of rings introduced in v81 where the stats were scaled too high on low level versions.
*Fixed an issue with the last batch of rings introduced in v81 where the style tag was wrong (Divine instead of Greater)
*Dvalinn’s Simulacrum - reworded the crafting description so it might be a little less vague as to what it does.
*Living Storm - fixed an issue where the granted skill was missing an autocast controller.
*Bane of Messina - Fixed an issue where this set’s granted skill had the wrong name and was available with only 1 set item. Now converts physical and pierce to lightning and cold. Also visually changes the Ancestors and their Triumph aura. Changed the sound and fx for the set heal proc.
*Ahklys Totem - reduced Vitality Resistance to Plague.
*Scepter of the Shadow King - replaced Vision of Death skill bonus with Soul Feast.
*Mormo - removed Vision of Death and Psionic Touch skill bonuses/modifiers. Added +2 to Guardian Stone and Astral Rift. Added Aether and Electrocute damage to Astral Rift, Added 100% Chaos to Aether and 100% Vitality to Lightning to Astral Rift. Added +1 Summon Limit to Guardian Stones.
*Osiris Codex - Reworked, lightning damage replaced with vitality damage. Osiris is basically a death/afterlife deity, lightning damage makes no sense here.Replaced Lucid Dream bonus with Psionic Beam. Reduced aether damage to Psionic Beam, reduced energy cost reduction to Psionic Beam. Replaced health reduction to Vision of Death mod with Aether Damage.
*Aeon - increased aether damage to Vision of Death, changed Vitality Damage to Vision of Death to Vitality Decay.
*Atropos’ Assistant - increased ADCTH to Vision of Death, flattened vitality damage to Vision of Death.
*Hades’ Reaping Blade - changed base damage modifiers to cold/vitality from aether/vitality. Removed Aether Damage mod to Vision of Death. Added Decay to Vision of Death and Aether damage converted to Vitality.
*Hades’ Scepter - changed base damage modifiers to cold/vitality from aether/vitality. Updated fx. Replaced global Chaos to Aether conversion with Chaos to Vitality. Replaced Aether Damage mod to Vision of Death with decay/adcth and aether to vitality conversion.
*Soulflay Fork - increased Chaos Damage to Vision of Death. Added Vitality to Chaos to Vision of Death
*The Greg - flattened and increased Chaos Damage to Vision of Death. Added Aether to Chaos to Vision of Death.
*Light of Belenus - removed conversions from skill modifiers and increase cold damage to Vision of Death.
*Pytho - removed 100% Pierce to Acid to Lethal Strike, replaced acid damage to Lethal Strike with Vitality.
*Spectral Defender - replaced 100% Acid to Cold to Lethal Strike with 100% Pierce to Cold.
*Rimescythe - removed acid to Cold to Lethal Strike.
*Hecate’s Crescent - renamed to Chill of Chione and changed the bitmap. Replaced Vitality Damage to Lethal Strike with cold damage and slow. Replaced Vitality Damage to Deathchill with Cold Damage.
*Phorkos’ Trident - reduced % cold resistance to Deathchill Aura.
*Boreas’ Chilled Tome - reduced % cold resistance to Deathchill Aura.
*Hecate’s Rod - renamed to Chione’s Rod. Spellshock should be replaced…
*Agamemnon’s Scepter - added reduced target’s resistances to Lethal Strike.
*Qin Warbow - reworked Lethal Strike modifier, now removes stun, reduces damage and cost of Lethal Strike, but has no cooldown. Removed summon limit to Lay Trap. Added flat pierce damage to Lay Trap.
*Hou Yi’s Determination - added chance of 100% CDR to Lethal Strike.
*Shen-Nong’s Dark Medicine - added ADCTH to Lethal Strike.
*Serpent Whisper - added 1.5m target area to Lethal Strike.
*Moros Nyx - removed physical to chaos to Distortion Wave.
*Zeus’ Thunderbolt - removed RR to Squall. Added Cold to Lightning Conversion and a chance for high lightning damage.
*Anubis’ Wrath - removed RR to Sands of Sleep, reduced damage to Sands of Sleep. Added -50 OA to Sands of Sleep.
*Mask of Pythia - reduced Vitality Damage to Astral Rift.
*Gera’s Walking Stick - reduced Vitality Damage to Astral Rift.
*Wandsworth Shield - replaced 3 to Lucid Dream with 3 to Spite. Added -15% Lightning Resistance to Spite. Replaced Shocking Tempest with Thunder Strike for low level variant.
*Lykaion Malleus - removed retal mods, shield mods, and rupture mods. Added 16% Attack Speed. Increased global conversion to 45%. Added +2 to Guardian Stone and Storm Surge. Rally skill modifier changed to 15% Crit Damage and -2.5 second recharge. Added 1 Summon Limit to Guardian Stone. Added 220 Lightning Damage, 100% Cold to Lightning and -0.2 second cooldown to Storm Surge. Reworked Granted Skill, now creates a nova of lightning projectiles.
*Bonecrusher - replaced global vitality to physical conversion with elemental to physical. Replaced bonus to Vision of Death with Rupture. Added new skillmodifier to Rupture.
*Morte’s Answer: Fixed an issue where low level variants had mostly the same values as the divine version. Removed psionic touch skill bonus. Replaced Vitality Damage to Vision of Death with Bleed/Decay. Replaced Chaos RR to Vision of Death with Bleeding RR. *Added % Bleed modifier and bleed skillmod to Warhorn. Created New FX for Triumph and changed how the Ancestral Horn conversion works, now can only be converted once. (conversion is shown on the weapon now)
*Stymphalian Talon - Reduced RR to Ancestral Horn. Added flat Pierce Damage and flat bleeding damage to Ancestral Horn. Reduced flat pierce to Lay Trap.
*Crimson Gem of Cytorius - replaced bonus to Enyo’s Bloodlust with Triumph, added pierce damage to Ancestral Horn. Removed internal trauma modifier, added bleed modifier.
*Phobos - Added 4% CDR, removed adcth to War Horn, adjusted flat physical damage to War Horn, added -0.5 second cooldown to War Horn
*Deimos - Added 10% CDR
*Kydoimos - Removed weapon damage to War Horn. Added flat physical and trauma to War Horn
*Children of Ares Set - Added 50% Weapon Damage to War Horn, Added -0.5 second cooldown to War Horn, Removed flat damage to War Horn.
*Axe of Tereus - Reduced Chaos damage and Chaos RR to Ring of Fire.
*Ixion Stone - removed damage reduction to Ring of Fire, added flat Chaos Damage and Chaos RR to Ring of Fire.
*Hephaestus’ Shield - increased Fire RR to Ring of Fire and added flat fire damage to Ring of Fire
*Hyperionides - Increased fire RR to Ring of Fire.
*Hades’ Aspis - replaced aether damage modifiers with cold/frostburn. Replaced aether damage to Deathchill Aura with Cold Damage.
*Phoenix - removed Ring of Fire bonuses and modifiers, added Demon Flame bonus and modifiers.
*Persephone’s Caress - replaced Kodama skill modifier with chance to freeze skill modifier to Vision of Death. Added +1 to Spirit.
*Crystalline Set - removed ADCTH modifier to Vision of Death, added Total Slow to Vision of Death. Added Slow RR to Sanctuary.
*Pagos - increased base OA, removed Kodama modifier.
*Citadel - fixed an issue where the level 75 variant had the wrong level requirement.
*Druid’s Vestment - fixed an issue where the level 75 variant had the wrong set requirement.
*Cerberus’ Claw - reworked into an acid offhand for rogue/hunting. Piercing Damage to Throwing Knife replaced with Acid Damage, Piercing Damage to Cluster Mines replaced with Acid Damage, Summon Limit to Lay Trap replaced with Acid Damage to Lay Trap. (also forces you to use the poisonshot trap)
*Assassin’s Shroud - removed Crit damage to Lay Trap, reduced Pierce Damage to Lay Trap.
*Assassin’s Set - removed summon limit to Lay Trap. Added flat pierce and RR to Lay Trap. Removed flat pierce and bleed to Throwing Knife. Added one additional projectile and vitality to pierce conversion to Throwing Knife
*Assassin’s Pendant - removed additional projectile to Throwing Knife.
*Assassin’s Piercer - reduced conversion to Throwing Knife, removed crit damage to Throwing Knife, added flat pierce to Throwing Knife.
*Imperator - removed ADCTH and pierce damage to Throwing Knife. Added weapon damage and bleeding to Throwing Knife.
*Chi Gon’s Resolve - removed flat acid damage to Throwing Knife. Added 1 additional projectile to Throwing Knife and reduced conversion to Throwing Knife. Reduced Acid resist reduction to Study Prey. Added bonus and modifier to Consequences.
*Amazonian Spear - removed crit damage to Throwing Knife. Added 1 additional projectile to Throwing Knife.
*Giant’s Tooth - Fixed an issue where some of the variants had the divine tag.
*Venomhusk Shield - removed modifier to Kodama, removed skill bonus to Sustained Growth, added + 1 to Neidan, added skillmod to demon flame for acid support, added granted skill that creates a poison nova when hit by melee attacks.
*Labors of Herakles - removed. If you have this item it will be updated into a new item called Melaneros.
*Phulakterion - created a divine version of this shield (and updated other versions) that supports unyielding phalanx (defense), battle standard (warfare), and herbal remedy (hunting).
*Cerberus’ Eye - renamed to Krog’s Eye. Added bonus and modifiers to Summon Terracotta Warrior.
*Athena’s Rod of Wisdom - removed. If you still have this item it will be updated into a new item called The Cailleach.
*Spear of Tuthmosis III - fixed an issue where this item would max out your attack speed.
*Iron Will of Ajax - slight rework, removed bonuses to crosscut and tumult, this is a shield/retal item, dual wield skills have no place here. Added Pulverize bonus and mod in place of Crosscut, so it will still support at least one WPS. Also added Runeword: Absorb and Doomhorn skill bonuses.
*Sobek’s Sanctuary - replaced lightning damage to Pulverize with weapon damage. Replaced Electrocute damage to Huangdi’s Favor with Lightning.
*Hera’s Shield - slight rework, removed bonuses to energy shield, colossus form, and death ward. Updated the skill icon and FX. Added bonus/modifiers to storm nimbus and spirit ward. Updated Heart of Oak skill modifiers.
*Scarab Ring - fixed an issue where the granted skill had the wrong level on some variants. Added a skill icon for the summon.
*The Greg - flattened and increased Chaos Damage to Vision of Death. Added Aether to Chaos to Vision of Death.
*Torment - Added modifier and bonus to Huangdi’s Favor.
*Golden Shield of Pelaron - added modifier and bonus to Demon Flame.
*Staff of the Cosmos - added modifier and bonus to Shen Pao.
*Archon’s Judgment - removed global passthrough, removed marksmanship bonuses and modifiers, removed storm nimbus bonuses. Added 50% Passthrough to Rupture, added modifiers and bonuses to Huangdi’s Favor.
*Chromatic Staff - added bonus to Breath of Boreas.
*Mark of Helios - removed conversion to Summon Nightmare
*Reach of Helios - added vitality to fire conversion to Summon Nightmare. Added 1 to all Neidan skills and added a modifier to Conjure Yaoguai
*The Furies - added casting speed pet bonus.
*Oberon’s Pendant - removed conversion to Summon Nightmare and removed visual replacer for the pet.
*Bristlebash - added Chaos to Acid and Vitality to Acid to Summon Nightmare and added a visual replacer for the pet.
*Gaia’s Revenge - added 3 to Conjure Yaoguai and added a modifier for it.
Silence - Replaced flat vitality damage to skeletal soldiers with 10% Total Damage Modified.
Cerberus’ Bone - Added Life steal to Skeletal Soldiers
Demeter’s Sorrow - Increased cold damage and added chance to freeze enemies to Skeletal Soldiers.
Gatekeeper - Removed 2 summon limit to Skeletal Soldiers, added 30% Total Damage Modified to Skeletal Soldiers.
Djed of Osiris - Removed 1 Summon Limit to Skeletal Soldiers, added 10% Total Damage Modified and 25% Crit Damage to Skeletal Soldiers.

New Items:
*The Cailleach - new offhand for cold rune/storm/spirit builds.
*Melaneros - new offhand for bleed/vitality rogue/storm or rogue/dream builds.
*Electrum Coins - crafting material for Grim Quest items. Lots of related recipes for converting materials into Electrum Coins as well.

New Sets:
*Huangdi’s Edict - a 5 piece aether/fire melee set for Neidan. (lvl 75 & 94)
*Li Jing’s Legacy - a 3 piece aether/fire caster set for Neidan. (lvl 20 & 65)
*Avatar of Leshy - a 4 piece summoner set focused on Force of Nature (lvl 75 & 94)

Set Reworks:
*The Cursed Jewels - used to be a 2 piece set with random bonuses, now is a 4 piece summoner set for Spirit/Dream. (lvl 75 & 94)

*Most Zenith masteries were bloated with above normal attribute scaling, these have all been adjusted. (the rule is 10 attributes and 38 health/energy per level, zenith was at 9-11 attribute per level and almost 50 health/energy)
*Added disclaimer text to Zenith combo skills so it’s understood how to unlock them.
*Some Vanilla GD skills updated to match recent updates. (Very few skills had any significant changes)


Terror Knight
*Decreased mastery physique scaling, decreased cunning scaling, decreased health and energy scaling.
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

*Added 5 seconds of DA reduction.

Whispers of Madness - Epoch of Terror:
*Increased level cap to 12/22. Stretched scaling across new cap.

Whispers of Madness - Inescapable End:
*Increased level cap to 12/22. Stretched scaling across new cap.

Blood Siphon - Thirst:
*Added scaling to Life Leech RR

Well of Fears:
*Reduced Vitality Decay.
*Added flat Fire Damage.
*Flattened % Health reduction to 10%.

Well of Fear - Swarm of Fear:
*Added RATA
*Added flat burn damage.
*Added % Fire and decay modifiers.
*Adjusted slow scaling.
*Reduced RR scaling.
*Removed DA reduction.

Entropic Reign:
*Removed Attack/Cast Speed.
*Removed CDR
*Removed Life Reduction Resist.
*Added flat fire and decay damage.
*Added damage modifiers to physical, fire, and vitality damage.

Soldier of Madness:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Removed OA and DA.
*Added All Damage, All Retal, % Armor and % Pierce Resist.
*Updated energy reserve.

Suit Up:
*Updated flavor text.
*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Removed % Physique, % Cunning, and Constitution.
*Added % Physical and flat physical damage.

Hand Armor:
*Updated flavor text.
*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Removed chance for slow, chance for confusion retal, attack speed and casting speed.
*Added Damage modifiers for Fire/Burn/Vitality/Decay, and % Total Speed.

Leg Armor:
*Updated flavor text.
*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Removed % Movement, Petrify Resist and Freeze Resist.
*Added Dodge and DA.
*Reduced Slow, Trap, and Stun resists.
*Removed max resists to CC.
*Added Physique Requirement Reduction.

Torso Armor
*Updated flavor text.
*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Removed all DOT reductions.
*Added Vitality Resist, Life Reduction Resist, Petrify Resist, and Freeze Resist.
*Reduced %HP scaling.
*Added % Physique

Head Armor:
*Updated flavor text.
*Moved to rank 40.
*Removed % Armor, Dodge and Pierce Resist.
*Added DOT Reductions.
*Added % Armor Absorption.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Adjusted damage scaling, flat damage down, weapon damage up.

Banish - Blood Rage:
*Added attack speed.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Greatly increased flat damage after rank 16.

Engage - Nowhere to Hide:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Reduced energy cost scaling, reduced base cooldown reduction.
*Increased threat generation, increased base cooldown reduction scaling.

Evocation of Terror:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26

*Increased skillcap to 12/22

*Increased skillcap to 10/20

*Increased skillcap to 10/20

Carnivorous Slaughter:
*Increased skillcap to 10/20

*Decreased mastery physique scaling, decreased cunning scaling, increased spirit scaling, decreased health and energy scaling
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added % Spirit
*Removed % Energy Leech Retaliation.
*Added % energy cost reduction.

*Adjusted functionality, now spawns the geysers around the player in a more organized method instead of randomly. This should fix an issue that prevented them from working in tight spaces.

Pyroclasm - Power Surge:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

*Increased skill cap to 16/26.

*Reduced OA scaling (it was really high.)
*Removed % Spirit.
*Replaced % Elemental damage with % Fire damage.

Rider of the Storm:
*Replaced % elemental damage with % lightning damage.
*Removed energy cost reduction.
*Updated reserve and added active energy cost.

Frost Armor:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added 25% Slow resistance, % Cold Damage, and DA.
*Removed % Spirit, Armor and % Elemental Damage.
*Increased % Frostburn.

Elemental Flow:
*Increased skill cap to 10/20.
*Removed DA
*Added physical resistance

Elemental Armoring:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added % Elemental Damage.

Breathe Fire:
*Added fumble.

Citadel of Ice:
*Increased activation chance to 100%.

Might of Magic:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Reduced cooldown to 2 seconds. (you can’t stack the spell multiple times anyway so this is just to avoid the issue where the spell becomes unusuable after entering a new region while active.)
*Duration of projectiles set to 20 seconds.
*Increased base damage.

Might of Magic - Echoes of Magic:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Duration of projectiles set to 5 seconds. (Secondary projectiles 2 seconds)
*Reduced the start distance of the base projectile by about 1.5m and the proc projectile by about 3m.
*Echo projectiles now have 1m velocity (they spin away from the player). Proc projectiles have 2m velocity.
*All projectiles no longer have collision. (they will go through buildings and high terrain)

Stormbolt - Symphony of Storms:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Flattened elemental resistance reduction and improved scaling past level 12.

Ice Bomb:
*Fixed an issue where this was spawning a line of ice crystals instead of a single ice crystal.
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

*Decreased mastery cunning scaling, decreased spirit scaling, decreased health and energy scaling.
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

Flak Blast:
*Updated tooltip.
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Reduced energy cost and weapon damage.
*Increased flat damage.
*Added 1.5m Radius.

Chemical Bombardment:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Reduced energy cost.

Chemical Bombardment - The Outrider Special:
*Fixed an issue where this skill was unlocked too early.

Combat Armor:
*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Added flat health and slow resistance.
*Adjusted flat armor.
*Removed fire resistance.

*Moved down to rank 40.
*Reduced base cooldown to 3 seconds at all ranks.
*Reduced base energy cost to 30.
*Increased duration with rank, from 4 seconds to 6 seconds at max.
*Reduced % DA by about half at all ranks, the final 10 ranks were reduced even further.
*Increased AOE to 1.5 meters, increases further with rank up to 6.5 meters at max.

*Fixed an issue where this skill required a target to cast.
*Removed flat RR, damage reduction, and impaired aim.

Heightened Reflexes:
*Reduced skillcap to 10/20
*Fixed an issue where this skill had an unnecessary skill dependency.
*Increased base dodge/avoid values.
*Added Trap/Stun resist.

Calculated Assault:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Moved to rank 50.
*Fixed an issue where this skill had an unnecessary skill dependency.
*Increased skillcap to 12/22.
*reworked as an exclusive toggle.
*Increased %OA and Crit Damage.
*Adjusted Total Damage Modified scaling.

Pneumatic Surge:
*Moved down to rank 15
*Adjusted Health regen scaling.
*Increased cooldown to 8 seconds.
*Added attack/cast speed.
*Added flat acid damage.

Ravek’s Will:
*Reduced cooldown and added cooldown scaling.
*Duration reduced to 6 seconds.
*Added flat damage absorb.
*Removed % healing effects.

Fenner’s Railgun:
*Doubled flat damage values.

Engine of War:
*Reworked slightly, now grants flat cold damage, % cold/frostburn, %acid/poison.
*Reduced OA and Energy Regen
*Updated active energy cost and reserve

Engine of War - Engine of Peace:
*Reworked slightly, now grants flat vitality damage, % vitality/decay.
*Removed slow resist.
*Added active energy cost and reserve

*Added chance to stun.

*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Removed % Shield Recovery.
*Removed Phys Reduction for Shields.
*Added % Elemental Resist and % All Retal.
*Added energy reserve.

Fury of the Deserter:
*Reworked, Renamed to Tenacity of the Deserter.
*Now functions as a short duration buff, granting CC resists, block recovery, block chance, and block damage.

Mobile Fortress:
*Removed Attack Speed, flat HP, flat energy.
*Added physical resistance.
*Reduced All Damage
*Increased % DA
*Added shield requirement.

Tetrad Shot:
*Increased skillcap to 10/20

Shrapnel Shot:
*Increased skillcap to 10/20

*Increased skillcap to 10/20

Cluster Bomb - Tainted Shrapnel:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

Soldier’s Spirit:
*Increased base duration, increased cooldown scaling.
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

Arcane Assault 1:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Increased base duration and duration scaling.
Now summons a random gunner archetype instead of 1 gunner with multiple weapons.
*Sentinel - pistol/shield, shoots fairly quickly and the projectiles fragment on impact.
*Sniper - high damage AOE attacks that pierce enemies.
*Gunslinger - dual wields pistol, single target attacks, but attacks much faster than the other gunners.
*Increased the damage dealt by all gunners, adjusted the attack speed of all gunners (Depending on the type of gun, dual wield is fastest, sniper is slowest)

Arcane Assault 2:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Increased base summon cap and summon limit scaling.
*Now only summons a shotgunner.

Concussive Blast:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added fumble/impaired aim for 5 seconds.

*Decreased mastery health and energy scaling.
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Swapped positions with Courage.

*Increased skillcap to 10/20
*Removed % HP
*Removed flat aether retaliation.
*Added block chance and block damage.
*Increased flat HP.
*Swapped positions with Honor.

*Increased skillcap to 10/20

Everlasting Might:
*Reduced OA and DA scaling.
*Removed damage absorption, life leech resist, and % health regeneration.
*Added life reduction resist.
*Increased base chaos resist and scaling.

Everlasting Spite:
*Removed Flat HP
*Reduced % OA and scaling slightly
*Added % DA and All Damage.

Everlasting Strength:
*Removed All Damage and DA.
*Added flat damage absorb and % Healing.
*Increased % HP.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26.
*Reduced flat lightning retaliation scaling
*Increased health regeneration.
*Updated active energy cost and reserve

Divinity - Litany of Blades:
*Increased skill cap to 10/20.

*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Reduced % health and energy restoration.

Redemption - Conviction:
*Replaced DA reduction with OA reduction.

Taunt - Lambaste:
*Removed OA reduction.
*Added movement slow.
*Increased all duration effects to 5 seconds.

Ground Stomp:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26.
*Added OA reduction
*Greatly increased weapon damage scaling.

Ground Stomp - Thunderous Might:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Increased RATA.

*Added % Armor.

Champion’s Domain:
*No longer has an attack component, just summons the Domain at your position.
*Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
*Added physical Resistance.
*Replaced flat health regen with % health regen.
*Reduced total damage and total retal.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26.
*Adjusted lots of stuff, still has a long duration shower of aether, but I removed the projectile scaling and adjusted the damage and aoe scaling. Also flattened the target radius

With Reckless Abandon:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26.
*Increased cost scaling.
*Decreased weapon damage scaling and cooldown reduction scaling.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26.

*Increased mastery physique scaling, increased spirit scaling, decreased health and energy scaling
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Decreased damage reduction.
*Added 5 M AOE to Drain
*Added 2.5 second CD to Drain

Serovin’s Scattering:
*Removed tooltip info that said the skill pushed enemies away and added tooltip toggle disclaimer.
*Added energy Reserve

*Added flat physical damage reduction.
*Reduced energy reserve.

Sap - Detach:
*Removed active energy cost.

*Added energy reserve and tooltip toggle disclaimer.
*Removed % Armor
*Added % Physical Resistance.

Bloodless - Fleshwarped:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added energy reserve.
*Reduced flat aether retaliation.
*Removed chaos retaliation.
*Doubled aether retaliation.

Caedra’s Collapse - Rout:
*Removed OA reduction.
*Increased DA reduction duration.

Inhuman Reflexes:
*Reduced OA by almost half (this was so high, wtf), reduced DA slightly.
*Reduced energy reserve, added active energy cost.

Inhuman Reflexes - Korvoranian Tactics
*Reduced active energy cost, added energy reserve.

*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Increased cooldown to 2.5 seconds, increased weapon damage and energy cost.
*Added flat chaos/pierce damage.

Siren’s Call:
*Reworked into an exclusive attack aura.
*Reduces target’s OA and % target’s RR.
*Deals chaos damage and % health reduction to nearby enemies.

*Increased skillcap to 12/22

Not of this World:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

*Increased skillcap to 16/26

*Increased mastery spirit scaling, decreased health and energy scaling.
*Increased mastery skill cap to rank 100. (Skill requirements unchanged.)

To End Evil:
*Increased skill cap to 12/22.
*Increased damage reduction.

Obsidian Prison:
*Removed dodge/deflect debuff. Not sure this worked or not but it’s not a great stat to have.
*Added -OA debuff.

Arcane Experience:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Reduced casting speed scaling.
*Removed requirement reduction.

*Increased OA.
*Removed All Damage.
*Added % Acid, % Poison, and Flat Acid.
*Added flat HP.
*Updated active energy cost and reserve

Foreknowledge - Situational Awareness:
increase cap to 12/22
*Increased DA.
*Removed % Armor and Flat Armor.
*Added Freeze, petrify, and trap resistance.
*Reduced energy reserve, added active energy cost.

Foreknowledge - Unadulterated Power:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Added % reduced target’s damage.

*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Removed % Health Reduction Retaliation.
*Added flat pierce damage and % pierce.

Primordial Transfer:
*Reduced energy cost.

Primordial Transfer - Soul Seeker:
*Added energy cost.

Defender of Death:
*Reduced flat Damage Absorption.
*Removed lifesteal.
*Added flat Poison and Chaos damage.

Necrotic Shade:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22

*Increased skillcap to 10/20

*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Adjusted lots of stuff, it’s still the same low cooldown, low duration shower of chaos but I’ve removed the fragments and adjusted everything to compensate.

Unholy Hailfire:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Replaced acid damage with poison damage.

Leech Grenade:
*Increased skillcap to 16/26
*Reduced base life leech slightly and added scaling.
*Removed max life leech range, now always leeches the same %.

Leech Grenade - Necrotic Suffusion:
*Increased skillcap to 12/22
*Reduced base RR slightly and reduced scaling. Now continues to scale after rank 12.
*Replaced flat acid damage with poison.

From Beyond:
*Fixed an issue where this was… gone. Why did no one mention this?


Astral Rift:
*Made some FX adjustments to the “Rift Burst” skill.
*Fixed the “impact” FX of the Phantasm Aura.

Summon Nightmare:
*Adjusted some of the formulas for the nightmare’s stat scaling. Increased everything except DA end energy regen, which were reduced slightly. Apparently this had been really out of date for a while now.
*Increased base movement speed slightly.
*Reduced base damage and scaling.
*Fixed an issue where psionic beam wasn’t gaining benefits from flat damage sources.
*Reduced Psionic Beam range, now it should be using more abilities while in combat instead of just spamming the beam.
*Increased the cast range of Hypnotic Gaze.

*Reduced mastery health scaling, increased energy scaling.

Volcanic Orb - Entropy:
*Removed Fire to Chaos and Physical to Fire Conversions.
*Added Physical to Chaos Conversion.

Whirling Tempest - Rampage:
*Fixed an issue where this transmuter was accidentally removed.

Take Down - Plague Weapons:
*Fixed an issue where this transmuter was accidentally removed.

Snare Trap - Shackled:
*Increased Pierce Damage.

Cluster Mines - Inferno Cluster Mine:
*Fixed an issue where this transmuter would cause the Cluster Mine modifiers to have missing tags.

*Fixed an issue where Overgrowth wasn’t activating.

Heart of Oak:
*Reduced max rank % health value but adjusted scaling so the ultimate rank is unchanged.

*Reduced mastery health scaling, increased energy scaling, fixed an issue with missing the last 10 ranks

Summon Terracotta Warrior:
*Removed stun and flattened Weapon Damage scaling to 100% to Mortal Strike.
*Added 50% Lifesteal to Mortal Strike.

Summon Terracotta Warrior - Shatter:
*Increased Weapon Damage scaling greatly.
*Increased flat damage scaling.
*Removed % HP reduction.
*Added Radius scaling.
*Improved VFX.

Throwing Knife:
*Increased base weapon damage and scaling
*Reduced projectile spread scaling
*Adjusted flat damage, reduced scaling.

Throwing Knife - The Finale:
*Removed Passthrough.
*Cooldown increase changed to 3 seconds.
*Cost increase changed to 80 energy.
*Weapon Damage decreased to 55%.
*Crit damage bonus removed.
*Bleed Duration modifier removed.

Throwing Knife - Deadly Guile:
*Reduced energy cost
*Removed Pass Through
*Added OA reduction.
*Replaced % Pierce with % Bleed and reduced

Throwing Knife - Flick of the Wrist:
Reduced energy cost
Removed % Bleed
Increased Pass through scaling
*Added Crit Damage

Lay Trap:
*Increased base energy cost and energy cost scaling.
*Removed CDR scaling.
*Increased cooldown to 6 seconds, removed cooldown scaling.
*Changed base projectile behavior, projectiles now fire evenly in a “ring”.

Lay Trap - Poisonshot Trap:
*Updated tags for skill modifiers when you select the transmuter.
*Fixed an issue where Poisonshot Trap’s Improved Firing Mechanism wasn’t granting acid damage as intended.
*Changed base projectile behavior, projectiles now fire evenly in a “ring”.
*Reduced the actor radius size to allow the projectiles to start flight from the center of the trap.

Lay Trap - Improved Firing Mechanism:
*Reduced Crit damage by 50%
*Added cooldown reduction.

Summon Epialos - Swamp Daemon:
*Fixed an issue where Swamp Daemon’s Torment debuff had too much Vitality RR and wasn’t granting Chaos RR as intended.

*Increased mastery health scaling, reduced energy scaling

Runeword: Explode:
*Changed attack animation to “Smite”.

*Increased mastery physique scaling, decreased spirit scaling. Increased mastery health scaling, decreased energy scaling.

Winter Winds - Hypothermia:
*Increased pulse radius to 6 meters.

Lightning Bolt:
*Updated description.

*Updated base projectile speed, increased slightly.
*Reduced AOE to 1 meter.
*Added fragments.

Thunderball - Thundercloud:
*Renamed to Thunderbomb.
*Reworked, now simply increases the AOE, damage, and cooldown of Thunderball - no longer changes the projectile into a ground effect and no longer adds retaliation.
*Adds stun chance.

Thunderball - Concussive Blast:
Increased Crit Damage
Increased lightning/electrocute modifier
Reduced flat aether damage
Added electrocute duration modifier.

Thunderball - Thunder Scourge:
Reworked, no longer creates a chain effect, now just adds damage to base skill and increases AOE size.

Ice Shard:
*Reworked, now fires the projectile from the sky.
*Replaced Frostburn with flat Vitality damage.
*Added Slow.
*Adjusted damage and cost values.

Ice Shard - Freezing Shards:
*Reduced cooldown increase to 3 seconds.
*Reduced Freeze duration to 2 seconds.
*Removed explosion radius bonus.
*Removed Crit Damage modifier.

Ice Shard - Velocity:
*Replaced vitality damage with frostburn.
*Reduced energy cost values
*Removed pass through chance.

Ice Shard - Torrent:
*Reduced energy cost values
*Removed flat damage values.
*Added projectiles scaling with rank. (each projectile increases the targeting area)

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Adjusted base attributes, increased Cunning and Spirit, decreased Physique and DA.
*Reduced base run speed and attack speed.
*Reduced Shield Slam animation speed.
*Increased base damage and weapon damage of Shield Slam skill.
*Adjusted the built in lifesteal skill, now restores 1% Max HP per hit instead. (1 second cooldown)

Skeletal Soldiers - Unrelenting Dead:
*Increased charge multiplier at ultimate ranks to 125% from 120%.

*Increased mastery physique scaling, increased spirit scaling, reduced cunning scaling

War Horn:
*Trauma duration reduced to 2 seconds
*Increased base trauma damage per tick by about 60%.
*Increased base physical damage by about 60%
*Stun duration flattened to 2 at all ranks

War Horn - Doom Horn:
*Increased physical resist reduction scaling.
*Increased % Health reduction.

War Horn - Cacophony:
*Cooldown reduction decreased by half

Ancestral Horn:
*fixed an issue where the Ancestral Warriors did not receive certain hidden innate resists that player scaled pets should have.
*Adjusted animation speeds, changed animation used for attack skill.
*Increased physical and pierce damage, reduced bleed damage.
*Now properly increases damage dealt to ancestor attacks with item skillmods. (Previously they only affected the aura, Triumph)

Ancestral Horn - Triumph:
*Changed flat damage from physical to piercing.



v83 seems to have wiped out all my quests on my characters, though everything else seems okay. I tried 3 different ones and all are starting back at DC by the hangman with no active quests.

If anyone downloaded the mod update before I reuploaded it, you can either redownload the mod or rename the maps.arc file to levels.arc

:rofl: Nice bug. If I run into this wall I keep going and end up under the cells above.

Where am I?

Hah, think that is likely inherited from our season 3.

:crazy_face: Well, I can run around underneath all of the cells area.

Why would that be from the League though? Did asylum use something from it?

Edit: Mind you, it’s a nice hiding place when you’re trying to tackle all those Bourbon clones. :wink:

We had the same bug, and if Houck did not do any modification since then, that will explain it.

:thinking: Maybe need to try it in the vanilla game and see if it happens there too.

Don’t bother, this has nothing to do with vanilla.

Something else left over from the league? :thinking:

Nope that’s exactly why there is a new map, check the changelog.

Finally found the changelog. :crazy_face:

I did not use the season map at all, but instead re-added it to the unedited base map, so that means I managed to produce and miss that bug twice.

Exporting the base map removes the impassable layer, so one has to re-add it to modified regions. Simply missed that spot.

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Just started a new game with Grimarillion v83, new to this mod. Are there requirements to play as a Necrotic or Terror Knight? The + icon to put points in the class bar are glowing pink or red and is not clickable.

I searched through the forum and discord and couldn’t find any explanation.


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, there are no extra requirements to play those masteries. They should be available just like the others.