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Asylum, aside from neverending gratitude for your elaborate updates, I have a tiny suggestion.
I realise there have been difficulties with bow animations, but current Spectral Hunter is awful https://prntscr.com/m8gxmm
May I suggest, if it’s not possible other way, to replace him with recolored Nymph model? Maybe it’s not “lore-wise” but it’ll be better anyway.
And Spectral Hunter is not invulnerable also.

That’s another issue entirely… Spectral hunter looked different for me when I was working on it. I’ll have to figure out what went wrong to fix it and then you can tell me if it’s still awful

It’s a little harsh to say they’re completely worthless - they’re still your best bet for pets that do Elemental, Cold, or Fire damage. Unfortunately, the classes that can viably do that sort of thing are reduced since you can’t get a lot of +skills from it, but GQ classes benefit from spears and amulets that each grant +2 to that Mastery, so as long as you build around at least 1 of those Masteries, they’re still BiS.

What you want for your summoner largely depends on what type of pet build you want. Chaos builds still need Voidwhisper rings, Lightning builds still need Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth, Poison pets still use Rotmender. Nature / Spirit builds can make +1 rings at the Satyr. There are Legendary rings that give +1 to Earth or Dream class, and there are still 4 rings that give +1 to all skills.

If you’re playing the Witch Doctor class, look out for the Tall Man’s Finger ring. I won’t spoil what it does, but it’s definitely worth using in a pet build.

I’m still playing Occultist/Earth, so its pretty much Physical/Fire (sadly the Shepherd of Lost Souls converts 100% of Hellhound physical damage to Vitality). Sadly the Amulet slot is taken by Lost Souls set so that I can have 2 Hellhounds. Since I’m using the Grimmest version I cheated to lvl100 from the start. Only had like 1-3 deaths i think and completed all vanilla Grim Dawn except Port Valbury. Did Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos. So far the build works surprisingly well but i’m sure Ashes of Malmouth will curbstomp it.

How are skill points distributed?

1 to 50 = 3 points per level
51 to 100? = 2 points?

New update to be released, here is the changelog


*Fixed an issue where Zenith items were missing tags.
*Fixed an issue where the two added class combo names were not updated. (Monk/Earth and Riftstalker/Spirit)
*Fixed an issue where Peleus’ Ashen Spear had an invalid skill bonus. (+2 to Whirling Tempest was missing)
*Fixed an issue where Soul Drain from Crosier of Osiris was not properly debuffing enemies.
*Removed the chance for bonus physical damage from Ebony Globe as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Epialos was not invincible as intended from v63.
*Increased the radius of Whirling Tempest without the transmuter to 3 m to fix a bug where it wasn’t hitting targets in the radius.
*Reduced the radius granted by Whirling Tempest’s Transmuter to keep the total radius at 6 m.
*Adjusted the FX for Whirling Tempest, with and without transmuter.
*Reduced the damage from Whirling Tempest - Storm Strike by about 70%.
*Fixed an issue where the devotions were out of date.
*Fixed an issue where the Hunter’s summon, Spectral Hunter was missing parts of his armor.

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

Yeah I changed the template so it can have a pet tracker on the buff bar but in doing so it requires a target now. So… you will need to click on something to summon them until I fix them.

not sure if intended, but in Outrider, the 50 point Arcane Assault II is available without 50 points invested

Dunno if it’s intended but the Zenith masteries haven’t been touched in months, so…

Nothing to see here.

Hello guys ,I would like to make Polish localisation for Grimarillion ,can I get file with strings or something like this?

You shouldn’t need the source, tweaking those things you say should only require database edits. See if you can look around on the forums for a guide or something to help you with that, you’ll need to write a batch file to get the archivetool to do this for you. As for the lag, well I haven’t really played Grimar in some time but I believe I have the same card as you and in my brief tests to find bugs and verify drops I have 60 fps at max settings. Maybe the problem is something else. afaik GD is more CPU and HD intensive than it is GPU.

@SziserTrue If I get no bug reports in the next few days I will upload a new version with the updated texts as well. Not sure how the other translators have managed to extract the texts, but they’ve been doing it for some time I think, maybe they can help if you can’t wait. Matougi is one of the translators for the japanese community I think, not sure who else there is

About that no bugs thing:

Looks like the pet bonuses disappeared from a good number of GQ items.

If it helps you find them faster, the pet bonuses disappear in GDStash, so you can sift through and fix the bonuses.

Consult: Is this quests semi-finished?

Just like thepowerofmediocrity, my favorite Telamon’s Boar Skewer disappeared.

Though I think that gregory_portman of your country is familiar with translation, I will briefly explain it for those who start a new translation.

Most of the Mastery MOD contains all the necessary texts in Text_en.arc, so you can extract it using ArchiveToolGUI and translate it.

However, since Grimarillion contains a message in the first quest (mq_wakingtomisery), that part must also be translated. If you do not translate it, the display of that quest log will become abnormal as shown in the figure.

Since this is not RAW text, it is somewhat difficult to extract. As for the method of extracting that type of text, I explained it here, so please read it if necessary.

After translating the texts, you can usually use it compatible with vanilla by putting it in your localization file.

However, if you have text with the same name as vanilla like Grimarillion’s mq_wakingtomisery, you can not do it, so you must create a separate localization file from the translation for vanilla. So, copy the localization file, change its file name like YourlandsGrimarillion.zip, rewrite “Your language” in Language.def and select it in the option list of the main menu.

Now, I gathered the texts necessary for the translation of Grimarillion v63a into the zip. You can use this for the translation of the current version.

They are postponed indefinitely, it was supposed to be removed.

OK Thanks I’ll look into it. I think these are referencing an older directory I removed because it was causing issues, forgot to update the links for the pet bonuses.

Sorry, as I mentioned above, I removed an older directory that was causing issues. If you want a replacement, the console command is…

game.give “records/items/gq_spears/u_l_telamon’sboarskewer.dbr”

Nothing to see here.