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This is how the skill has always scaled. I’ve not changed the damage types of any skill for Zenith classes iirc, only “fixed” things that seemed broken or impossible to scale well (Life leech damage).

It was a tough decision to make but to me it seemed like a fair trade off. Perma, invulnerable pets (who deal much more damage than before) vs frail pets who have no defensive scaling whatsoever. Not to mention, there’s 2 groups of players here, ones who don’t mind resummoning pets continuously and others who get tired of recasting things. I think both groups can enjoy the change to making the pets perma and invulnerable.

If it will help shift it’s identity away from a “guardian clone”, I can reduce their damage but increase the summon cap to feel more like an army. I thought that having unique skills already separated it from Guardian, since Guardian is basically an RR bot while Champions have an aura and 2 other skills.


As you can see, I’m wielding one handed weapons, and those two handed weapons appears on one handed category, they should appear on two handed category but it won’t. That problem because of me or something?

I think it’s to do with the Crusader skill Hold Your Ground. At L10 it unlocks Heavenly Strength which removes the requirement to wield one handed weapons. It allows a Crusader to use special two-handed weapons crated by Haedrig in DC. May be why they’re in that section rather than the two-handed one.

@ASYLUM101 Problem is solved. It’s because GDStash, I always use add all illusion option.

I’ve dug into the Champion class a bit more, and I think the Army of None skill is going to be overshadowed by Champion’s OP RR aura, stupidly good passives and massive WD on hit abilities regardless of what you do with it.

I haven’t played DoM, but I heard that it’s a lot easier to stack +All Skills to a class than Grimarillion, so I suppose I’m just out of luck for stacking +Champion skills while making use of the Champion Army. Playing 2 Zenith classes with the Shattered Realm set is OP as it is, so there’s not really a purpose of making further requests.

Yes, DOM has a ton of components that grant +1 to mastery and some other stats, afaik ring/medal only. On top of that the D2 mod (included in DOM) has a large selection of items that are seemingly BIS on every build, so yes, much more access to very strong items.

I love DoM because of all the class choices but i find it a little easier than Grim.With DoM earth you can actually make him way op with +skills as the blacksmith actually have full gear for earth class.I also love Grim because it’s a more straight forward mod.My brother prefer Grim as he finds all the classes and mechanics overwhelming.

Hopefully Mamba add tpc as well as it’s a really fun little mod.Btw i never knew natures wolve is that big.I tried to mount one but he didn’t like that :unamused:

Hi Asylum101,

There are some items that may need to be changed due to some changes that was done to Dream Mastery. Not sure if they are already on your to-do list.

Distort Reality (now is lightning and aether instead of chaos and vitality)
Divine Ovisomnius - converts Vitality damage to Physical for Distort Reality (no vitality to convert anymore)
Divine Morbius, the Ramrod converts Chaos damage to Physical for Distort Reality (no chaos to convert anymore)

Divine Horn of Tiamat and Divine Axe of Tereus are quite badly optimised for Distort Reality as well as they both boost damage types that is no longer present on the skill

Divine Horn of Tiamat and Divine Axe of Tereus are quite badly optimised for Distort Reality as well as they both boost damage types that is no longer present on the skill

Psionic Beam (now is lightning and aether instead of chaos and vitality)

Divine Praxidikae – converts Chaos to vitality for Psionic Beam but again no chaos to convert no anymore

Divine Erysichthon’s Hunger – same as above

Divine Scepter of Thanatos – converts Chaos to Aether and Vitality to Lightning (both are gone)

Divine Sets Red Sand poorly optimized for Psionic Beam

Thank you!

Minor issue I found, rogue’s Immunization skill description seems slightly wrong.
The text says it gives out resistance against toxin and venoms, but the skill increases vitality, bleeding damage and vitality resistance.

Set “Alexander’s Panoply” has two items: Alexander’s Pelta requires level 50, and Alexander’s Spear requires level 65.
I believe the level requirements for items within a set should be the same.

Some were, thanks for the report though.

Yep, poison resist was moved to Alchemical Stimulant.

True but these items will remain unchanged until I import the rest of the set (hopefully soon).

I have been playing on Alcoholics with a melee build and a freak ton of health regen (that helped me survive the rogue dungeon near the conflagration). :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed when playing is some purple elites (I guess bosses) are not as hard as they would have been, because they are often lower level than I am, sometimes severely so.

I am just now entering act 7 (last expansion) at level 94 or 95! Of course, I am playing normal difficulty otherwise with veteran checked.

Hello ASYLUM101 ur mod are really great and i want asking about 1 thing.
can u merge that mod from DoM to Grimarillion?link uper :slight_smile:

Is this a bug in the mod or the base game? :smiley:

They are attacking with poison it seems but no other effects are occurring. Invisible monsters!

I have seen this too, its one of the insects that normally crawls out of the ground. Looks like a bug of Grimmest. Or maybe a bug from the base game that was prevented by having them not underground.

Can’t fix something if I don’t know what’s broken.

Report again if you figure out what it is because two nameless stars stuck in the ground tells me nothing. I’m not about to test every enemy in the game to figure out which one is bugged.

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Ok cool. I figured out it’s because they are under the terrain. I’ve seen it before in Reign of Terror too. Another place in this mod made it more apparent, after I made that post, they aren’t actually invisible. So my guess is it’s from the base game. I think both instances were in Act 7. No worries.

PS. Just got my FIRST level 100 character! I was 100 before even entering Epic difficulty. Thanks to this mod, I’d get bored from the slow pacing and progress of the base game, but I was that way with D2 as well.

EDIT: One more thing. Since I was playing in Alcoholics I’m guessing it has to do with Grimmer and Grimmest and the extra spawns. That is, if it’s not from the base game. Guessing… That’s my first playthrough of act 7, can’t even verify if I’ve seen it before.

Nevermind, the mod is still a clear downgrade to a base as it was two years ago

How to shards and chunks work in grimillion in shattered realm?

I never see and increase in chunks only shard level.


It’s boss rooms only so no intervening chunks to give you a breather.