[REL] Grimarillion v84

Ok, so I’ve got no errors building. But the mod is still somehow broken

The character also doesnt respond to my control inputs.

Thank you very much , looking eagerly for the next version of Grimarillion.

Side note: Is there anywhere one can look at the ultimate levels of the skills of the Grimarillion masteries?

I think this means you lack the FG expansion.

As to missing skills in soldier, idk grimarillion doesn’t modify those.

You can extract the source files, that’s the only way.

Hello , i am new in the forum and i play grimarillion mod in normal difficulty i am level 54 in the first act ( devil crossing, yes i love farming with this mod :slight_smile: but all epics and legendaries item i drop are always in level 50 ! It’s normal ?!


I think you need to progress your level more to start seeing level 65+ epics/legendaries. I had a few level 60 items drop when I was 57.

allright Alright I will follow your advice thank you .I am still farm this area to fall on a nemesis I can’t wait !
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that Elite gives more loot than Normal/Veteran and Ultimate gives the most loot.

No way i’ve try elite with mod it’s so hard unless I change the density of the monsters but it’s not funny enymore !

Okay I’m done. Been trying for days rebuilding the .arz but I’m just too stupid to determine what the problems are.

Can someone with a little bit of time edit the chest_gq_heroloot_all_01u in the .arz to make the hero loots spawn more epic/legendaries (probably x2-3 of the current rate)? It’s a relatively small file and I would be eternally grateful if they can upload the arz here.

It’s for personal use only as I can’t put as much time as I use to back when I started.

Anyone else freezing a lot? I’m almost positive it’s related to loot drops. Very consistent, every 1-2 hours my game freezes and it seems to be when I hover over an item or when items first drop on the ground. I’ve started playing with all items hidden and only showing items when i see a blue sparkle, and haven’t froze in maybe 4 hours. I had this same problem on Cataclysm and DAIL back in the day, on a different pc, so…yeah…haven’t played vanilla much in a long time but interesting that it has been a problem in every mod I’ve played.

Yes it’s happening to me too. It happens consistently when hovering over Lord Thalonis’s MI weapon on the ground.

  1. stash is completely broken now with patch
  2. Looks like Rainbow item filter is broken as well. Lots of tag not found at stasher.
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That always happens with a new patch and has nothing to do with Grimarillion. Report that over in the Rainbow thread so the author can update that mod.

I also get freezes occasionally, but I never had them in Dail and also not in older Grimarillion versions. Also mainly when hovering mouse on drops.

Are you by any chance playing on old characters when it freezes? Or does it happen to new ones created in Grimarillion too?

Been having crashes all the while when accidentally hovering over item stats. Fixed it by turning off Auto Item Tooltip. At least its somewhat working band-aid fix for now.

My shared stash is missing in Grima after the update :frowning: .

shared stash gone

Until stasher mod is updated there’s nothing I can do. I don’t have time to fix it myself this time around.

Is there going to be a hot fix of patch since Grim Dawn the basic game has been patched the shared bank no longer works and all my items in my bank are gone??

See above post by Asylum101

What do you guys mean? My shared stash works as intended. Is it a problem with softcore one?