[REL] Grimarillion v84

Can anyone else confirm that Borea’s Swirling Storm is triggering devotions? Can’t get it to work for me still…

It seems the AnnihilationZE11 mythical relic craftable at the Satyr does not grant any skill. Or at least the tooltip implies it doesn’t. That said, I haven’t crafted it to test. Maybe its just a tooltip issue.

I think it is supposed to be a meteor skill, FYI.

This item is missing textures…

Any chance for masteries from Diablo 2?

Anyone have suggestions for relics for a Grand Necromancer (Spirit/GD Necro)? Petmancer so I don’t know whether to go for the usual GD pet ones or something from TQ. :woman_shrugging:

Wow, I haven’t played this mod in awhile and all of the TQ classes feel brand new. You’ve been busy :clap:

(Got a missing texture on the D3 Wizard Ray of Frost skill)

What’s with all these crafted items that require 3000+ physique to equip? This can’t be intentional?

Everything starting with “Crusader” are special weapons for the Crusader D3 class if you’re using a certain skill in that tree.

I’ve suggested that the D3 modders should have their own unique Crusader-NPC with all those recipes, just like Asylum did with GQ-items.

I don’t think it’s just crusader items, it’s all non-vanilla weapons added to the crafting menu. I think. Nevermind. You’re correct they all appear to be crusader =)

yeah crusader has a blessing that allows for the one handed req to go away so all the 2 handed weapons have a change to become 1 handed which is why the req is the 2 handed weapon. makes the crusader a beast.

some even have 5000 physique requirements. It’s pretty much impossible to achieve without cheating so you can just forget those items :smiley:

Uh no it’s like mood said, you need to play crusader.

Anyone still having the crashes? I know Asylum wasn’t sure if it was able to be fixed, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same and what they may have done to mitigate it?

Crashes for me consistently within about 20 minutes of play, not sure if it is related to items dropping/tooltips or class based procs.

I can’t repro such frequent crashes, I’ve play tested several things for the upcoming fix, several hours at a time and had no crashes.

Had one crash so far, after a 4 hour play session. Grimarillion used to crash more often for me in previous versions, but that was before the 64 bit .exe implementation.

I seem to have the most crashes where there’s cultists, like blood grove, I’ve also read for crashes in another mod that it seems to be related to having +skills gear equipped. But so far been playing for maybe a dozen hours with all loots drops hidden, and then only showing after all enemies are cleared, without a crash, whereas before without hiding drops I would frequently crash every 1-2 hours.

That was fun. I got the 18 pets out all at once achievement on my GOG version using the mod. :rofl:

Hey guys, with the recent updates I think I lost a skill point because a skill got removed. How do I ensure I have the correct amount and then add missing points?

Wings for character included?

You can add skill points using the console in a modded game. Just hit ` , usually above the Tab button, to open the console. Then type “game.IncrementSkill” (Without the quotes). That should give you 1 skill point, so you will need to do that once for every point you are missing.

Unfortunately to figure out how many Skill points you should have and how many you are missing you will have to use manual calculations. You start with 0 at level 1, get 3 for every level up to 50, get 2 for every level after until I think 90 (Might be off on that, might need to look that up. It’s a high Level so it should only matter if you are 85+ or so). You also get some from quests, one from that early mandatory quest to give arcane shards to the scientist guy in the first city (one per difficulty), one for finishing The Hidden Path (once per difficulty), and a few Ultimate exclusive ones (If you got to Ultimate already, you should look these up to see if you did them yet).

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