[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Grimarillion is designed toward merging multiple stand-alone mods into one single mod - how the classes and gear interact with each other is far beyond ASYLUM’s scope. There are no Satyr crafts for D3 characters, but you can craft the Jade Set beginning at level 30 that gives +2 to all skills (D3, Zenith, GQ, all of them) when you equip them both. Whether D3 characters can reasonably level through the game with their current gear is not something I care to test, but any issues with early-game skills being too weak should be taken up in the D3 thread.

One further point: the reason GQ and Zenith have those crafts is because they have no Epic or Legendary items early on that give +skills to any of their abilities. They have items that give +1 to all skills in those classes, but those bonuses don’t have much of an impact until Level 50 or so anyway, if only because you don’t have enough skill points early on for those bonuses to matter in any significant way.

Grimer has pretty great items already in his D3 mod, he doesn’t need half-assed craftable greens. Zenith only has them because I felt bad that there was 0 item support, so while I added the greens for GQ I added some for Zenith too.

Ruby+Staff, well, it would be up to Grimer to add that functionality.

I just want to say I’m enjoying the mod as always and to everybody contributing to this compilation I thank you for many hours of enjoyment :slight_smile:

On a different note it seems the Necrotic’s skill Primordial Transfer is not applying as an AoE (works on 1 target per click) and yet still has the AoE listed on the tooltip. I have not tested every level of the skill only the first few so I’m not sure if its the same at each rank. Unsure if this has been mentioned already also but the class synergy skills for zenith appear to be missing tags now (requires tag not found) tested on the latest update.

Tags are working for me. 2 things, might be a random error from prolonged playing, switching mods/characters or whatever. Or they’re just working now. I haven’t changed anything, so I doubt that but who knows. Magic.

Primordial Transfer is working as intended I believe, but it’s not my skill or mastery so I can’t be certain.

Thanks for the reply Asylum, honestly not sure what the cause of the tags not showing could be on my end then as I did a complete reinstall of Grim Dawn last night (cleaned out left over files as well) and then re-installed the latest version of this mod.

After which I only made the one character and had no other mods re-installed xD I checked out Zenith’s page in regards to Primordial Transfer and in the Hotfix notes over there it looks as if it was intended to be an AoE so I’m not sure why its only working as a single target spell, possibly got the wrong tag in the asset manager making it target based instead of area?:

(Primordial Transfer: Removed cooldown. Duration reduced by 3 seconds at all ranks. Added a 6 meter Area of Effect. Note that applying this skill to multiple targets does not buff you further; you can receive the benefits at most once at a time. Against multiple targets, it behaves solely like Curse of Frailty. Moved it up to a tier 6 skill (was tier 5). p.s not sure if it matters but I’m using the Ungrim version currently. Also I checked on a new character, made a Terror Knight and it shows the tags just fine, its only on my Pure Necrotic that it is missing the tags currently.

Probably just a mistake on Ceno’s part then somehow. You’ll have to wait on him to fix it.


v64e is ready.

Requires only v64a before installing v64e. (includes the changes from v64b, v64c, and v64d)




*Fixed an issue where Spear of Renunutet had an invalid skill bonus.
*Fixed an issue with a misplaced database.
*Applied a fix from Grimer to resolve an issue with Demon Hunter’s Chakram.
*Fixed a minor UI issue with the Barbarian skill Cleave.
*Fixed an issue where GQ pets were receiving a Crit Dmg bonus starting at rank 1 instead of rank 2 as intended.
*Fixed an issue where Gladiator’s Creed Set bonus wasn’t working.

Briar Ward:
*Reworked skill - now summons a single plant which immediately activates Sanctuary when summoned.
*Added invincibility.
*Removed Thorns and all pet scaling.
*Now requires 20 mastery points to unlock.

Briar Ward - Stinging Nettle:
*Now creates a 5m area around the Briar Ward which deals poison and acid damage to enemies within.
*Now requires 32 mastery points to unlock.

Briar Ward - Sanctuary:
*Removed, merged into base skill.

Earth Enchantment:
*Added Burn and % Burn damage (moved from Brimstone)

Earth Enchantment - Brimstone:
*Removed, bonuses shifted elsewhere.

Earth Enchantment - Stoneskin:
*Added fire resistance (moved from Brimstone)

For some reason cosmetic wings from Diablo 3 mod are invisible even though the effect is listed as active. And they’re shown as infamous red-blue “checkers” inside the inventory.

Any tips for playing Grimarillion (not ungrim)? Finding it pretty hard even at low levels, but man the mob density makes it so much fun.

Pick Soldier, rush for Blitz skill and bring lots of pots. :smiley:

Hm, it’s working fine on my end. Have you installed the most recent version? (64e)

If yes, can you show me an image of the contents of your database and resources folders? I want to compare the file sizes with my own.

Yeah, I’ve got 64e installed.

Let Ceno know about it over in his Zenith tread: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40486

Thanks. Next update will be a full download instead of the smaller hotfixes so we can resolve this issue.

May I ask a question? Will be there also some new content? Items,classes or something :slight_smile: ? I have also got an idea - make some quests always give U additionally speciffic unique ,which would be obtainable only by such quest. Also, have U found anything about Heart of Oak aura problem? Will it be fixed :slight_smile: ? BtW, as always gj, this mod is a part of game major content for me,I never play without it :slight_smile: so, U are kind of part of development team for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for all the hard work on the mod.

There is one minor thing I wonder if anybody has pointed out.
It seems the GD Defiler works with almost no problems with Grimarillion, right out of the bat with one exception, the titan quest masteries dont show on the Masteries/Devotion tab at all when selected ingame. I can only assume this is something that may need to be fixed on GD Defiler’s end but I wanna ask if anybody has encountered this or maybe has a workaround for it?

Hello, sorry if this has been answered. Is there a way to play this mod with just the increased spawns/stash changes? no classes or new items.

And what is the difference between the normal version and ungrim?

Looks like elementalist skill tree causing crash everytime i opened and trying spends some points.

Tried to download the mod and I couldn’t get the “new” (= not vanilla) mastery selection UI using the ungrim version. I do have the new mastery selection UI when using grimmest though but with ungrim I only have the basic masteries and no new UI.

It’d be amazing if this could be fixed. Thanks a lot.

I do not even remember if Grimmest has the stash mod too or not. But if you play Grimarillion and just use the vanilla masteries (and ignore new items) that is probably your best bet as Grimmest is in limbo and Aslyum is actively working to update Grimarillion to work with latest GD.

Ungrim is the opposite of what you are asking for, new items and classes, without Grimmest spawns.

Sounds like you installed the mod incorrectly, you need to install 64a and then overwrite the files with the contents of 64e.

Read the OP and look for the red text that clarifies what Ungrim does.