[REL] Grimarillion v90d

I have just now updated the raibow file for Grimarillion v71. :stuck_out_tongue:

The devotion skills remain old, but is this intentional?
D3mod supports the latest constellations.


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Damn son thanks for making the sigil of bast useful.
Just got a mythic bronze heart of talus amulet drop. Should be talos like in titan quest :+1:. Tasker and Theo gloves have a +2 tag not found, which I assume would be call of the wild.

Does v71 fix the tooltip-related crash?

Thanks as always for the updates and I look forward to the hotfix tonight + rainbow update :sunglasses:

Not intended, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t take the devotion skills from D3 because D3 doesn’t have the support for custom skill templates afaik.

Talos/Talus are both proper spelling. The name “Bronze Heart of Talus” is exactly as it was in TQ, I don’t modify the item names except to add the style prefixes (divine/mythical/lesser/greater)

As for Bast, yeah I forgot to add it in the last update but it’s been “done” for a while now. :+1:

I have no idea what causes such a crash so I can’t fix it. If anyone can figure out exactly what it is that causes the crash then by all means… tell me so I can fix it. Is it a certain affix? A certain line of text? A certain number of items? Who knows?

I started crashing when tier 75 and higher items started to drop. All I can say really.

v71a Changelog

*Fixed an issue where certain groble shaman would dual wield items and not have an animation for doing so.

*Updated a few devotions.

*Health scaling decreased to 28 health per rank and energy scaling increased to 10 per rank.

*Fixed an issue where this skill had 0 mana cost.
*Increased the projectile radius to 0.3 m from 0.2 m.

Elysian Aegis:
*Fixed an issue where this skill had 0 mana cost.

Astral Rift:
*Fixed an issue where the petskill Phantasm was misnamed as Mastermind.

Soul Feast:
*Fixed an issue where the old name “Enslave Spirit” returned, again.

Battle Rage - Boundless Wrath:
*Fixed an issue where the % Cooldown Reduction wasn’t removed as intended.


Small download, just drag and drop and overwrite the existing files in your grimarillion mod folder. Backup your stuff just in case something goes wrong.


Thank you for the quick update. :dash:

The Rainbow file has been updated accordingly. This update, including the devotions, has great significance.


I just started playing this yesterday, seeing quite a few Skill Tag Not found, Skill profile not found. Is this something that is being ironed out? It’s not a ton, but some. I’m level 47 and I’ve seen maybe 10 or so thus far.

Try posting an image or at least an item name so someone can figure what you’re seeing in your game.

If I summon thorn sprites with divine demeter’s sorrow equipped the game crashes.

Ok well 2 of those items posted are D3 items. Grimer just posted an update earlier, hopefully the fix is in there because I am working on uploading the Grimarillion update with the contents of that.

The chromatic staff is not bugged.

v71b Changelog

[Diablo 3]
*Applied 3.1 update. See here:
[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes: Patch 3.1 Released

[Grim Quest]

*Fixed a possible bug in the GQ medals/belts loottables.

Astral Rift:
*Fixed an issue where the phantasm skill wasn’t scaling.

Thorn Sprites:
*Fixed a crash that occured when Divine Demeter’s Sorrow was equipped.


I’ll just copy pasta this…


The Rainbow file also updated for v71b. :dizzy:


I can’t keep up with all these patches :smiley:.Great job in fixing bugs btw as that can be a biatch

Hi for some reason, Diablo 3 items have disappeared from both blacksmiths in the latest updates. I can’t find where to craft Diablo 3 items using Forgotten Souls and the Kunai items.

Read the D3 changelogs

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Npc is named Haedrig Eamon, he is found next to the children and the NPC called Constance who gives the fabric quest. They are located at the top right hand corner of devil’s crossing.

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Thanks, I found him now.