Relic hunt mode suggestion

A vendor that will give a quest to increase chances of finding set items.

I’ve been gone for a while and reacquainted myself with the game. There is so much new content since I last played that my obsession has been reignited. This game is one of my favorites of all time. Congratulations and thanks all over again. Also, apologies if a suggestion like this has already been posted.

So, back to my suggestion. On ongoing and eternal frustration with games that include set items is the inability to gather the set pieces in a timely manner. By the time even a small number of them have been gathered they are likely obsolete and finding a new piece is nearly next to useless and of minor reward value.

How would it be to have a vendor like a faction quest table that once one piece of a set has been found you could activate a quest (or quest chain) that has as its reward a piece of a desired item set. It might be a bit tricky to implement but it would be totally awesome IMO.

Thanks again for a great gaming experience!


Thanks for anticipating my every desire.

Now, about that winning lottery ticket issue …