Relic Issues

Something that bothers me everytime I try and make something with demo/shaman/necro is the serious lack of usefulness on relics.
Now Im not saying that they are NOT useful while in some way they serve a purpose even if for the +1, they simply dont match the versatility given to you by the classes.

I feel pet relics should be seperate from the major 3 class relics (60,70,90) in every case (except for pets ofc) they severely limit the versatility that other classes get (3 relics with a wide range)

A great example of versatility to a class is Arcanist relics , hands down the best relics that I cant ever make my mind up on , Sometimes ill GDstash its 3 types 10x in 3rows (for good rolls) just because they are so good and versatile I cant make my mind up. When Im building an elementalist im still looking at arcanists relics because elementalist has nothing “appealing”

Demo isnt so bad but its clearly very 1 sided here lol… Fire or fire or wait how about fire with a skill you need to put on the skillbar with the other 55 skills demo has.
Shaman is choked to 2 because of pets, in reality 1 cause the bleed relic is just as niche as the pets.
These are 2 very versatile classes that have relics that limit the versatility more than empowering it.

All of this is OFC an opinion of a player and not a game designer, I would just like to see relics somewhat match the versatility of some classes.

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I’d say that most of Shaman/Demo relics are really strong ones, except maybe Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm (never saw it being used and it’s the only Demo relic that supports lightning).

Necro relics are mostly mediocre. Impurity is really solid and probably the best one, uro’s reaping is kinda meh, granted skill is useless (and it’s almost never taken). Maybe rework granted skill or make a focus on vit damage with some tweaks, actually dunno.

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Relics are a thing that also boggle my mind sometimes in this game.

Firstly, they are extremely expensive and resource intensive and take forever to craft.
Secondly, I have found with various characters that a Transcendent relic sometimes beats a Mythical equivalent hands down for the build and is difficult to replace.

At the end of the day, Relics are there as a just another way to try to tweak and refine your build. If you find a lower level relic that actually does exactly what your build is needing, then don’t waste time and resource crafting a higher level relic that is not going to actually benefit you just for the sake that it is a higher level.

Relics are like Gear Items, some look amazing and some look crap, but depending on your build and strategy those CRAP looking items and relics may suddenly turn out to be game beating combinations.

It all requires a little thought and experimentation, but that is what this game was and still is all about.

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