Removal of worthless completion bonuses!

On relics without +X/Y skill bonuses (some of which are pretty meh ;)) there are just random/awful completion bonuses and these should be removed. If I craft Malediction a melee acid relic what am I going to do with a +34% aether bonus? +34% vitality decay? There’s just no reason these should exist and it especially hurts new players who can craft multiples and put a ton of their resources into a single relic

My Malediction gives me % offensive ability. Just saying that not all of them are useless. But yeah, i always found some bonuses weird and out of place

I once crafted a Mistborn Talisman that buffed Acid damage. I took one look at it, asked myself “what the HELL am I going to do with this?” and promptly used it to craft up to a better relic with a better completion bonus pool. :rolleyes:

Yep, I’m all for this. There’s a lot of completion bonuses that often won’t fit your build, and the +skills on Mythical relics encourages save scumming.

The bonus existance isn’t the real problem, it’s the huge pool of mostly awful possibilities for that bonus.

+1 from me. One of my prouder changes in Cornucopia was changing the completion bonuses of every Mythical-tier relic to be designed specifically for that relic in mind, though I did opt for keeping the generic +% <Physique/Cunning/Spirit> bonuses as well, as they do have a use.

And +1 from me.
Crafted a “Scourge” relic today for my in progress Spellbreaker, the bonus is “+36% Internal trauma damage”… well, that’s totally useless :frowning:

Can’t even trade the damn thing, no one would want it.