remove 10% phys to fire conversion on virtue's ward

I have no reason for it to not be there except for that I personally just don’t want it there for 1 specific build I am making. Thanks.

I don’t see a reason for it to be removed, but as this set has no weapon, only a shield, so changing that to some flat fire damage would be nice and would not really change much too.

If it’s octavius then let me assure you that the set has enough going for it

It’s part of a set exclusive for fire and it’s also there to avoid precisely what you are trying to do (the skill mods would be moved the final set bonus if the amulet lost the conversion). And yes, Octavius has a lot going for it already.

What difference does it make if it has no weapon and only a shield? Aegis hits with the shield.

Considering its mostly a fire set, as shown by the Physical to Fire Damage for aegis in its 5p set bonus and the Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage on the shield, its makes logical and thematic sense for it to be there.

If you use the set with weapon that has a physical to fire conversion it would helpful to have some extra on the set, so I rather not lose it. Also the shield has physical damage that benefits from the extra conversion if you go the wps + RF route in addition to aegis.

Sure you could add some flat fire damage to make up for it but that would not affect the flat physical damage on skills or devotions procs like Light of Empyrion.

No. leave it.

All of the posts above me are completely correct in every way for why it should be removed. But I still want it removed. Just for me.

Seems like a pretty egocentric request, but okay.

So long as you recognize that it probably isn’t going to get removed. :smiley:

It’s definitely not, I knew that from the beginning. Still want it though.

And I want Forgotten Gods right now. Just for me. Pretty please?:eek:
(if you’re a playtester, have mercy and don’t brag, that’d be mean!)

10% more dmg on meteors. And you want to move it away from us?
No way . Nou nou nou =)
BTW… conversion can roll 7%. Not sure if 7% will lead to noticeable dps loss on Octavius.