Remove Debuff from the SR ’ s Shrine

Please remove Debuff from SR Shrine.
Why do I need to get Debuff at the same time though I paid the cost to get the bonus?
It is a failure if you were expecting to compare the merits and demerits.
I don’t use Shrine very much, because the debuff will diminish the benefits of getting Shrine.
The penalty for the players is enough in Mutators.

I’d rather said - balance those shrines, please.
Oleron & Rattosh are very powerful (and their “debuffs” are marginal), while remaining two shrines are literally USELESS or even worse. Buff those two first, to be on par with Rattosh & Oleron.

Vire is good too for mid/high armor chars. Not casters maybe

You get Oleron Vire Rattosh and you are very powerful.

Instead of taking away debuffs, i’d make them occur more often. They are too far and in between

This is fine. I hate to sacrifice many of the important abilities to survive.
Such a random bonus, should be a crutch to empower in order to confront the formidable enemy.
There is no point in increasing the chance of dying by getting it.

I add a lot of defense statistics to survive in SR. At the same time, it means balancing at the expense of offensive power.
By acquiring the shrine, the exquisite offensive and defensive balance is lost.
Do I do more drug doping to make up for that broken balance?
No. It just consumes extra items and makes things complicated and annoying.

Shrine of death also very powerful but at the same way very dangerous.
Yes, need some re-balancing

Vire is good too for mid/high armor chars. Not casters maybe
Surprisingly it’s very good for pets, too

Every single pylon is good for pets, and because of the lack of CC res on pet builds (since none of the good pet classes offer CC res + lack of CC res on pet related devotions), the yellow shrine is almost required for safety after ~sr55 in HC. The downside is pretty giant on classes outside of pet builds though8

Shrine of Death is great for players that actually have overcapped their resistances, which often isn’t that hard to do to a point that -8 all res is a problem.

Green pylon is godly.

Oleron (red pylon) is incredible, unless you struggle to get half decent phys res.

Vire (blue pylon) is the only one that’s kinda questionable for me, particularly on pet builds.

I overall don’t really see much of a problem. Maybe making the down

I would prefer it if the SR shrines were changed into Desecrated ones instead.
That way the player gets a mini-event and a reward at the end if he beats the challenge, and it would fill up the gauge somewhat too.

Considering all the rewards for SR are granted at the end, having a small effort -> reward task here and there would be appealing to me.
Plus, I’m cheap and I don’t want to “waste” materials even if it’s just a basic crafting mat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, it hurts builds with high physical res the most. If your build has low physical res, 8% loss is barely noticeable. But if you have something like 60-70%, it would mean up to 25% increase to physical damage taken…
However, 30% more damage is far to powerful to ignore, even at the cost of slight physical res reduction. After all, even if you stack 70% physical res, there are enemies, that will reduce it to something like 20-30, nullifying all benefit.