Remove second mastery

Can I use a program to remove a second mastery? Which program to use? It is like?

In the next updates, wouldn’t it be interesting for CRATE to allow this change at any time?

You can use either GDDefiler or GDStash to remove a mastery.

And, no because the idea is to make new characters, not keep redoing just the one by removing masteries all the time.


Been asked for in the past, not happening.

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well…we dont have much time to play grim dawn over and over again…takes a lot of time!

Then you’ve got GD stash to change it to your hearts content but since it isn’t the intent of the game designers to have the game played that way it’ll thankful always be consigned to a third party option.

its not that hard to use those mentioned 3rd party programs.

and like what others said, grim dawn encourages players to try and experiments with various class combinations and builds to fully enjoy the game, rather than just using 1 char and respec again & again to experience everything in the game.

also, the game offers various optional quests/faction loyalty branches that requires separate characters to complete them and get their unique rewards.

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+1 to using gdstash for this. Simple and does the trick.

then either use GD Stash or try fewer builds, it really is that simple… Crate won’t add this feature or they would already have done so some time ago