[REQUEST] A smuggler in Old Arkovia

I find that I visit Old Arkovia a lot of times because the Rover dealer there pays 25% more for loot. Often, I have to then go down to DC to deposit any useful items in inventory or the shared stash. Having a smuggler in the rover camp would save that trip.

I don’t think I am the only one who follows this routine.

Of course there needs to be some kind of justification for what a smuggler is doing amongst the nomads.

If you have good faction with Devil’s Crossing you can get that merchant bonus there too, I’m pretty sure. That said, I would welcome a smuggler in the Rover camp. Let’s face it, the Rovers there aren’t actually doing much roving.

Just did a quick comparison at the Homestead (Revered), Rovers (Honored) and DC (Honored) factions for an item. Every one pays 130 bits for it except the Rover salvage dealer who pays 162.

Whoa. That’s… interesting. Wonder why that is?

I think the faction discounts only apply to purchases. Haven’t really tested the theory though as most factions sell faction-specific items.

That’s right.

I think this is a leftover from long, long, long ago when there was only act 1 available in the game and the Rover vendor in the Wightmire swamps didn’t had a stationary spawn point. So you had to run around to find him and the extra pay for sold items had a form of reward for time spend looking, the concept was dumped later (also due to both Rovers and beasts spawning in the same location that sometimes led to the whole camp getting killed and only the unkillable service npc was left alive. It looked hilarious, like the monsters had their own vendor).
A little side fact: the Rover faction quartermaster to whom you can also sell items has the same pay as the other factions vendors/quartermasters. Only the vendor has a higher pay.

This makes sense, actually. Otherwise, I can’t easily think of a reason as to why a particular class of dealers should offer better prices. The original rover camp provided a bonus and the system probably carried over to the camps in Arkovia.

Thanks for explaining this, Kojotek! I’ve only had Grim Dawn for a few weeks, and it didn’t take too long to notice the better prices for my unwanted junk that the Rovers in Wightmire were willing to pay. That was also true of the other Rover vendors. Even upon reaching Homestead, the vendors there were still a bunch of cheapskates, and I’d always head off to Old Arkovia whenever I needed to sell!

I would think that, as an improvement, the the prices that vendors pay for your old junk should be linked to faction discounts. It makes more sense that as you go from “Tolerated” to “Revered”, they really should be giving you better rates.

I kind of miss the wit of the Titan Quest vendors, though. “I sell to the wise and powerful. Are you sure YOU should be shopping here?” :smiley: