Request help with my DW ranged Cabalist

I did grimtools on my phone and it won’t let me put in devotions and i can’t search so i left components out. From what i remember, my devotions were Meteor, Wendigo, Raise the Dead, Dying God, Giant’s Blood, Bats. I love the DW guns and the pets that scale from my bonuses. Do these pets also soak up hits from the enemy for me? Anyway… here it is

Would love to have a pro go through this and optimize it. I basically Curse, Ill Omen, Pox, and Bone Harvest/gun everything down. Please help if you have time. Thank you

I’d like to keep the guns and blood knight set. Everything else is negotiable for how i wish to play.

What are your goals/objectives for this character?

I would like to kill superbosses either solo or duo with my friend. I like hitting hard and i like the dot duration so i can kite harder enemies if i need to. I think my vitality decay duration is at like 18 seconds so i Bone Harvest and kite on bosses.

Okay - Advice? Don’t do it.

Not being sarcastic, just saying you’re in for disappointment if you do.

The guns have no inherent attack speed, you have no strong attack replacer, and you aren’t making use of bloodknight’s biggest advantage - bone harvest.

To give you a frame of reference, this was the DW vitality defiler I made:

The purifier stands head and shoulders above it, and I doubt the DW purifier will be capable of taking on all superbosses.

EDIT: However, if it’s something you find cool and something you will enjoy? Then knock yourself out. Just don’t expect to be killing any gods soon.

I use Bone Harvest a lot but i guess its weak with a 1H weapon is what you mean? What can i realistically expect to make of this? What needs to be changed?

It’s weak because you’re not capitalising on BH. x1x2 did a BK cabalist using m. deathreached (a 2-handed vit axe with ~16% CDR for more BH), and he was critting for a high of 1 million damage.

His entire built centered around reducing the cooldown of BH as much as possible so that he could cast it as often as possible.

Here you are torn between using BH and firing your guns making you good at neither.

You’ll have to forgive me because i’m new to the game but would you be able to help me pick one and create a build around something i already have? Guns i would assume would fit best since i really like them and don’t enjoy the feel of melee weapons. Even if i have to switch Occultist for something else. Having all the pets is cool but i see in your build you dropped the 5 set bonus on Blood Knight which i’d be willing to do. What would be needed to turn this into a gun build?

Lmao. Nothing to forgive mate (p.s. welcome to the forum!)

That depends largely on what you already have, what damage type you want to use and whether or not you want pets.

AFAIK, there are no amazing pet/player hybrid build capable of competing at the ‘elite tier’ of builds, let alone kill gods.

Basically, I can’t help unless you actually provide information.

If you are new to the game, check out the beginner builds and get your expectations sorted out. You do not simly go and kill the Ravager on Ultimate with your first char :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the warm welcome and your time.

Ok so here we go then. Items, i’m not too concerned about. My friend that got me playing has pretty much everything unless its a green, which i have no problem trading for or farming. So lets assume gear isn’t an issue.

I like the idea of passive damage which is why i like the pets and long DoT duration. If something is too powerful to facetank then i can always hit and run. Vitality damage is my preference because of the guns. The fire to vita convertion is neat and having meteors from devotion is neat but don’t know how effective it is or if they even hit hard. I like the mechanic behind pox and its synergy with ill omen.

Even crucible success would be great if superbosses isn’t a realistic goal. I could always join my buddy if i want to experience that.

What else can i answer to help narrow things down?

Its important for me to be a part of creating a build and not copy pasting something i didn’t have any involvement in

I’m going to PM you

Good luck then

So you have guns with fire to vitality,don’t want to replicate other peoples build and have friend with a lots of items,got it.Why don’t tried the ranged appostate with Radaggan set,all ranged wps,using Censure( vitality:D).You can go Rattosh/Meteors here.Rest of the build depends on you,so at the end you can min max it according to your taste;)