[REQUEST]Inquisitor 2h ranged weapon suggestion

I’m having doubts regarding 2h ranged weapons for an Ranged Infiltrator (Ranged expertise/ no nightblade melee perks) build. I was thinking of going with Mythical Northern Wyrm but now, I don’t know.

Can you guys and gals from the forums give me suggestions?

It really comes down on what damage type you want to deal out…

Rushing my own inquisitor based-2h ranged right now and Im going with Tactician. Physical Damage and beefiness. I’m imagining a buck-shot type character at close proximity. Inquisitor passives lets you get decent amounts of flat Physical damage. Since there’s kraken and a multitude of Constellations that gives you massive % bonus to Physical it might be promising. Then there’s that manticore constellation for flat -resist and warcry for the -%physical resist.

I’m excited to see just how much damage i can dish out without building a heavy crit build.

If you plan on going Elemental: Shaman/Arcanist will be your obvious choices

It can be any type as I use the Luminari’s Sidearm (with the Luminari Regalia set) with the Mythical Arcanum Sigillis as my Primary guns.
Also to add as a limit: I don’t like to pick separate set pieces without matching the set because of two things:
1- I like set bonuses because they help some of my builds. Specially Grim Dawn Weapon and Armor Sets (The Bonuses are strong in these ones, even with Epic sets).
2- My OCD Flares like an alarm if I don’t have a full matching set. (Armor only)