[Request] Simple mod to edit a couple of skills

I was hoping that there was an easy way for to edit skills, but it doesn’t look like it? I tried messing around with the AssetManager but gave up since I wasn’t sure how to use it and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I was just wondering if anyone can make a simple mod for me that buffs the duration of Pneumatic Burst and Blood of Dreeg to like, 1 or 2 minutes or something like that.

Either that, or someone can make a dummy’s guide for me to get started if I ever wanted to do something like this again. I checked out the tutorials, but there were so many and I wasn’t sure where to start.

Two minutes.

Thank you! I can just unzip it in the mod directory and it should work just as is? I tried doing so and it didn’t seem to work.

Did you select Custom in the Main Menu and create a new character?

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Oh I was under the impression that it would work for the main campaign and all my current characters. I’m using another mod and this is the case, but it might be because there’s an actual installer for that.

There’s a video that shows how I can use the same save files, but is there a way to edit the main campaign skills so I don’t have to do this?

Ah someone else will have to help you with all that. Until they do if you want to use it you will probably have to do it the normal way I described.

Hi Rekrul
Upload your database.arz and i’ll take a look if i can override it.
It’s might be not the best option though, with every update game verifies its files so you’ll have to do it again and again.

To edit the base game check out this video:

That video is attempting to do something else entirely, but it covers the concept of modding the vanilla content. What you want to do is edit records/skills/playerclass03/bloodofdreeg1_buff.dbr and records/skills/playerclass04/nightbladeenchant1.dbr and set their skillActiveDuration values equal to 120.

The post after you solved it, but thanks for the offer. Yeah it’s annoying, but they don’t churn out updates that often :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, this is what I was looking for. I tried it and it worked like a charm, thanks!