Requires a lot of features, seriously affects the game experience

  1. Increase the “priority of city walls” → Sufficient materials + labor, workers will not build city walls
  2. Add “designated farmland for fertilizer farm + automatic fertilization” → a lot of fertilizer factories are very troublesome
  3. Add the function of “uncheck the warehouse to store food” → I don’t want to put the food in the warehouse, but it is very troublesome to cancel one by one
  4. The need for a repair shop → Although there are sufficient materials and labor, there will be no special personnel to repair the house
  5. A large map function is required and the important resources such as iron ore and mud gold are marked
  1. They do build it. They’re also working on a mass prio for walls.
  2. They’re already making this.
  3. There’s no need if you have enough resources builders and laborers.
  4. ?

Please stop telling other people that there is “no need” for a feature they wish; it is getting tiresome. You are are not the sole player of this game.

(and given this particular comment of yours, it is readily apparent you simply don’t understand why the requested is being wished for, which makes it particularly vexing.

It annoys me greatly that every time I build a new warehouse I have to manually uncheck two dozen food boxes; something that has nothing to do with the number of builders are laborers available.)

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There is a literal difference between need and want. If the function they’re asking for is already in the game there is literally no need. Builders and laborers repairing works fine, as long as you actually play the game properly. Builders ARE the specialized unit they’re asking for.

The numbers were automatically adjusted in my post and didn’t match the points I was responding to, either. Way to make assumptions, exculcator.

Additionally, I stated that they’re specifically adding in two of the requested features, including one that lets you uncheck an entire category.

As if you’re the only one?

It’s ‘apparent’ but how would resources, builders, and laborers apply to storing goods in a storehouse? Get the chip off your shoulder. It’s really pathetic that you’re upset by this

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