Reset all devotions option

With the ability for devotions to depend upon themselves for the necessary affinities, it would be nice just to be able to reset all of them at once - the cost would still be the same (number of devotion points in Aether crystals, along with however much iron), but it would stop you from having to unspec, respec, then unspec different devotions in order to reset one’s complex map of dependent devotions.

Already exists. It’s called a tonic of clarity. It’s a rare drop from nemesis bosses.

Ah, ok. But surely it’d be nice if the spirit guide could do so too, even with the cost there? It just seems like it’d be a nice quality of life thing - same cost, but saving a lot of clicking and fumbling around on the devotion page. I don’t see why we should have to find a rare drop from a nemesis just to save a few clicks (although saving you from paying all those crystals is a good idea).