Resist reduction, viper - mechanics


Quick question. I’m contemplating picking up Viper for a warlock build utilizing among others Chaos strike (riftstone). At 270 % wep damage, it would of course apply the debuff. However, I will also run other spells using lower % weapon damage (as low as 10 %). So, the questions are the following:

  1. If I apply the debuff with chaos strike, will a subsequent say DEE ruin the debuff with 10ish % application?

  2. Say the debuff was already applied in very weak form (again, DEE). Will chaos strike replace it with a fresh and actually useful version if cast on the already weakly debuffed target?

Ty for answers! =)

I’m pretty sure only the strongest will apply.

Correct. The strongest will apply to its fullest duration, overriding any existing, weaker debuffs. When its duration ends, if any weaker debuffs still persist, they’ll take effect.

Thanks guys, appreciate it!