-% resistance mechanic

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With all else being equal, does the DPS of a +X% increase in a damage type equal a -X% resistance debuff of the same damage type? If they are not the same, what’s the ratio/calculation to get the difference between the two?

Example: my butt-nekkid lvl 1 char gets a +10% fire damage buff from one item and a -10% fire resistance debuff on a different item, and can’t wear both at the same time for whatever reason. Is the DPS the same or different? If you change it to a fully decked out lvl 100 mythical geared char and do the same thing, is the DPS the same or different? What’s the difference?

Resistances lower the damage by a percentage, 50% in a resist reduces damage by 50%, so if you deal 100 damage, you’d need additional 100% damage to compensate for that. If you had 100% RR (resistance reduction) instead, you’d deal 50% more damage.

% damage will never compensate for the damage loss because some monsters have over 90% resist, some even have over 100%, so dealing 10% of the damage in later levels would sometimes require you 5k% damage, which is impossible to achieve. RR is always your main go-to.

When in doubt, always take the resistance reduction.

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Or when you feel like the weather is cool, pick resistance reduction.

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