Resistance Reduction skills?

I always go for Occultist, CoF RR is always there to kill stuff for me.

But recently switched to my old profile (Warlock) and noticed OFF’s on sheet RR is amazing. Here’s the thing, bosses are “immune” to Freeze. But the RR would still be applicable to them right?

If they can’t be frozen, then no the resist reduction is not applied.

RR, that is worded like “-X resistance”, applies ONLY for skill’s effect duration. If enemies is highly resistant to its effect (so it wont apply), resistance reduction wont apply either. That’s why OFF is bad for endgame - it doesnt work on bosses and most heroes.


Thanks I guess CoF and VoS are still the best in the game then.

These reistance reductions make no sense at all >_> OFF should provide overhelming bonuses, up to 8 time more dmg against 80% fire res mobs, in fact it dosent work at all. Its a bug or im missing someting. Same with termite mine.
On the other hand, devotion procs from Manticore and Rowans crown works fine.

You’re saying the resistance reduction just doesn’t work? Cause that is not right. It is only for as long as they are frozen though…pretty small window and it’s hard to even tell the difference vs random monsters since OFF kinda shits on their hp anyway.

Thermite 100% works and provides massive consistent damage reduction as long as your enemy is more or less on top of them. The hitbox for it’s effect does seem a bit wonky at times would like to see that tweaked, but rest assured it works or every demo player in GD would not be using them :smiley:

Dunno, ive tried mines against Warden, and it surely didnt worked at all. Even if he stand on top of my mine and take dmg from her, my dmg output from firestrike dosent change at all.
So its eiter bugged, or bosses resist -%res effects, then its just useless.

Under the effects of OFF my fire damage attacks double in potency. It’s very noticeable.

It DOES change, you either didnt put Warden on top of them, or just didnt noticed the difference (due to natural damage spread).
Bosses dont resist to resist reduction :slight_smile:

MB dark flame From exterminus override mine debuf?

Impossible - those are different skills.
You just dont notice the difference, because Fire Strike is a roulette (Searing Strike, Static Strike).
Try using more stable damage sources, and you’ll notice the difference.
Also do note, that mines have pretty low AoE, and can die from enemy damage. And in earlier version, mines dont work on dummies.

I dunno, if i drop manticore or rowan crown procs, i nottice the effect immediately, both by numbers on the screen and clearspeed. Like, im doing 4-8k noncrit dmg per shot without procs. 6-10 with rowari and 10-16 with both rowari and manticore.

You’ll notice a significant jump on training dummies. You just have to use “pet attack” to force the mine to ignite. Then attack the dummy. Just remember only 1 mine can attack at an enemy at any one time. So if a large enemy is standing on top of 4 mines, they only take damage from one of them. It was a balancing thing. I dropped Log with thermite mines alone in previous patches.

Ive switched dual exterminus for 2h opie rifle and now i see that mine is working, it almost doubled my dmg output.