Retaliation build questions

So after reading this in the latest Grim Misadventures, I started thinking about building an acid retaliation character based around the Empowered Perdition set and Agony, specifically a Witchblade. The only other piece of gear that adds acid retaliation would be the thorn girdle of misty glade that I’ve been able to spot and there are no devotion bonuses that add flat acid retaliation. There is however a lot going for pierce retaliation that can fill in the gaps in gear nicely and a lot of devotions alongside providing total retaliation damage also provide flat pierce retaliation so I basically had to incorporate it into the build.

The basic idea I have right now is this: - Without + Bonuses - With + Bonuses - Devotion Path (Taken from Squib’s Reflect/Retaliation Warder).

There are just 3 questions I have concerning the build based on skills/abilities I plan on using to supplement it:

  1. Are Heros or Bosses immune/resistant to the Fevered Rage transmuter caused by Bloody Pox? I was scanning through the Occultist masteries skills and noticed that this transmuter increases enemies total speed. Unless there’s a cap on how many retaliation procs can occur per second or per enemy, i’de assume that a faster attack speed means more procs, hence more DPS, especially since a retaliation build is based largely around how fast your enemies try to beat you into a pulp.

  2. From what I can tell, reducing an enemies resistance to acid increases the amount of acid retaliation they take, so curse of frailty and vulnerability should be a given correct? I’ve only been able to test this on a low level character of mine with 1 point into vulnerability (so only -5%) but i saw a very slight increase in damage but I’de like to confirm this regardless.

  3. I have some points leftover and haven’t got any idea where to put them. I’ll need an attack to proc Targo’s Hammer so putting a point into Blade Arc/Laceration was my first idea for the wide AoE but I don’t know where i’de put the rest. On the Occultist side, more points into CoF would increase it’s duration, Wasting would keep enemy OA from getting too high as well. On the Soldier side, Field Command would be a good source of OA/DA.

Big thanks to Squib’s character guide in the Build Compendium as well as it was a great resource and his devotion route in particular saved me a lot of time, it’s perfect.

  1. No.
  2. Yes. But you don’t actually want to curse mobs with CoF, besides bosses, as a retaliation build.
  3. A single point in whichever consistent skill to trigger the shield wall. If you ask me, leave 3-4 points in menhir’s, and place them in storm spirit instead.
    Or in war cry. Or counter strike (though it sucks a bit).

Thanks for the reply, this should work out pretty well then.

Stacking damage reflect affix and retaliation seems to go very well with bloody pox transmuter , even speed up damage reflect against range mobs. Retaliation itself doesn’t deal with range mobs hence the idea of adding damage reflect into the mix.

Bloody pox/fevered rage is situational to use it on Nemesis as it might powered them up too hard to even let you survived the hits , especially Fabius with a good weapon.

I tried a retaliation build and found it a painful slog to level. There are just too many ranged-only attackers who have to be killed the old fashioned way.

Retaliation is awesome if a) you’re playing multiplayer with someone else who can clear the ranged mobs, or b) you’re respeccing at 85 with the specific goal of cherrypicking melee bosses/nemeses.

Reflect is definitely needed. As far as I remember the Messenger of War constellation adds 25% reflect, both rings i’ll be settling on at the very end will be 2 Incorruptible greens for more reflect and needed aether/chaos resists.

I’ll have to see just how bad it is then :p.

Or you just use MRGA/GrimQOL.