Retaliation can't crit right?

Pretty sure it can’t. I’m messing with my retaliation tank, and having fun with it but just wanted to double check this, and that OA for retaliation is irrelevant :wink:

No. Just RR for relevant retaliation type further enhances it. It’s good to have decent OA to proc Assessing’s mark if you have pierce dmg for example. Oniy reflect dmg can crit enemies if you have low DA. They crit themselves.

As Superfluff mentioned they don’t crit. But you can stack retaliation DoT’s with regular attack DoT’s.

I have a retaliation Burn build and OA is very important because -
If you crit with a Burn DoT attack and the same enemy causes a retaliation Burn DoT, the crit damage will magnify and remain for the duration of the attack.