Retaliation Commando advice

I’m playing a retaliation Commando, lvl 43 atm, and although melee mobs melt upon hitting me, pure caster/ranged heroes/bosses are becoming quite a problem.
My skills are:

Devotion-wise, I took Tortoise, Dryad, Hound, Wolverine and working on Messenger of War now.

What to do to deal easier with the casters? Should I invest in Thermite Mine for the - Fire Resist%, put more points in Fire Strike or do something else entirely?

Why no counter strike? It has large flat retaliation damage, a large % retaliation damage boost, as well as the counter strike effect itself (which helps greatly against ranged as well, as they can trigger it). Try it out and see how much it’ll help with your problems.

Also, get 1 point into Blitz.

Given that you have problems with bosses over trash, I strongly suggest respecing from Fire Strike into Cadence. If you still want to stick with Fire Strike, at least drop the first node as it’s primarily to deal anti-trash AoE damage (which you dont need) and upgrade the skill itself and the 2nd node.

Did you finish Ulzuin’s Torch?

If so, attach Meteor Shower to either Thermite Mines or Flash Bang.

I personally like the idea of having Rhowan’s Crown’s Elemental Storm attached to the other one, for the elemental de-buff.

Was looking at Counter Strike, but although the retaliation it provides is nice, I didn’t exactly need it as I have enough for now. Even if ranged mobs can trigger it, area of effect appears to be 4 m around my character so wouldn’t be much help against them unless I chase them around.
I’m playing pistol + shield, Blitz requires a melee weapon equipped, I’d have taken it otherwise for mobility.
Would Cadence provide more damage for the 5 I have in Fire Strike line?

I don’t have either Ulzuin’s Torch or Rhowan’s Crown at the moment, but was thinking maybe to get Elememtal Storm for its debuff and attach it to Fire Strike (while moving Dryad to Overguard) but that would mean a total reshuffle of my devotions.

I do not believe you can bind Dryad to Overguard.

Just checked, no indeed you can’t :(.

You could test it, but I am confident that Cadence will outperform Fire Strike in terms of single target damage, which is what you need most.

Indeed, Cadence helped with ranged bosses, did more single-target damage than Fire Strike for same number of points invested. Thanks!