Retaliation Damage types

I am aware of retal damage and being that with physical damage on hero retal damage will ensue… My question is, what type of retal hits? Is it all? So if you have fire, lightning, physical and acid will they all hit? Or just what was hit? Being hit with fire and retal will be fire? Or is it only the highest retal goes off? so anything less will be useless?

No that’s reflection what you’re talking about and that’s not a thing in this game. If you have let’s say 1000 fire retaliation damage, when a melee monster hit you(any kind it doesn’t matter) they get 1000 fire damage in return for every hit they accomplish. If it’s physical they get physical, it’s simple.

Yes that is the basic and all tho you tell me I am wrong and I’m talking about something different you proceed to answer… So if you have 1000 fire, 1000 acid and 500 aether retaliation damage and you get hit all of that retaliation damage hits?

Yes, it doesn’t matter how many kind or how much, when you get hit by melee, your retaliation damage hits the enemy as it’s amount on the character window sheet(third page).

Thank you! Thats what I wanted to know!