Retaliation Warlord - 100% block

Using Righteous Fervor, I never even saw crits any higher then 120K, with most hits being 60-80K damage.

Hardly immortal. Couldn’t tank Callagadra for longer then 6-8 seconds at a time then had to kite til devotions were refreshed (died twice before filling winning). Yet someone posted their build of face-tanking Callagadra through everything in about 5-6 minutes with lots of ADcTH and probably high physical resist.

Let me just put it this way, i’ve seen class cannons on dps focused itemization trying to max dps on some type builds not coming close to clearspeeds of old retal. It won’t be THAT much worse.

Telling you, retal is still gonna be a very strong type build if done right.

Callagadra on again previous build i posted took 2-3 min, and i had to dodge it some 2-5times when it was getting risky just to recoup. Life leech was the secret, and if i put mega focus on armor or health it would have been a lot easier as the danger is just the oneshot bursts.

Took me 8 minutes to do Callagadra and I guess I was missing 30% ADcTH since I didn’t stand in one place.

And ‘strong build IF done right’ most likely means a build I won’t enjoy playing. I despise builds that have 9 different hotkeys to manage and even 4-5 is pushing it. I just prefer builds that are as UNcomplicated as possible.

I understand you - but really callagadra is the exception! It just deals so much damage that unless you have mega armor(it deals many smaller phys hits), or mega health(so you can sponge bursts) and lots of leech it will destroy you.

In the next patch I think ill be able to record you a cakewalk SR 75-76(good farmrun), just to show you how efficient and ruthless it is, if my predictions are correct. Right now i’m entering SR 75-76 bossrooms with 9-11min+ left on timer and can facetank it all.

The actual build here in the OP the 100% block one it’s not really so good, and it lacks resistances and leech to handle harder content it’s my first version.

If you really think retal doesn’t have enough power/advantages in next patch, i’ll tell you outright you won’t like much builds except the most way overpowered in the game because retal is extremely strong, safe, and very braindead to maneuver. Facetank mode, 2-4 cooldowns, doesn’t need dodge stuff.

There’s already plenty of generic cookie-cutter retal builds that have around 70% block chance and use Absolution instead of Citidel relic. If I was going to use one of those builds I would have already done so when FG launched.

Okay, okay, well i can’t tell you what to do.

I will point out though, everything from devotions(requiring multiple abilties to trigger multiple of them) to the power of various cooldowns in grim dawn lends itself very much to a playstyle where optimization means to use several abilties/cooldowns.

I’d say if you really didn’t like these things you can specc out of them, but i think you just can’t get the same performance without pressing stuff. Man, i also love braindead playstyles the most, and if i could i’d have a few abilties only 2-3, maybe 4 and that’s it so i really get where you are coming from, i just try to work with what is here.

Do you know what shard you have to make it too to unlock all 3 skill points in SR?

25 i believe it was, 50 for all attributes!

Fuckberries. Pretty sure my Cold EoR Dervish won’t make it to even SR25 (most likely cause I could use 2-4 times more ADcTH).:cry:

Can’t beat Gargabol (way too much crap flying everywhere on second stage), the ‘Kraken’ in Ugdenbog Swamp (couldn’t handle the constant shower of ice ‘meteors’ once i got its HP down enough) and need to do Steps of torment cause I almost had Alkamos.

So nerfs are in. went from like 104k tooltip dps in town to like 89, lost 1% block. Basically, nerfs are largely insignificant.

Talking about the version of build posted few posts back.

@khaop: mate, you can’t convince everyone with logic and facts.

That’s alright, i’ll post a video later today assuming it works as i claim. I should start a new thread for the new build, but, maybe later, got my eyes on warlock chaos/vit black flame build atm.

Here is a video post-nerf for the updated build, until i maybe make its own thread it is hidden in here.

Video disclaimer:

This is me, testing the build unadjusted after nerf. This is my first time fighting on this character for what 1-2 weeks, i barely even remember controls. I just wanted stroll in there coz i promised video. As for the SR it was kinda mediocre, if i had better spawns could be faster as well as lacking grim internals could have speed it up also. I also didn’t get that hard bosses, but i’m not playing grim dawn atm not gonna redo till i get a nasty combo i just wanted show the power. Still, as it is, this is more than 1 legend/minute farming. Think final count was 15 in inventory after, can’t see all at the screen at the end, too much loot.

I can barely control my character with this lag, you see me not using important abilties for over 5 seconds sometimes, almost dying to it. It’s not because i am not spamming them, it is because i got so much lag the game doesn’t register it! My settings are on minimum and still it’s like this when recording, so expect super uuugly video.


I can also note that the nerfs are definitely felt. I’m not sure if it was nerfs or because they made the monsters hit harder as well rofl, probably just the nerfs. But i came close to dying on random occasions, before that would barely have left a scratch. Or maybe it was just because i was used to playing then.

I am really enjoying this build. I started it just before the nerfs (got to level 86) so I was a little worried about them but it turned out to be a super strong char anyway. I just killed Callagadra last night with it. Next I will work on seeing how far I can go in SR.

Glad you are enjoying it.

Btw, which of the builds are you going for? the tanky block focused version?

The offensive-based one. Here is my grim tools:

I just beat crucible 170 and I’m up to SR60 so far which didn’t seem super hard. I still need to find the recipe for mythical zolhan’s revenge and don’t have gildor’s guard.

Hello! Thanks for sharing this build. I am playing a 100 Oathkeeper so I have be scouring the forums looking for insights to help with my own build. I tried your Devotion spec without realizing I still needed Healing Rain so I borked my character for the time being. :persevere:

What is the best way to farm the green rings? Crucible, SR, or just farming the bog + dungeon?

I have another question actually. Why do most these builds i see use Gildor’s Guard over Dread Armor of Azragor? I assume it is because you want the + Fighting Form? I tested Gildor’s Gaurd for my OK and it gave me a huge damage loss which I could not afford.

It’s not just the skill bonuses but the proc on block skill as well.