Returning Oldfag looking for build help.

Ello chums. Took a break a patch or two 'fore Crucible came out and decided to come back around.

I’ve got this amusing little concept of some kind of build that utilizes aether & chaos damage with guns to try and go around resistances in general cause there aren’t many enemies resistant to both

Problem is that I have no idea how to make it work. Apparently Occultist/Arcanist is a bad move because ermergerdtheresnoAAreplacer. Gear wise I think I have the gist of [Thinking something like Vortex of Souls for a weapon + the various gear that passively buffs rifles], but class n devo choices are just gone right out the bloody window.

Is an AA replacer really that mandatory in Post-Crucible GD? That’s a little scary.

But yeah just a returning oldfag that’s kinda uncertain in this new terrain of Post-Crucible GD and would appreciate some assistance.

Well, a potential option would be a Sorc, a Demo/Arcanist combo, utilizing Vortex of Souls with Fire Strike. Run both Widow and Witchblade to get all the resist pen you could want.

Huh… so an AA replacer is really that necessary?

Well. That changes things. I was hoping for some Possession + Solael Witchblade action going on. Hopefully with or whatever we’ll see some a component that give a ranged AA replacer for us gunners who don’t wanna go Demo.

Alright, I guess that’ll have to do then. Thanks.

AA replacers, if you are planning on basic attacks, are a massive DPS increase. Sure, you CAN go without one, but you will easily lose 50%+ DPS.

Also, you can use Savagery or Cadence with ranged builds, its just that you want chaos and aether, so the only real way to do that would be based on a Sorc. Also, Shard of Beronath and Mistborn Talisman are also AA replacers.

Also, Witchblade has a heavily supported chaos build already, why not just use that with Cadence? Cadence’s piercing attack is rather insane for ranged builds, and ATM Cadence builds are probably the #1 OP after it’s stupid levels of buffs.

Cause I tend to be drawn more to unconventional builds than the cookie cutter level of stuff. I’m sure witchblade’s fun, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

There looks to be an amusing form of synergy between aether & chaos damage, and I know there’s a spellcasting variant of it that works. So knowing there was a spellcaster variant made me wonder if it’s possible to do a non-caster variant.

Unfortunate it is though, with current components, skills and gear this appears to not be a reality without some significant tweaking. Slightly disappointing, but I suppose the better option is to just go with the Sorcerer set up.

The reason the Chaos aether setup has power is because the setup converts all the chaos INTO Aether, letting you just stack 1 damage type for full effect.

If what I heard is correct on the new class we are getting sometime from Crate, they were wanting to make an Aetherial Gunner class, both to fill the lack of ranged focused classes, and to give the Aether damage type a bit more support than just Arcanist having it.

If it ever comes out, it sounds like it would be the perfect fit for your idea.

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