Returning player. Looking for advice

Okay, as i say, i returned to GD. I’m at 0 (it is intended) and i have some practical questions:
I’ll do a vitality occultist, but i’m doubt about the second mastery: shaman or necro.
What is easy to gear, cabalist or conjurer?
I saw that valguur and dark one’s sets supports both masterys. There is one clearly superior in cabalist? and in ritualist conjurer? wich is more versatile in order to test skills?

PD: agh, let’s ignore the part of “you’ll die often” or “you’ll not have in 2 days end-game gear”. That can be fixed. I’m just planning the way

You will have end game gear in 2 days. It’s called Dark One set :smile:

For the build Occultist provides excellent physical resistance, vital for casters, but Ritualist is very good class. RE Ritualist sound like a good start.

ouch, naming-error. :man_facepalming:
I mean, shaman + occultist is conjurer, not ritualist. For now i discard ritualist. I already picked occultist.